Add Gradient and Stretches into your web types – TextGrad Responsive jQuery Plugin

Typography Defines As

In recent years web typography has gone a point of pride. Responsive jQuery plugins are specially built to make web type more awesome. Jquery gives power to a developer with the tools required to create a rich experience for the users. Typography can be defined as bunch of techniques that helps to arrange types in order to make language visible. The arrangements of the type include selection of typefaces, point, size , length, color, line spaces adjusts the spaces between groups of words , tracks and adjusts the gap between a pair of letters. Nowadays Typography has been put into motion as well like film, television, and online broadcast.

Website Typography

Typography is operated by typesetters, compositors, typographers, graphic designers, art directors and for those who arrange type for a product. It is very useful in web typography. Typography is very important in web designs. Intelligent designers love to use typography to explore the interaction between the glance of the type and what type actually says. In a message a balance has to be achieved between the image and verbal aspect of a design, Sometimes the designers discover the visual aspect of type to a much superior than the verbal. In these situations the visual language does all the talking.

Add Gradient and Stretches into your web types - TextGrad Responsive jQuery Plugin

Typography Artistic Effects

Essential typographic changes can create significant effects such as type size can be increased, the weigh and font can be changed, and positioning within a framework also can be altered witch each alteration the meaning also changes. Web typography is exploring all over the web. Nowadays we find a large number of typefaces on the web. Typography has made it possible for website designers to move away from limitation. Typography can make magical effects on blogs and on user’s personal websites.

Web Typography Gets Users Attraction

Typography plays an important part in a web design; Typography is positively a massive part of a design, it does not matter if it is a web design, print, packaging the correct use of Typography can get the attention of users. It is the perfect tool to decorate user’s sites; it is a best way to write motto or name in the right way by using right typography users can boost their brand recognition. There are a large number of radical web typography plugins on the web like Text grad and more.

Add Gradient and Stretches into your web types - TextGrad Responsive jQuery Plugin

Textgrad Responsive Jquery Plugin

This is a simple but effective jquery plugin that adds gradient effects to text on user’s web pages.
TEXT GRAD JQERY PLUGIN is an ultra-small, lightweight plugin that is easy to use. It has a simple interface that provides a comfort for users.
Text grad responsive jquery plugin helps user to create a gradient effect on the text and then stretches it across a line of text in a simple and effective way.

Contains Four Functions

It contains four fantastic functions which are applicable on a selection of text and users can easily apply these functions on their text on the website or blog or even in their personal projects as well.

The main four functions are

  1. Spanize
  2. Unspanize
  3. Textgrad
  4. Textscan

This plugin permits users to simply create a gradient on the color of the text of the each selected element. It also includes the ability to have a scanning effect on the color of the text.


It will take an element and it allows users to cut its text into a span.

Add Gradient and Stretches into your web types - TextGrad Responsive jQuery Plugin


Using this plugin user can create bold, fancy headlines, slogans or company names along gradient effect. It allows users to apply color gradients to headlines, slogans or on a font or text.
It uses the entire size of the element to make the calculation on the colors of the produced spans therefore the gradient might be hidden in very large blocks containing little text. Users can apply the gradient to a span instead containing the whole text. The limitation of this is that block must not contain inline blocks; it must contain very short text. It is not useful for big text and not recommended for too much small text as well.
It works perfectly with all major browsers.

Download TextGrad Responsive jQuery Plugin

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