Top 7 Reasons to have Mobile Web Presence for a Business

A few years ago, it was unusual for the people to browse the web on a mobile phone. Tablets hadn’t become very popular before and smart phones browsers weren’t quite up to the task.  However, with the passage of time technology for truly mobile browsing meeting with user needs. Today, searching the internet and browsing the websites via mobile phones has increased to a great extent. It has been anticipated that by 2016; mobile searches will produce about 27.8 billion more queries than standard desktop searches. Needless to say, a business needs to keep up with this growing trend by establishing a well-designed mobile website.

So, is your website is ready for mobile? Given below are the ten major reasons why you should seriously consider creating a mobile website for your business.

1. Targeting Today’s Users

Today people are only using internet to get some entertainment, relevant information and shopping on their mobile devices. Those companies which are not offering the services through a mobile optimized website are surely losing their business to competitors.

2. Inexpensive to Produce

If you have a small business then you must be looking for some innovative ways to market your products and services without affecting the marketing budget. A mobile website is one of the best solutions available in which you don’t need to spend too much time and money. All you have to do is to follow some easy guidelines on its creation. Big companies can guide their marketing team to perform this job in-house while small companies can outsource this service at an inexpensive in order to get the work done professionally.

3. Quick Access

These days’ people carry their smart phones everywhere so that they take immediate decision and quick action. The very nature of them mandates that a business has a mobile presence so that they can access hours of the business operations, directions, menu choices and prices.

4. Increased Traffic

There are now more than 90 million mobile web users. So, the consumers are likely to visit your website more if it is optimized for mobile browsing. If your business has a mobile website, you can become more accessible to your target audience and significantly increase your overall audience loyalty by showing the presence wherever and whenever.

5. Improved Customer Experience

Mobile Websites are designed to reach all the audience while apps do not. Apps have several drawbacks, you have to make app for each platform you target. However, a mobile website can never let you face such app problems. Since every modern Smartphone has a browser, anyone can view your mobile website and find it easy to navigate.

6. Better Communication

The optimization of a mobile website makes your business more accessible to mobile users. By adding some effective social media integration tools, you can make it easier for the customers to communicate with your business.

7. Competitive Advantage

A brand through website becomes more visible if it is optimized with all possible means of exposure. Additionally, it provides business an edge over the competitors and end up in giving a good overall user experience to mobile visitors.

Conclusion: Considering all the above mentioned points, it is proved that mobile Internet has totally surpassed desktop use. The whole world is going mobile now, hence, it is advisable to spend little amount of time and money to create a mobile website for the business.

Author’s Bio: Steve Henderson is a professional web developer in Kent. In his leisure, he loves writing articles through which he has shared many useful ideas on web design trends.

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