Responsive Premium Magento Themes

Many eCommerce owners opt away from Magento due to it’s challenge in customization. Open Source allows Magento to be distributed for free. However not so many people can take that open source file and turn it into the beautiful store they were looking for. They find themselves spending 30 hours or more just to set it up, and then find that it lacks the luster they were hoping for.

On the other hand, most of the simplest elegant shopping carts like Shopify and Big Commerce are paid hosting services. They don’t meet the needs of many of us that would rather pay up front, host ourselves, and be done with it.  So what is the solution?

One viable option is premium magento themes. They offer the advantage of a beautiful premium look and functionality, while offering a pay-it-once pricing structure for self hosting. Lets take a look at a few examples from Template Studio:

Car Parts 1 – Responsive Magento Theme

Whether you are selling trikes or hubcaps, Magento templates need to create an attractive sleek experience that are grab your audience and give them the wow factor they are looking for. Their experience at your website will be a great appetizer to the items they purchase. Magento theme designs allow visitors to take a test drive before buying, build customer confidence, and increase your revenue.

This theme was built for the specific niche of car parts. It is perfect for car dealers, car parts stores, car tuning services, and other related auto websites. It has all the typical features of a premium store such as a slider, featured products section, special offers section, merchant accounts, and paypal. One feature that really stood out to me was the price slider. Customers like the ability to sift out what they are looking for, and this is a great way to help them do so. You can see the demo here

Electronic – Responsive Magento Theme

Magento template designs for electronics should offer a clean, logical display that is just as good at displaying the physical appearance of your products as it is at presenting product data. Template Studio strives to create themes that will help you market and sell your electronics. Electronic premium theme allows you to educate your customers about your products and to stay way ahead of your competitors with a fully Responsive and cross-platform design.

This clean and classy fully responsive theme is Template Studio’s flagship theme. It uses the latest in cinematic web effects and usability to highlight the benefits of your store’s products. When a category is selected from the navbar, the customers are able to see your products in a nice condensed overview. This view highlights your clean attractive image in a 200×200 view. It highlights the items on sale with a red sale tag while clearly showing the price adjustment. It also shows reviews in this view so customers can make an informed decision that they will be more content with. Once clicking into the items actual descriptive pape, you will see all the needed and wanted features, such as detailed description, color selection, recommended accessories, details tab, reviews tab, and product tags tab. This product tags tab allows the users to enter their own tags, giving you more feedback on the end users comments, such as “excellent”, “hot”, or “nice”. Users can then click the tag hyperlink to see what other users have tagged as “excellent”. Check out the demo at here.

Sport 2 – Responsive Magento Theme

One of Template Studio’s most recent releases is their Sport 2 winter sports theme. It is ideal for cool winter sports and accessories. It is graceful, but as Template Studio puts it, “as edgy and powerful as a skater’s blade”. For sports-related websites, Magento themes need to emphasize the active life. This theme displays your equipment clearly and attractively via the product slider, but also through cinematic effects that help capture the sport’s kinetic action. They help sell your sports equipment’s practical features and aesthetics.

At the top of the home page you will find a beautiful slider to capture the attention of your audience. At the right of the slider, you have 3 well positioned 300×150 advert slots that you can fill with any promotions you desire, such as your clearance sale or new arrivals. Directly below this you have both New Products and Featured Products side by side, so readers can see both in a single glance. Of course with the template’s resiliant responsiveness, they will autostack if needed to accomodate screen size. Next you get a 1170×100 full width banner. This can highlight a specific category, product, or pretty much whatever you wish. At the bottom of the home page, you will find a “Why buy from us” section. This will give you an opportunity to announce your message to you potential customers, buidlding their confidence in you and your store.  Take a look at the demo here.

Which ever theme fits your need, you will definitely find that it breaths a breath of fresh air to any Magento site. Feature rich and captivating, you are bound to see improved conversions and satisfied customers. All this with no need to pay a monthly hosting fee!

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