Do B2B companies need Social Media?

Social Media is by large the playground of the consumers. B2C (business to consumer) companies have long recognized their value in building customer base as well as customer rapport and loyalty. Even in the B2C arena, conversions from social media adverts are generally not as high as drawing the customers over to a squeeze page, service website, or ecommerce store. With these obstacles to social media sales conversions, along with the primarily consumer base, many have asked, is it worth the time for B2B (business to business) companies to develop and maintain their social media assets?

Advantages of Social Media for B2B companies

Short and sweet, there are several advantages of social media assets for B2B companies. Social Media platforms are a great way to get your brand more established and recognized. Social Links are a great asset to getting and keeping your main website on the first page of Google. Social Media Assets can occupy more real estate in search engine results. Last but not least, business people are also on these social platforms and can be pulled in as leads.

This post is the first of a six-part series on Social Media for B2B Companies. For the next five days, I will be having a series of articles diving deep into each of these advantages.

  • Post 2: Social Platforms Get Your Brand Established and Recognized.
  • Post 3: Social Links Help Get Your Website on Google.
  • Post 4: Social Media Assets Occupy More Search Engine Results.
  • Post 5: Business People Are On Social Platforms Too.
  • Post 6: How to Pick a Social Media Management Partner

Social Media Management Takes Time

Yes. Yes it does. It eats up your time that you could be talking to leads, or fulfilling orders, or supervising your staff. If you hire it out, it eats up some of your revenue. It’s a hard balance to pay out for non-revenue producing tasks, like Social Media, Bookkeeping, and Insurance. You can obviously over spend in any of these areas. But the reality is there is no one on this planet that can grow a sizable business without employing entities to take care of these aspects. If you are starting out, and struggling with the funds to support a social media partner, keep it simple. Get a company that can recognize where you are at and scale up their operation with your growth.
Regardless if you are B2C or B2B, you need social media. It’s just part of the branding “world” you need to develop. It’s here to stay.
Make sure to come back and read the series of posts in more detail!

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