jQuery Add to Home iOS Plugin! An impressive Style of iOS plugin

iOS Introduction

Nowadays IOS is most advanced operating system; it has introduced very beautiful and simple user interface and a huge variety of features in iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. IPhone is built with multi touch interface and the simple, beautiful home screen is the easiest place to start. Everything users touch is easy, intuitive and fun.


One of the latest features that are added in iPhone is the ability to save bookmark icons right away on the home screen of the phone. The iPhone represents a major step in the development of various phone systems. IOS includes a very important feature to the iPhone system that permits users the ability to customize and tweak the phone base screen for user’s personal taste and requirements that Home screen Bookmark. Browsing the web on iPhone and iPad is brilliant, most of the users visit same websites and it is easy to set user’s favorite websites as Bookmark on their iPhone and iPad.

To bookmark any webpage or site users just need to tap on + symbol which is displayed on the bottom of the home screen.

Add To Home Feature

jQuery Add to Home iOS Plugin! An impressive Style of iOS plugin

Clicking on Add bookmark it simply adds it to Bookmark menu but the interesting features is ADD TO HOME SCREEN only with a single click on this option user has the chance to fine tune the name of the Bookmark. ADD TO HOME screen displays on iPhone and iPad, the message appears as a floating balloon to user’s mobile website inviting the user’s to add their favorite site and app to home screen.

User can make website look like an app, many visitors Bookmark their websites to come back later, they go into bookmark menu on their computer and many never be seen again. The Bookmarks are so hard to find out that is why a new feature ADD to home is introduced in iPhone and iPad. Users can Bookmark their sites and easily add it to their home screen.

ADD TO HOME feature saves user’s bookmark in an icon with a brief description on it which makes it easy for users to get a website directly from their home screen without trying to type in the web address. It is a pretty cool feature and save a lot of time for the users.

jQuery Add To Home iOS Plugin

There is a jQuery plugin ADD TO HOME SCREEN that is designed to add an iOS home screen icon for a website. This plugin is making a life a lot easier for the users to get their IOS home screen icons. This is a simple j query plugin that is used to show the ADD TO HOME message on iOS devices. It automatically shows the message at the bottom of the page. The plugin exposes a show add to home function to any jQuery item. To display the message users just need to simply call the function anytime and it shows the message if users are viewing the page in IOS devices. It is completely customizable and looks good right of out of the box. The message appears after 2seconds from page load and disappears after 15seconds. The balloon also dismissed by the users anytime by just clicking on the small icon x.

How It Works

The SHOW ADD TO HOME function uses jQuery to deliver a preset located message with a disclosure triangle points to the button on IOS device where the users can add the page to the home screen. Because the message is positioned fixed therefore  it appears on the bottom of the screen until it is removed through a touch or a click event, so it does not make any problem for the users and does not get in the way  of user interface. All the styles are applied in JavaScript so users do need to add any separate CSS file.


This plugin automatically identifies the user’s locations and shows message in the suitable language. It supports different languages such as Arabic, English, Danish, Greek, French and more.


It works brilliantly with iPhone, iPad and iPod.


Users can apply the style using default options the plugin includes five properties that can be edited.

Easily Download

This plugin is available on the jQuery plugin site and users can download it from there without any cost.

Official jQuery Add to Home iOS Plugin Download Link

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