8 Best Windows 8 Apps for Designers

You cannot ignore the charm, user interface and dominance of New Microsoft operating system windows 8 great rushes of apps on windows 8 app store day by day. In this post we only focusing windows 8 designer apps, these apps are aimed for the web and graphic designers who want to keep a balance between their profession and their desire to work perfectly. Below are the applications for the beginner and expert designers which would let them realized how wonderfully they can work and perform in their practical lives using win8. These of all related applications will enhance your designing skills and off course productivity toward timely delivery of your design assignments.

1. Free Books

free books windows 8 app

Nobody can give impressive output, without impressive input. And what is meant by impressive input or how It can be attained? Well, we have books! The first app in the list of this post, is the Free Books. It is one of the most downloaded applications on the windows 8 devices.

The users can explore some of the most amazing book collection which consist of about 23,69 classics and specially selected books. The readers can select the book they want to read instantly and can read on the way via its ‘E-reader’. The location of the reader is automatically saved by the application. The absolutely amazing collection of all time favorite authors and books, that makes it a dream place for vivid reader like me. Not like any other free apps which normally charges $10 per book. But with the Free Books, the reader pays once and enjoy the whole 23,469 book collection for much less than the value of these readings actually worth!

The famous plays of Shakespeare, inspiring autobiographies, the precious works of geniuses and much more can be explored in the app. The books can be found in their original covers and the public domain books with stunning covers. All this and much more will be offered in the app, once the avid reader becomes addictive to the app, will be hard to keep him from the reading habit. It proves that it’s a great boost and nurture the long lost reading habit among several people who always thought reading is a tough job. Though this app, it will much easier for them to take their favorite readings right on their smart devices, or on the desktop too. It has enabled so many lazy readers to become an active one. So grab a book and start making your past time a productive one.

2. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon windows 8 app

Get excited with the next app on the list, the Stumble Upon will take anyone to the height of fun and frolic. The surprising and interesting way to share the favorite things with others, can actually transform a boring internet  routine to something that is really delighting. Just a tap away, and anyone will be stumbling over some of the hottest events, websites, pictures and videos. There is a lot more to explore from the impressive arena of never ending multimedia excitement. There’s nothing pleasing than to be able to communicate and share the things you always love and want to share with your loved ones. Though this app, people can not only enjoy the pleasure of being able to share what you rejoice to see or experience, but the joy of getting to know other people’s choice is as exciting.

Download the free version of the application to create exciting possibilities right from the PC, something that never happened before.  Some of the greatest features of the application include stunning new pictures, videos and websites. Plus, the user can share all these with their friends and venture over 500 interests! And not only this, the specific interests can also be searched.  So start Stumbling now!

3. Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint windows 8 app

Every designer’s first emblem is the paints, colors and canvas. Explore the next app on the list, the Fresh Paint – a beautiful application, full of delight for the designers and the practical painting capability will adds tons of joy for everyone. The application is simple and loaded with almost every artistic tool that a painter require. No matter how good painter is the painter, Fresh Paint will be very efficient to explore more hidden talents of creativity. So with this app, anyone can set their creative waves free to obtain some the great masterpieces perhaps?

The key features of the app include realistic experience of painting. The artist can enjoy those real oil paint strokes with brilliant effects, without messing up the hands. Mothers can help their younger ones to explore their little creative instincts. The amazing color mixer enables the artist to create the shade exactly required. The user can also import a picture from the gallery and adjust the color balance, contrast and brightness levels. The painting templates can also be purchases to practice the creative abilities on the canvas, which is a great way to hone up the painting skills. It is not just a painting tool, it brings out the imagination to a canvas, lively and vibrant.

4. Snap Crab

Snap Crab windows 8 app

Always get fascinated with snap shots? The true app that can entice the thrill more, is the Snap Crab. This application for Windows 8 is a display capture application that detains images from the screen and save them to the desired format. It is currently supporting PNG, JPEG and GIF. The user is able to grab the screen shot from full screen size and also from the particular windows regions.

