30 Interactive Flash Video Players

Our modish world is furnished with a lot of new advancement and tremendous technologies in conjunction with a vast virtual universe of internet. You have certainly observed that almost every web page contains some kinds of video contents which are played through any type of flash player. From the word of flash player, we mean any container file format which can be utilized to deliver the video in anywhere on internet and it is basically grounded on any Adobe Photoshop versions above than 5. In this day and age, the contents of flash video are sometimes embedded with the files of SWF.

The importance of flash videos is vital and hence that is the basic reason that every creative web designer is in a search of any magnificent flash video player that can be helpful for his precious assignment. For this purpose, I would like to provide you a complete and comprehensive list of mind blowing flash video players especially for the assistance of artistic web designers in this elite round up which are all up to the minute and perform all the functions which the top graphic designer may demand. Furnish your web site with these outstanding flash players with proud and show them to your professional community to help them as well. I am waiting for your precious comments and suggestions.

1 – Customisable YouTube / Vimeo / FLV / MP3 / Image Gallery

 Customisable Youtube/Vimeo/FLV/MP3/Image Gallery

The best quality of this flash video player is that you do not have to learn the technical knowledge of flash or getting the programming skills when you are using it. It is fully XML driven and gives you a facility of perfectly customization in a very easy and comfortable way with gallery on / off, supportive to stage video, can support all video formats along with MP3 support, helpful in most common image formats such as .jpg, .png or.gif and useful in playing all aspects ratios. It displays preview image before playing, auto hide controls, and previous / next buttons, the choice of editable graphic effects resizable and setting for volume, rewind facility and much more.

2 – XML Video Gallery with Multiple Categories

XML Video Gallery with Multiple Categories
XML video Gallery with Multiple Categories is a very useful and smart flash video player with remarkable and wonderful features such as ability to support a variety of groupings, video streaming along with buffering, mode of full screen with auto hiding of bar after 5 seconds, changeable contents, video gallery settings, easy configuration and usage, fully commented code, as well as utilization instruction and help file. You are to play FLV, MOV, F4V and H.264 MP4 video formats.

3 – Video Player with Subtitles and Advertisement

Video Player with Subtitles and Advertisement
If you are in the search of a video player that can show ads as well then Video Player with Subtitles and Advertisement should be your top and leading choice. It is fully high definition supportive with the assistance of its great features which includes capability of resizable, adding preview images, customization of colors, supportive to .FLV and .MP4 formats, can add adds with option of timings, auto play, utilization of keyboard while playing, adding facility of subtitles and Action Script 3.0 as well.

4 – Tablet Player – Android Tablet Skin

Tablet Player – Android Tablet Skin
The tablet Player is a basic but useful flash player with terrific characteristics and some of them are H264 supportive, android tablet skin, preview image facility, video bar, buttons of play & pause, eye catching digital clock, supportive Auto play, capability of right click menu, ability to play in full screen, can be opened in flash CS4 & higher as it is an AS3 file along with various option for configurations for example player height, player width, path for video & images auto start and more.

5 – AS3 Vimeo / YouTube / FLV Video Player with Playlist

AS3 Vimeo / YouTube / FLV Video Player with Playlist
This eye catching video player has simple XML setup in which you do not need to get the prior knowledge of programming techniques and flash. It is driven 100% on XML, gallery on & off facility, supported to play YouTube & Vimeo and all video formats in HD, ability to support all aspects ratio, 4 types of skins, changeable player size, different color options, now play text, menu for aspect ratio, window for information, supportive to tooltips and much more.

6 – Video Player Basic

Video Player Basic
When you are looking for a simple but complete solution for the objective of addition of flash videos on your website or just an application of desktop, the Video Player Basic is the top option. It provides you all the needed function such as Play & Pause, Repeat, Mute or Unmute, adjustable volume control, stretching options, ability to play in full screen with seek bar which cover all your primary requirements in an easy and effective way.

