Flickr vs Picasa vs Smugmug – Amazing Photo Showground


FLICKR, PICASA and SUMGMUG are known as most popular photo storage and sharing services. There are many options available on the web but for the best of the best these three services will likely be among the user’s top choices.

1. Flickr

Flickr is best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Users can show off their favorite photos and videos to the world securely. In addition users can use it to share and embed personal photographs. This service is generally used by web designers or developers they use it for their websites or blogs and social media as well.

Users can access photos and videos from Flickr without any registration but they must need an account in order to upload content onto the website. To better categorize and share photos it grants users to create the sets or categories of their photos such as sports, summer pics, vacation photos, wedding photos, birthday party, etc.

Offers Free Account

Flickr Offers Free Account

Flickr has recognized itself as the most popular place online to upload and share photos and images. Flickr is user friendly and offers user’s a free account with limited monthly uploads and photo sizes, it allows users to upload an unlimited amount of photos and videos of any sizes that fit on any screen size. Once a user creates an account it allows user to make a profile page that contains photos and videos and also permits to add another Flickr user as a contact.

Flickr Features

Flickr Features

Users can use specific tags and keywords to better define the images. These tags make it easy for anyone who is searching through photos on Flickr. Users can also make their photos private in case they don’t want to share them.
If users wish to share their photos, Flickr makes it easy allowing them so that they can email them, send them to a specific group of users on Flickr. It has the ability to offer users to edit, order prints, and they can create any number of items like calendars, photo books and mugs as well.

Users can add descriptions and comments to photos and they can keep that track how many times their photos have been viewed by others. Flickr can add specific blocks of photos on user’s websites, personal projects, Facebook page and more

Places Project

One of the most amazing tools of filcrk is the places project, a project that allows users to upload photo of particular place around the world to a map. The maps are easily searchable for anyone who is in quest of photos of specific countries, cities and even specific locations.

Business Applications

Business Applications

Filckr offers a number of useful business applications, for anyone who needs quality images for any purpose or subject, it makes it easy for user’s to find exactly what they need, it does not produce quality images but also can be a great form of free marketing. It can upload photos of business, organization, sports league, or whatever else and users can use appropriate tags to help others to find images.

Images on Flickr can be viewed by anyone on the internet; Flickr is a fantastic way for showing off to the world, whether it is the photos of business, unique company culture, or shots of latest used car inventory.


Flickr is an excellent service for finding and sharing personal photos as well as promoting user’s businesses. Using Flikr with minimal time and effort investment any company can provide a representation of what their company is about, Filckr is a perfect pathway for promotions. Above all it has simple features and it is easy to use.

2. Picasa

It is an application that is used for organizing and editing digital photos and also used for photo sharing website. It allows users to edit, compile, and share photos and albums online.

Free Online Software

Picasa Free Online Software

Picasa gives users the editing tools that the user needs to fix common problems and creates unique effects to images and photos. Editing features such as Basic fixes, Tuning and effects. Picasa is free online software that helps users to instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on user’s PC.

Automatically Locates

Picasa Automatically Locates

It automatically locates all users’ pictures and arranges them into visual albums organized by date with folder name, so users can easily recognize. Users can drag and drop to arrange their albums and even make labels to create new groups. Picasa makes sure that user’s pictures are always in order. Picasa also makes photo editing simple by putting one click fixes and stunning effects at the user’s fingertips. It gives users 1GB free online storage space for photos to store, it includes automated collages and user friendly movie making capabilities and lots of other fantastic features as well.

First time when a user installs Picasa, it allows users to scan their computers for folders that contain images and photos. It has the ability to find photos that users have forgotten about.  It displays actual folders on users’ computers so when a user makes any modification to folders in Picasa also affect the folders on the user’s computer. Such as deleting a photo from a folder in Picasa removes the photo from the computer as well and at the same time removes a photo from a folder in computers also deletes the photo from the folder in Picasa.

Basic Fixes

It makes simple fixes to user’s photos such as removing red eyes to cropping photos to one click fix to color and contrast.


It allows users to use the advanced editing features to fix contrast and remove color contrast. It adjusts shadows and highlights to include some dimension to the photos. It can brighten up the background with fill light option to salvage otherwise dark photos.


It provides users more than 30 effects that range from simple file filters like black and white coloring and sharpening to more advanced photographic filters.

Picasa Features Are Summarized Below Such As

Picasa Features Are Summarized Below Such As

  • Resizes
  • Turn photos in Html web page
  • Collages
  • Add captions
  • Add tags
  • Map user’s photos
  • Embed photos on other sites
  • Syncs changes
  • Try creative common
  • Movie maker and much more

3. Smugmugs

Smugmugs is an online service that permits users to upload, share and store photos and videos through Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blogs and Forums as well. Smugmug is an online photo sharing site that allows its users to upload infinite full size photos for backup and to sell an online shopping cart.

Integrates Directly To Image Galleries

Integrates Directly To Image Galleries

It allows users to integrate images from Smugmug right away into a photo gallery. This service offers tools for selling user’s original photos and videos as well as the facility to buy prints and gifts that are made from user’s images such as photo books, framed prints and posters. Smugmug makes photo sharing stylish.

Smugmug Features


Smugmug Shares

It shares photos via Email, Twitter, Facebook, and also embeds them on blogs, forums and more.


SMUGMUG service gives unlimited photos and video backups, privacy options, watermarking for privacy prevention.

Beautiful Photos

It permits users to create their own gorgeous, stunning website. Users can choose from more than 70 beautiful themes. Photos look more gorgeous than ever, using Smugmug users do not only view their photos but they experience them. Its crystal clear uploads; glowing colors and customizable tools bring high res photos and high def videos to life. Users can personalize homepage and galleries with dynamic effects.

Smugmug Features

Lights, Camera Smugmug

Smugmug puts user’s videos online with dynamic smugmug sharpness, users can get unlimited storage for 1080p HD videos. It allows users to save them in zillion formats; users can embed them anywhere and replay them in every resolution that they can imagine.


Smugmug provides safety and privacy option whereas other photo sharing sites do not emphasis on privacy and safety options. It protects the photos the way users want, with strong privacy controls, it protects the photos the way users want to protect. It downloads the user’s original file as often as they want; it provides unlimited backups of all photos. It gives users an easy access to a safe, online storage space for every file they own. Using Smugmug it is just a mouse click away.

Amazing Prints and Gifts

It picks the prints, gifts and digital downloads that users want to sell, users can set their own prices, and then they sit back and get paid.

Sharing Features

Smugmug Embeds slideshows in forums, blogs and websites. It shares via Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and other social sites and makes custom easy to remember URLS for galleries and photos. It can create and send emails with embedded photos; it can share many galleries with one link and also has the ability to join communities on virtually any theme.

Golden Extras

  1. Blazing speed worldwide
  2. 2. Full screen, buttery smooth slideshows
  3. Back up any file with SmugVault
  4. Find photos quickly using timeline
  5. See dynamic displays of user’s most popular photos
  6. Detailed traffic statistics
  7. Join smugmug user groups connect with pros and more
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