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jQuery Incredible Sliders

Those times when neat image effects were achieved through flash are gone. JQuery has amazingly changed the way of developmental work. JQuery has brought the new standards for presenting visual media on the web. In modern web design image and content sliders are extremely common. With the recognition of smart phones and tablet devices responsive designs have become an essential part of modern web design. Every website owner tries to build his site unique, elegant and with special effects to look creative in front of web visitors. If the website is built up in WordPress, open source software then the user has tons of choices to customize the websites or blogs. One of the most important and used customization effects is to add images and content slider bar on a user’s homepage. Using responsive sliders users can grab the attention of web visitors and display a showcase of worthy content.

jQuery Sliders In Responsive Web Design

The sliders are normally located in places that are in line with the user’s center of attention. The sliders not only give just life on the web, but they also force the users to stay on a website for a long time. There was a time when the majority of the sliders were flash based, they were heavy weight and needed an extra plugin for setting up that sometimes becomes complexity in the limited environment such as shared sectors but Java script has an advantage. It is built into every browser and does not need any installation. Java script based sliders are light weight and on the top of that they are open source as well

Incredible jQuery Responsive slider - wmuSlider

Sliders Advantages

These sliders are appealing and pretty powerful as they include configurable settings and incredible transition on a mobile platform.  There are a wide variety of responsive sliders that are very common on portfolio websites and any type of website that displays image photos and content as well. The sliders are designed to give a good user experience and make image viewing pleasant and attractive on a website. There are tons of responsive image sliders that are easily available such as Refine slider, Flex slider, Wunder slider, Wmu slider and more.

WMU jQuery Image Slider

WMU is a jquery responsive slider with touch support and based on AJAX library,it can be defined as a responsive slider for WordPress. It has a modern design and its installation process is very easy and quick. Once users use WMU slider surely impresses the users because of its custom design. The WMU slider has a unique and modern design and its installation is very easy. The Wmu jquery slider is completely responsive optimized slider with brilliance in style and the power of query that works with all browsers. Wmu slider is built with several jquery modes and it is fully editable, you can change the size according to user’s need and it gives a fantastic look to user’s websites or blog and personal projects as well.

WMU Slider Implementation

WMU slider is an easy to implement, when users use it will surely impress them because of its amazing customizing design. WMU slider is a slider with touch support and responsive features, It is a faster slider and it is designed to come with bug fixed features, along with allowing users to adjust speed and turn automatically play on or off. It has introduced customizing features such as animation, animation duration, slideshows, slideshow speed, slide to start, navigation control, pagination control, previous text, next text and more. Users can take benefits of progressive loading.

This image slider can be counted as a big plus while building responsive web it saves time and users do not need to do any extra effort. Wmu slider turns wordpress galleries into responsive slideshows. It has an adaptive display mode that supports responsive web design; its flexible sizing system provides transition effects in all modes. . It has the ability of automatic image adjustment that allows users to adjust images to the slider size and display mode maintaining the original image’s aspects.

Incredible jQuery Responsive slider - wmuSlider

WMU Responsive Features

  1. Modern design and adaptive interface
  2. Touch navigation for mobiles
  3. Resizable layouts
  4. Responsive
  5. Compatible with different browsers
  6. Quick loading
  7. Simple documentation
  8. Adjust speed
  9. Turn auto play on and off
  10. Slide shows
  11. Slide shows durations
  12. Pagination control
  13. Previous text
  14. Next text and much more

Download wmuSlider, a jQuery responsive slider

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