520 Grid System Another helpful framework – HTML5 and CSS3 Framework

Web Development and Frameworks

The development in web designing is growing day by day as new technologies are coming around. The web design has to be laced with number of functionalities and has appealing design. The coding has to be perfect and precise to ensure that there is no problem and the web pages are easily loaded in the web browser. Web frameworks have achieved a huge popularity in recent years; it has lessened the amount of time spent on a project so that users can get more projects at the same time of amount. The need of frameworks depends upon the requirements of the website, frameworks not only allows designers and developers to implement prototype faster, debug quicker but maximize the working capacity and efficiency of the developers and designers.

What is Framework

Framework in an application that indicates what kind of programs can be built or should be built for a website and for other applications as well. The framework is for a set of functions within a system, the framework users decide to use not be based only on a personal preference, instead a framework is based on a web design project requirements. The framework can be used to support the development of websites, as a basis to start building a website. Most the websites are based on a similar structure, the purpose of a framework is to provide a common structure so that developers don’t have to redo it, this way framework allows them to cut out much of the work.

CSS Frameworks

520 Grid System Another helpful framework - HTML5 and CSS3 Framework

CSS gives web developers and web designers a huge flexibility in coding and another handy attribute of CSS is that of CSS framework. There are many tools for web development but one of the best tools that provide the best solution for website development need are CSS frameworks. CSS framework not only reduces the coding structure and coding time but also offers developers convenient website development. Nowadays all the web designers and developers prefer to use new standards for the web developers and Html and CSS frameworks are one of the most useful elements which make the job of users simpler and easier, these frameworks help them build outstanding websites. CSS frameworks draw a difference between two types of frameworks according to their complexity, simple frameworks and complete frameworks. Simple frameworks are known as “Grid system’’ that help to distribute different elements on style sheet with column systems to establish a web design.

Responsive CSS Frameworks

A developer and designers may consider looking for Responsive CSS frameworks as well. The responsive CSS framework helps to make the website user friendly by implementing a responsive layout. There are many Responsive CSS frameworks available easily on the web; these frameworks are in particular useful for Grid style layouts. Responsive web design that can adapt to different resolutions for different devices, responsive frameworks offer common solution for common problems of making responsive websites.

Advantages of CSS Frameworks

CSS Frameworks are easy to install and implement and speeds up the procedure of creating a web design. Frameworks have included easy and simple coding that brings relief for the users. They work brilliantly with various browsers and having a similar structure to resolve common problems it make easy to maintain various projects at a same time and also helpful in team work.

Frameworks for Designers

Frameworks have become essential part of web designing, designers can benefit from similar abstraction of CSS code for their web design process. It allows designers to work on several sites of a similar nature. Using a CSS framework is a smart choice for the designers in website development, they can make a default style sheet and a markup template for them and they can use it every time to begin the task of website development. So they can concentrate their efforts and skills on the detailing and the uniqueness of the website.

CSS Grid Frameworks

It is impossible to get complex layouts without a framework. Layout Grid has been used long before the web.CSS Grid frameworks basically amount to a pattern that divides horizontal and vertical space in constant units to achieve the look of the website.

520 Grid System Helpful HTML / CSS3 Framework

520 Grid System Another helpful framework - HTML5 and CSS3 Framework

There are millions of Facebook pages about everything, the designers of Facebook pages try to impress the visitors and also fans with eye-catching and useful content in custom made FBML tabs. Designers need some quicker and efficient way to make FBML content; this is where 520 Grid System frameworks come handy. This is an Html/CSS framework that is fully functional with the Facebook static FBML content and very useful in speeding up of prototyping and design process. This system is based on page width of 520 pixels, which is a number that is divisible by many other numbers making it highly flexible base number to work with and it is based upon 12 column and 16 PX gutters. It has become standard among Facebook page designers and developers and helps to design better for Facebook fan page. 520 Grid is not a template but a framework that extensively speeds up the creating of static FBML pages.

Facebook Fan Pages

520 Grid System Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook fan page is an interesting way of communicating with the community and attracting new users. Designers can create Facebook fan pages more interesting and appealing by adding custom items to them like custom tabs, site feeds embedded videos and more. Useful content on Facebook fan pages engages the visitors to the page for a long time. Creating a Facebook fan page is an amazing way to promote business and 520 Grid System helps to create Facebook fan pages easily.


  • Platform of 520 pixels layout width
  • It includes 16px left and right margin around the container
  • It is based on 12 grids with 16px gutters with it
  • 520 Grid System includes style for text, tables and forms
  • Browser compatibility


520 Grid System is a helpful framework for the designers and developer of Facebook who design pages for Facebook.

520 Grid System – HTML5 and CSS3 Framework Official Link

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