7 – Fully Customizable Video Player

Fully Customizable Video Player
The major function of Fully Customizable Video Player is to ensure you that by employing this you are able to make it compatible with the exact style of your own website with the help of its wonderful features and the main characteristics includes easy utilization, aspect and quality selections, optional style and functionality with the help of FlashVars, XML or Action Script, discretion of video with HTML supportive, logo of Watermark, sound control, playable in full screen, eye catching colors of buttons, bars, boxes, and more, choice able style in 2D or 3d.

8 – Video Banner Rotator YouTube / FLV

Video Banner Rotator YouTube / FLV
This attention grabbing video player is fully supports Joomla, Magento, WordPress and Drugpal in an easy and useful manner. You have the facility of playing YouTube video together with the FLV video in a simple way by the implementation of Video Banner Rotator and with the help of its crucial features which includes next and previous control buttons, dynamically loading from XML file, music control buttons, and transition effects which will definitely provoke the interest of your valuable visitors in a very first glance.

9 – AS3 Video Player

AS3 Video Player
If you are making a website of any type and you need a video player for your valuable site, AS3 Video Player should be your top choice as it has the ability to be fit perfectly on every kind of website in a smooth and relaxed approach with the outstanding interface of pleasing to the eye & fashionable. With the help of slideshow thumbs you can provides a new technique of delivering your contents. Embed code for the main objective of embedding the player into HTML page is included in the help files with all the basic and elementary features that may be needed by the users.

10 – Video Store – FLV / H264 / YouTube / Mp3

Video Store – FLV / H264 / YouTube / Mp3
This video player can support any video file the only requirement is the file should be supportive to flash player and you are to play a live streaming with RTMP along with MP3 support. The play is resizable in any extent according to your demand with the help of configuration file consist of XML. The key features of this lovely player includes XML driven content, Now Button, Auto Resize, Video Streaming along with buffer facility, full screen option, auto hide capability, optional image preview, sound control, optional auto play, video description, navigation and searching of playlist facility, special section for quality, choice for subtitles and Google analytics, customizable play list and others.

11 – Fullscreen Video Background YouTube and Flash

Fullscreen Video Background YouTube and Flash
Fullscreen Video Background YouTube and Flash is furnished with logo, skip into, URL navigation which makes it useful and outstanding option for your valuable web site along with a large number of additional characteristics such as supportive to FLV, MP4 & F4V, choice for loading your own external swf in this movie, positioning of elements with the help of XML only, limitless video supportive, choice for skipping intro, video seek bar which is optional and optional aspects of video.

12 – Extendable Video Gallery

Extendable Video Gallery
This creative video Gallery with the name of Extendable Video Gallery is extendable and is based on OOP standards which make it easy modifying and changeable with additional and advanced technology. The unbelievable functions included in this Video gallery are optional for the prime objective of setting each and every facility according to your requirements. You will get additional facilities such as sharing each category with the choice of print, playing video from YouTube or video selected from your own server and supportive for different formats for example MP4 / MOV / FLV to make you able to utilize it anywhere.

13 – Smart Video Player with Playlist & YouTube

Smart Video Player with Playlist & YouTube
The search of having a video player which work greatly for adding media contents in your website is over in as the Smart Video Player with Playlist & YouTube is available for your precious website. This player is equipped with a useful video framework with the name of OSMF which enhances the functionality of Smart Video Player and make it supportive to YouTube and add unlimited thumbnails that may be provided by YouTube or your server as well. It is furnished with a lot of features some of them are auto hide along with full screen, settings of size for playlist, support full screen, support almost every format and video aspects etc.

14 – Video Roll

Video Roll
Video Roll is made, developed and published with a point of view of providing 3D visual impact which is able to load FLV video as well as YouTube files that can be done in a wonderful approach. It also operates as standalone HTML5 compatible as well as plug & play elements. You do not need to modify or change any flash file and it will run easily and effectively with the help of XML settings. It provides you a facility of configuration carousel in a lot of different visuals which includes 3 Dimensional rotations along with flat rotations. You are provided XML file with help documentation to make the use of this player in any kind of task easy and comfortable.