Also, the Snap Crab enables a person to take screen shots from websites through internet browsers with the help of Sleipnir. Through Snap Crab, any area of the screen can be captured with a single click, and same for the web pages. There are a number of settings that can also be done in order to customize the software according to the personal preferences. The images saved from the software are perfect and precise. It can also get the snaps from the translucent window of Aero Glass.

Not only this, the snapped pictures can be the part of the social stream. Enjoy the fun with sharing or recording those things with friends, and they can also be saved on the Evernote.

5. Photoscape

Photoscape windows 8 app

Photoscape has been yet another joyful app through which photo editing can be done while enjoying every single feature of the software.  The software is a great option to fix, edit and enhance the portraits and transform a simple portrait into a glamorous looking shot. The main features of the app is that it has a photo viewer through which you can view folder and develop a slideshow too. The editor will empower the artist to do touch-ups, brightness, color adjustments, white balance and other corrections while enhancing the picture looks by adding different frames, graffiti, balloons and various artistic patters. Text editing and drawing is also enabled in the application.

Through batch editor, there will be multiple photo options. The photos can be combined with multiple options in both the axis to develop one new great image. The animated GIFs are also compatible and the ready images can be printed out in various sizes. The Splitter enables the artist to split the photos by slicing thin, perfect for website designing as well. The Raw convertor will be transferring the pictures into JPEG form. And what’s more? Through this software the artist is also able to search for the familiar faces on the internet.


GIMP windows 8 app

Through GIMP, it has got even easier to manipulate the pictures, edit and share. On the official website of the GIMP, users can find complete information about the installation and distribution of the software. The website will also provide information about the latest updates and releases of the software. There is a community of GIMP, where users sign and share their associated projects and make it possible to let the world feel what they express. The app is intended to entertain the artists as much as they would like from an app.

7. Corel

Corel windows 8 app

Windows 8 has brought several amazing apps for the people with artistic minds and activities. The Corel has brought some really amazing and latest technology which is termed as the revamping.  Through Corel, the artistic people can explore the amazing ways to play with the images and make something really creative out of them. The app can also enable socializing with people and let them see your artistic creativity.

The software is for both amateur and advanced users. It offers an amazing range of stunning graphics and creative productivity. The app is loaded with advanced digital media graphic options. There is a whole wide range to work on the photos and with some simple and easy taps, the user can easily work with numerous options

8. Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS6 windows 8 app

Adobe Photoshop is the one software which can deliver what any artistic need, desire or dream. It can create wonders for someone who knows how to make the most out of the stunning software with countless possibilities. The amazing and powerful photo editing and transforming software will make you an artist of superior degree. Its blazing swift quality of performing tasks would entice the user.  The new Content Aware characteristic will be an amazing experience to create designs as well as the user can also recreate entirely  new and innovative images from the workflows. The upgraded Photoshop CS6 will be giving you power and productivity. A novel idea to develop and express your creative instincts into something really elegant and awesome. The breathtaking features like the Aware Patch and Blur gallery, a crop tool and many others. There is so much to explore from the software. The app is a great tool to be used with the CSS styling and many other amazing features for the web usage.

The software has been the best option since a very long time and has gained much popularity among many professional artists. The web is full of its tutorials and reviews, which also depicts the success of the software. Through Photoshop app, it has now become so much easier and faster to retouch and edit the pictures on the go, but never with the amateur look. Now the photos will be looking stunningly glamorous and dazzling perfection with some of the most astonishing features of the software. The number of downloads is getting increased day by day with so many people wanting to get a hand on the software to create professional looking portraits and stun others with their artistic talents.

The user has the option to upgrade the software to get some of the most latest and superb features which have been named earlier, the Content Aware Patch or the Blur Gallery, or they can opt for the membership of Adobe Creative Cloud. With this membership, the user will be able to download a whole new and an amazing range of features, downloads which will include smart filters which will be supporting the Blur gallery and Liquify and many other awesome features.

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