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In the first article, we overviewed the various benefits that social media can provide a B2B company. In the second, we explored how Social Media builds your brand. Today we will explore how Social Media helps you rank your main website.

Social Links Help Get Your Website on Google.

SEO is well known today. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art of getting your web assets on the first page of Google, and then keeping it there. Google will never, ever tell us what the magic formula is. SEO experts have deduced some of the key elements involved in Google’s formula. Links has been and continues to be a very key part of ranking your site.

Social Links are Votes

Links are a primary factor in SEO. It’s kind of like a presidential election. There may be several people running, but only one will be appointed president. Who will be elected isn’t necessarily a reflection of who will do the best job. It could simply be who had more campaign money, who reached the most hearts, who got the most votes.

Each and every link is a vote in Googles eyes. A link in Facebook is a vote. A link in Twitter is a vote. A link in Youtube is a vote. While this cannot be the end-all for SEO’ing your site, it is definitely a vital part of it. With the aid of social media, your website will rise faster to a better position in the search engine results.

Social Links need regular focused posts

Social links are not strong. There are millions of social posts every day. Last month’s social posts do not mean much today. And due to the volume of posts, they don’t hold as much weight in Google’s eyes as an authority website sending a link. So in order to see value from social links, you need to have regular posts with links to your domain. The links should be varied, not all to the home page. They should point to the page that is relative to the subject of the post. This will add value in Google’s eyes, and make them more relavent to the social readers. The social readers will then be more likely to click on the link and read more. These clicks are also a positive vote in Googles eyes, and will translate into better ranking.

Do social posting in harmony with website content

Every time you post content to your website, make sure you do a round of social posting, to all your social assets. This acts as an announcement to the world of your new content. It will drive much more traffic to the website, and will cause it to rank much better. If your website is fairly static, make sure you post on your social sites at least once a week. Just make sure each post is pointing to a different page on your website. And if the social platform will allow for anchor text, make sure to vary your anchor text too!

Ranking websites is a challenge. But it is also a must. Social media is a definite aide in accomplishing this task. Keep the posts regular. Keep a varied link in each post. Keep the links relative to the post content. And post in harmony with new content on your site.

Stay tuned for our next article in this series, on how these social media platforms help you own the first page of Google!

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