Useful Image Editing Mac App – iMage Tools App Review

As our world has become more modish and advanced that’s why the people like to acquire more facilities in their hand sets and mobiles to get every function in anywhere and anytime when the person demand. This is the main cause that approximately every hand set has some sort of additional services such as cam to capture the memorable moments of the life to recall them again whenever they desire. As you know that the exclusive images and the lovely photos taken from the cameras of the hand sets sometimes showed the results which are not up to the mark but still we can not delete them for many reasons as it may be the pic of our love one or the image may remind us a funny moment in our life and this is the main cause that the images have to be edited.

To rectify, edit, enhancing or adding any effects in the photos, at the present time od technology and advancement, many applications are utilized in the handsets. In this exclusive approach, I feel honor to show you an outstanding app of iMag Tools which is designed and developed for the Mac devices.

iMage Tools Appearance

It is a marvelous looking batch-editing app in which the developers used a user friendly interface in the form of a sole window which makes you capable to drag and drop as many images as you want to edit. After adding the pics, the screen of your iPhone5 (or other iOS devices) converted in two-pane in which your added images goes to the left side and editing tools will be shown at the right side which will provide you the entire working atmosphere.

Useful Image Editing Mac App - iMage Tools App Review

iMage Tools Workings

First, you are given some already settled parameters such as the definite heights, specific percentage and particular width which you can change whenever you want just according to your requirements. There is an option of fitting your selected photo in the rectangular form as well. After editing the chosen pic, you can save the settings which you have made for that image for the intention of using the similar settings later on for other photos.

Useful Image Editing Mac App - iMage Tools App Review

You are also given the functionality of preview to check your selected pic at the spot after doing some changes such as flipping, rotating and others. You can zoom in or out your photos with the assistance of a slider to get the better view of your pictures.

Useful Image Editing Mac App - iMage Tools App Review

iMage Tools Attributes

You are provided a large number of features in this marvelous app of iMag Tools such as 4 types of flexible resize choices, photo rotation and flipping in real time, supported almost all the image formats just like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, RAW and PSD, renaming options, watermark for text and others. The processing performance is great because it is based on 64 bits. It is a powerful image editing tool as it can handle the huge sized images just like the 50mb size photos. “iMag Tools” is fully compatible with the Mountain Lion 10.8 and showed the best results on all the Mac devices such as iPhone5, iPod and iPad.

Useful Image Editing Mac App - iMage Tools App Review


This royalty free app of “iMag Tools” has been proved the best free image editing app among all the other image editing application ever presented for iPod, iPhone5 and iPad. It is a very useful iOS app for those who always like to work with the images anytime and everywhere. It will provide services even for a bulk of images just with the single click in addition.

Useful Image Editing Mac App - iMage Tools App Review

The only drawback which you will discover in this app that you have to kill the other tasks on your iPhone and other Mac devices to prevent iMag Tools from crushing. If you are in a need of getting more functions, you just require clicking on the shopping cart and acquiring what you want to get. I highly suggest this fantastic app because it has been proved that this app is the best royalty free batch-edit app ever accessible for the Mac devices.

Useful Image Editing Mac App iMage Tools [Download Mac App Store Link]

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