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Stumbleupon is the best platform that permits users to find and rate photos, videos and web pages. Basically it’s a web browser plug-in, once the users download the plugin, the Stumbleupon toolbar is used to stumble the web. Most people use this web browser as a source of information or entertainment. As just in a few minutes one can see something unique, innovative, cool and interesting. Moreover if anyone has its account with strong profile then Stumbleupon will deliver videos, articles and images according to user interests. This web browser is also worthy for the promotion of web blogs and to increase traffic.

History of Stumbleupon

stumbleupon history infographic

Over 25 million users are taking advantage of this plug-in that was started in 2001. The main purpose of Stumbleupon beginning was content discovery in which they succeeded but during recent years the latest content discovery sites have affected it such as Pinterest. Well with new functions and trendy mobile app stumble has transformed its dynamic appeal.

How can I get started with Stumbleupon?

How can I get started with Stumbleupon?

Create your profile

Join now and first make a healthy profile share yourself with your followers and friends. Here you can stumble your videos, contents, images and get rates for on it. Make a 100% completed profile by adding about your likes and dislikes, hobbies, skills and interests and a brief summary about your life experiences.  Must use a profile photo it will help you to increase connections.


The interests will help you to find those people who have the same interests like you have. Moreover it will represent the type of content you want to stumble. Apart this you can add and delete interest. You need to save at least 5 interests from your account, there’s no maximum limit. Just click the “+” symbol on the right side it will be added automatically.  

Stumbleupon DNA

Stumble DNA is a specific page that connects people with special interests. Every like of the stumbler is linked to an interest that falls into a specific category. The click on likes determines the level of category color at Stumbler’s DNA. As many likes you have the DNA color will broadened. Like if you will have a strong interest in music the category color will be specified by the Stumbleupon and highlight in your profile.

Stumble Bar Icon Functions / Navigating the Site

Stumble Bar Icon Functions / Navigating the Site

  1. The list button is for the addition of stumbles.
  2. The comments button compels you to leave comments here you can read comments about the stumble as well. Moreover it’s easy to add your personal tags and posting of comments to other social networks through conversation.
  3. The Facebook button allows user to connect with Facebook by settings page.
  4. The share button is helpful to stumble your messages to your friends or followers through Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook.
  5. The recommend button facilitates you to choose a category of your interest so may you can easily target your stumbles.
  6. The dislike button is stumblers right as they can tell about pages that they don’t like. It’s also helpful for Stumbleupon to not put such info again.
  7. The drop-down of a dislike button also helps you to give the reason of disliking of the web page.
  8. The special red colored Stumble button will take you to your next recommendation.
  9. The like button is beneficial for us to tell which page you like most.
  10. The notification button will let you know about your messages, pending shares and updates of your account.
  11. Through home button you will be back to your homepage.
  12. The setting button will help you to navigate the help center, sign out on Stumbleupon, settings page and profile page.

The Secondary Toolbar

The white bar appears when you are looking at the homepage. It links four options Home, Profile, Follow and Shares).

Home: For the detailed info move to the main page “the Stumbleupon page”

Profile: It helps you to access your profile page.

Likes: This page has the catalog of pages that you like.

Shares: Shares are concerned with those pages that you have shared to other social networks.

Stumbleupon Homepage

After sign in you are jumped to homepage that has included many sections. Users always redirect to the homepage by clicking the Stumbleupon icon.


It is the first section of Stumbleupon homepage denoted by a check mark. It aware users about the number of pages they have and share as per specific area. This helps you to know about your shares and likes status.


Activity is the second section of the homepage indicated with symbol of two people. It’s same as the Facebook Newsfeed. This will let you know about each activity on your account like the adding, the people contribution to specific interest and liking.


It’s the 3rd section of homepage with an upward arrow. It highlights the buzz about share that’s liked by followers very much. Trending helps you to see people’s interests.


Lists are the 4th section on the Stumbleupon homepage denoted by a “+” sign. Its working is like Pinterest board helps you to accumulate content into lists that you headline and curate yourself. Lists show you the recently famous lists and upload as well.

The Stumbling Process

  1. Just click the orange button to move from your interests
  2. If you want to click on single interest then click on recommend and then the interest you want to explore.
  3. Want to include content, image, or video adds a page surely you will be a strong stumbler of the community in no time. Click the drop down located to the right side of your image and create your page.

If you are working on a specific brand or website then through your webpage to the Stumbleupon badge.

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