9 Top Apps for Creating Beautiful Animations

Powerful, engaging and attractive presentations are an extremely important component of marketing and corporate communication. No marketing campaigns, sales pitches or idea proposals are designed without in-depth and well researched presentations that not only present statistical facts & figures effectively but also engage the audience through their smooth flow and intelligent usage of colors.

However, one key element, without which any presentation would lose much of its impact, is attractive animation. Animations add style to dull presentations. They help in retaining the focus of the audience and keep them engaged throughout the presentation.

MS PowerPoint was the first tool that introduced text and object animations in corporate presentations. At that time, those simple animations added so much color to the presentations that almost every presenter used them.

Times have changed now and much more sophisticated and stylish animations are available online in easy to use free presentation designing tools. Unlike the PowerPoint, users do not need to download these applications and can simply run them in their web browsers. These tools have almost everything that a presenter could wish for. They offer great flexibility and variety in the animation effects they offer. The easy to use interface makes it even more fun to use these animations and create powerful presentations.

Some of the recently introduced tools are so advanced that you can even create HD quality video animations and embed them into your presentations. These are stylish options for even the most amateur of users.

Just as WordPress is the top blog CMS and IMCreator and Easy WebContent are top tools for creating websites, below are some top applications to help you create beautiful animations.

1. EWC Presenter

EWC Presenter

There’s a strong reason why EWC Presenter makes the top of our list. There’s so much to like about this application that it’ll be unfair to limit it just to creating animations. It is simply a marketer’s dream application. It has everything from creating awesome presentations and infographics to beautiful banners and website. But let’s just focus on the animations right now.

EWC Presenter literally walks you through the whole process of creating stylish animations that you thought only designers could make. It offers a wonderfully designed user friendly interface and guides the user at each step of creating animations.

You can either start off by using beautiful pre-designed templates or just choose a blank slide. You have a large gallery of objects, shapes and figures that you can add in your presentation before animating them. Simply drag & drop objects on to your slides and animate them using a long list of effects that come in all shapes and forms. You can make your animations look further polished by adding effects such as fade-in, fade-out and other many eye catching animations.

2. PowToon


PowToon is a great online application for creating animated educational presentations, storytelling and infographics. It is specifically targeted towards the education sector and provides a lot of options designed for teachers and students. It is a completely web based application and does not need any downloading. The features are very user friendly and the predesigned templates make it even easier for users to start their projects. There’s a long list of animation effects that you can use in your presentations and make them look more attractive.

3. Xtranormal


Create awesome 3D animations and video presentations using this free web based application. Xtranormal comes both as an online tool and as a downloadable desktop application. But in all its forms, it’s a very effective application in creating beautiful animations and presentations. It is specifically tailored for classroom learning and provides many options for teachers and students. It offers an easy to use interface that amateur users can handle easily

4. Vcasmo


Vcasmo gives you the ability to seamlessly create animated online presentations using images and videos, and gives you a comprehensive range of editing options and effects to make your presentations look stunningly beautiful. You can also embed your presentation on webpages or publish them on mobile platforms.

5. GoAnimate

Go! Animate

Another awesome animated presentation tool that is particularly popular among teachers and students. GoAnimate is a complete online presentation solution that offers beautiful animation effects to make presentations look stunning. Apart from the education sector, GoAnimate also offers pre-designed templates and effects for the corporate sector. You can add background sounds, videos and images to your presentations along with beautiful animated objects to make your audience go WOW!

6. Prezi


Prezi is a trend setter in many ways. It is one of the most popular and user friendly online presentation designing tools and helps you make amazingly engaging presentations with stunning animations in a very unconventional manner. There are a lot of unique animation effects that you can choose from and which are normally not found in other presentation applications. You can use both free and paid versions of its services.

7. Creaza


Another application targeted towards the school children.Creaza offers a very user friendly set of presentation designing features that are perfect for young students, school children and teachers. Use its wide range of animation effects for storytelling or creating attractive slideshows. It also offers a good variety of presentation templates and editing features.

8. Empressr


Empressr offers a wide range of animation effects, editing features and also lets you import content from websites like Flickr to further beatify your presentations. It’s a very good tool for corporate presentations and offers a wide range of animation effects ideal for business presentations and meetings. You can also share the finished animated presentations via email or embed them into your website or blogs.

9. ZohoShow

Zoho Show

Zoho Show gives you unique slide transitions and object animations along with the ability to add images from Flickr and videos from YouTube. Its image editing and shape tools are particularly effective and provide a lot of useful options to the user. The animations are also swift and easy to use. Overall it’s a strong application for creating animated presentations.

This guest post is written by Joseph who writes for HindSite Interactive.

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