Social Media and B2B – Get Your Brand Established and Recognized

In the first article, we overviewed the various benefits that social media can provide a B2B company. Today we are going to dive deeper into one of those benefits, getting your Brand established and recognized.

For part 1, please go here.

Branding is Vital

Branding is as vital to growing a company as is the actual product or service sold. Why is it that CBS charges $4 million for a 30 second commercial on the superbowl? Will the viewers decide to miss the Beyoncé show, get up, walk out of their house, and drive down to the supermarket for a 6-pack of Coke? Probably not. At least not $4 million worth of Coke! But what it does accomplish is Branding.

Branding is Creating a World

Greg DiNoto, Chief Creative Officer at Deutsch NY (produced three superbowl ads this year) stated, “Before we used to create a television commercial; now we create a world”. What does that mean? Branding is not simply a reminder, “hey, I’m here, go buy my product”. It is creating a world, an entire exhaustive representation of how your business world is compatible with your prospects’ and clients’ worlds.

A Solid Branding is Vital

For example, let’s say you own a custom logo design business, but all you have is your website. Of course you are not alone, you are not the only custom logo design business with a website. There is plenty of competition for you to worry about. Mr. Newbee, needing a new logo for his new site, decides to Google “custom logo design”. Mr. Newbee sees that you have a website. Your competitor, Mr. Logo, has a nice website, just like you. But Mr. Logo also has a beautiful Pinterest page with lots of repins and followers. He has a welcoming Facebook page with lots of interactive fans, including likes, comments and shares. He has a Youtube channel explaining the art of custom logo design and tons of views. Tens of thousands of Twitter followers, and even a Google Plus page to boot! Mr. Logo has Mr. Logo has a world, a well-developed brand that your simple website just cannot compete with.

Social Media played a huge part in this. It allows clients and prospects to interact with Mr. Logo. Google gave Mr. Newbee a glimpse into the world of Mr. Logo , showing him all the different online pieces of that world.

Mr. Logo is well branded. That’s where every business needs to be, regardless if it is a B2B or a B2C company. That’s where you need to be. Don’t settle for just your website. You simply will lose a lot of business to your competitors. Stay tuned for our next article in this series, on how these social media platforms help your website to rank on Google!

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