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The major problem of the modern era is the organization and management of time which we know that it is very difficult and some times become impossible. Even though, the people like to go outside for fun and love to capture the happy moments of their cherish occasions on their outstanding cams and mobiles in this day and age mainly on festive day such as the coming festival of Valentine day. But sometimes, here comes a problem that every one of us definitely faces at least once in the life is the duplication of images and photos in the storage devices. It’s just like the fact that we occasionally purchased the things that we already have in our home. The doubling-up of images is not only creating the problems for the viewer but it makes difficult to manage the space available on handsets, mobiles or computers. Especially, if you are a regular user of the cam and taking the pics on daily bases then this will become a time consuming and brain aching task to clean up the double counted images presented in various folders situated in every drive of the PC that’s why the need to get any app that can help to solve this dilemma is necessary at the present time.

To accomplish this aim, here comes an amazing app with the name of PhotoSweeper that has been launched for the valuable users of Mac OS. This incredible tool of photography makes the usage of image handling simple and comfortable in such a wonderful manner that the organization of photos and cleaning the double added images will become a fun. It will a magnificent platform that is utilize to sorting images, rising the storage space in a time saving and mental relaxation approach.

Features of PhotoSweeper:

The marvelous characteristics of PhotoSweeper includes great user interface, consist of only one screen that supply you everything you want along with a trouble-free canvas all in only one place, tool bar presented in one side in conjunction with status bar which all are combined to provide you a remarkable facility of photo management that you can use very easily whether you are an expert of Adobe Photoshop or not.

Features of PhotoSweeper


The functionality of PhotoSweeper is very user friendly as the status bar gives you an option of photo opening that gives you the browser for Media for the purpose of opening iPhoto app with libraries. These pictures will be tagged with the help of a button which is utilized for the identification of the source app of the image just like the further apps did for you just like Photoshop. The next option is “add Photos” for the basic idea of adding up individual snaps and you have the facility of adding images by dragging them into canvas as well.

The third one with the name of “put into box” is used for giving you a briefcase for the storage of any image for the prime goal of editing and enhancement. The very next choice is make you capable to zoom which is operated for image information, fast gaze and zooming option with two additional tools on both parts of zoom for giving you a remarkable option from zero to 100% in conjunction with side tool customization setting for sorting out numerous processes.

Mechanism of PhotoSweeper:

After you have entered all the necessary images, you will look for a technique to utilize this fabulous app. To attain this target, after addition of images, you should customize all the compulsory settings for sort out the process, check the complete set up parameters for photos just like size and format and you will be happy to know that PhotoSweeper is support almost every format.

Now we discuss the ways to apply this superb app. First is the bitmap that is made in each and every image, 2nd is the choice of histogram that demonstrates info regarding time, and the last but not the least with the heading of “Duplicate only” which compare images that have identical contents.

After making the useful settings, you can click compare tab for the process of assessment that will takes little time according to the added images and your system specifications. After the result, you are able to select your pictures and enter them to “put into box” option to delete the repeated images and you has the facility to rename your cleared images gathered in the box. You are able to acquire the feature of auto “put into box” in auto form.

The Final Outcome:

After operating this stunning app various times, I make a conclusion that it is a helpful tool for wonderful photography and image management. Particularly, to get rid of the low storage capacity messages on any hand set which you are using in travelling or vocational trip for cleaning up the storage straight away. On the other side of the coin, the creative photographers can utilize this application for the creation of their valuable tasks by getting rid of duplicate and unnecessary images within a little bit time with ease. So after reading this article, you does not need to search out each and every corner of your storage device for the search of duplicate photos, you only need to click on download link bellow and get the app which is the requirement of every person living on this planet and connected to the advance world.

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