Smooth Zoom Pan – jQuery Responsive Image Viewer

Image Viewer

Image viewer can be defined as a computer program that has the power to display images, photos, map and other web contents with multiple zoom effects, rotations and full screen display; it gives maximal flexibility to users.

Typical Features

  1. Basic viewing operations
  2. Zooming
  3. Rotations
  4. Full screen mode
  5. Slide shows
  6. Thumbnail display
  7. Printing
  8. Screen capture and lots more.

jQuery Image Viewer Plugins

Smooth Zoom Pan - jQuery Responsive Image Viewer

Using jquery image effects plugins users can add dynamic cool effects to images on their websites and personal projects. Adding high quality photographs and images have a very appealing effect on the web visitors. In fact text without images often forces the visitor to hit the back button and look for more visual appealing effect. Just adding great images are the beginning user can do much more to impress their visitors by jQuery image effect plugins. User can add fantastic effects like zoom, tool tips, and mouse over effect

jQuery Zoom Image V Iewer Plugins Are Useful

Zoom effects play an import on images, zoom effects are great if images have high resolutions but with limited space provided. Jquery image zoom plugins are very helpful that give visitors an opportunity to zoom in on details of images such as artwork or photography that users want to showcase or of image of products that they want to sell.

Gives Full Control on Mouse While Zoom An Image

Smooth Zoom Pan - jQuery Responsive Image Viewer

When users zoom in a selected area of an image most plugins use high resolution versions of images to maximize image aspect. A magnifying glass shows over the image that follows the pointer around enabling the image zoom only when visitors point out the mouse on an image. There is another way to activate zoom is to use the mouse to zoom in and zoom out.

Zoom Image Plugins Functionality

Using jquery zoom image viewer plugins users can allow web visitors to zoom into the details on the web page. There is a cool collection of jquery zoom effect plug-ins easily available on the web such as smooth zoom pan and many more as well. These plugins have wide range of functionality that gives an optimal viewing experience to visitors on the web page. They can display images in zoom mode, display large images without loading the whole image, resize the content to fit in the browser’s windows, set alignments in available content, offer captions and index and many other functions as well.

Zoom Image Plugins Easy To Install

The zoom jquery plugins are easy to use and install and they can easily integrate with any existing layout making it an ideal choice for developers to extend the capabilities of existing installation without having to execute an entire new theme.

Smooth Zoom Pan jQuery Responsive Image Viewer Plugin

Smooth Zoom Pan - jQuery Responsive Image Viewer

Is a jqurey image viewer plugin that is based on Java script and CSS .It is designed to display product pictures, maps, or any other image which is personalized in limited space.


Smooth Zoom Pan is a plugin that can be configured and implemented in web pages or blogs with a simple copy and paste steps.
This image viewer plugin offers more than 30 factors for customization. This standard version is designed to work simply with a simple concept.
The available functions that apply to an image can be summarized as follows:

Using this plugin user can easily use zoom feature on an image that includes initial zoom, maximum zoom, and minimum zoom as well. It provides animation smoothness and animation speed for the zoom. It can fill or fit the image permits users to enable or disable pan buttons, enable or disable zoom limitations. Pan’s directions can be reversed through the settings. It includes separate speed settings for zoom and pan. Fast zoom, pan and rotate functions work smoothly with large images.

Fully Customizable

It is fully customizable so that it allows users to adjust button sizes, colors and transparency .It has a feature of alignment adjustment that allows users to align the image left and right and also sets the margins.

Provides Full Control on Mouse While Zoom An Image

It has introduced highly configurable zoom function it provides full mouse control on an image to zoom out or zoom in that includes mouse drag, mouse wheel zoom control, mouse cursor location zooms on the mouse wheel, mouse double click zoom. It supports fully responsive layout that is added with adjustable settings.

Works Brilliantly With Modern Browsers

It works according to different browser capabilities. The plugin best utilization can be available on latest browsers while managing visibility on older browsers. Easily integrate with any website or blog.

Download Smooth Zoom Pan – jQuery Image Viewer

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