Creating Short Amazon Links

Creating amazon short URLs

Ever wondered how to create nice short compact Amazon links, without having to “rebrand” the URL to a different domain link shortener, like,, or  Well, it’s a little known fact that Amazon actually has their own url short link service!  It still speaks “Amazon” to the readers and doesn’t cause them to wounder if the link is really going to take them to Amazon or who knows where.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Keep just the important parameters at the end, such as your affiliate link or perhaps your keywords (if your a seller).

2. Keep the ASIN number of the product you are driving traffic to

3. Build your URL as such:[ASIN]/?[parameters]

That’s it!  Nothing to it.  Now you have a nice compact understandable URL that is much more attractive for those skeptical ones that want to make sure your URL is legit, and it fits nicely in tweets and other locations that allow minimal characters.



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