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Streaming Video

Streaming Media on the Rise

Streaming media is becoming more and more popular.  In fact, new HTML5 code makes streaming video a whole lot easier.  Even the video giant Youtube has made their iframe embeds naturally html5 compliant, so long as the browser supports it.  This means that you will see mobile responsive resizing of the streaming media.

Interestingly, cable ratings have been falling, while streaming media has been on the riste. What does this mean for the web?  Many sites are realizing that there lies a great opportunity in pushing their content out to be streamed.  When streaming devices pick up these streams, this is a great exposure opportunity for the content originator.  Whats even better, boxes like Streamsmart TV’s open android based streaming media device offer a free opportunity to be streamed and a free opportunity to view the streams.

How can you have your content streamed?

Ramp gives a great breakdown of the value of video streaming, and of course offer the solution to get this accomplished.  Streaming video is still in it’s early stages, and it’s real easy at this point to get a leg up on your or your client’s competitors by offering live streaming video for events and other valuable content.

If you need assistance in getting a stream set up on your site, we are always willing to help.  There’s really no reason to stay in the pack now.  Jump ahead and show your the leader!





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