15 – YouTube Video Player

YouTube Video Player
YouTube Video Player is able to play single video taking from YouTube or make you capable of making a thumbnail list full of population gathered from any YouTube user’s account in a very simple manner and in an attractive style. The function of adding Thumbnails title from YouTube or video info is not require your own workings as this is an automatic utility provided by this dazzling video player. The key characteristics of this useful player includes loading the video from your own YouTube account, settings for width & height easily, volume control, furnished with social icons for the objective of sharing, availability of color management in information area in conjunction with thumbnails color.

16 – XML Multiple FLV Player + Admin

XML Multiple FLV Player + Admin
This multiple player is furnished with the facility of reading the files from XML driven, supportive to limitless category along with category entry, permit the description in HTML & CSS, capability to set width & height, publishing & removal of publishing, choice of allowing file downloading or not downloading, function of previous, next play & stop, processing bar of downloading, dull screen facility, applications for uploading a file and making thumbs are not required. All these functions make you able to utilize this player in any kind of project confidently.

17 – Highlight Video Player

Highlight Video Player
It is the well-known and popular video player in which you have a large number of options for example adding highlights facility in the timeline of the area of playback. The process of the video make this highlight activated in which you are able to enter a thumbnail along with the area for texting. You can change the size of thumbnails as well as the dimension of the text area in a very simple and understandable way. The major options that this player can give you are limitless highlights with the customizable time limit and color management, hyperlink choice when a user is trying to click the thumbnail, auto play facility, starting sound, full screen option when a user do double click and much more.


18 – Video Player V3

Video Player V3

If you are looking for a simple, easy to use and graceful video playing solution with the combination of amazing and useful aspects, you should take a look into Video Player V3. The remarkable function of this great looking player is taking not more than 3 minutes to take in video into your assignment as well as brand new code generator tool is the major cause of its easy to use characteristic. You do not have to worry about the format of the video as it accepts almost all the currently using flash video format along with the commonly used aspect ratios of stretch and fit just as required. You can easily on or off nearly all the control buttons in simple approach. When you look into the features of this player, you will discover multiple features just like playing video in any size, space bar may be utilized for play and pause, double click function for full screen mode along with a brief but comprehensive instruction manual for the helping purpose.

19 – YouTube Player with Facebook & Twitter Share

YouTube Player with Facebook & Twitter Share

It is an outstanding video player which is based on XML that can support YouTube and Facebook along with Twitter sharing for social networking. The player has unique embedding functionality and a large number of playback quality settings which will give a high definition video quality and include HD 720 and HD 1080 in addition. You will got the incredible functions for example set YouTube ID, ability to customize width & height, a lots of settings for quality of playback, fixed or non-fixed control bar customization, toggle on & off full screen along with skin scrub colors and much more including on and off auto play facility with magnificent looks and eye catching appearance that will catch the very first glimpse of your viewer in an easy and simple manner..

20 – OSMF Edge Media Player

OSMF Edge Media Player

The OSMF Edge Media Player has an exciting quality of hardware acceleration support as well as stage video which is very useful for your viewer. You will be amazed to know that it is the first and the leading video player which is grounded on the robust Open Source Media Framework that give the support to most commonly used media types in conjunction with audio, video images & photos, along with SWF files out of the box to accomplished the objective of providing an outstanding complete and comprehensive solution for the customization of streaming which makes it the best player for any type of task.

The marvelous functions of this flash player contain perfect YouTube support along with high definition aspect ratio, dynamic streaming based on RTMP with progressive downloading, sharing on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, the playlist is integrated in conjunction with loop and shuffle facilities, Letterbox, stretch, zoom and none scale modes, attention grabbing audio spectrum furnished with multiple colors which will show in real time, Fluid mode and function of toggling full screen along with full keyboard support, incredible settings for graphics with the help of XML and much more.

21 – Vimeo Video Player with Playlist & Google Analytics

Vimeo Video Player with Playlist & Google Analytics

Vimeo Video Player with Playlist & Google Analytics is the best option for support the Vimeo files and Google analytics in a flawless style. It will provide you the facility to see the video in each and every frequently used size with the help of XML file along with the changeable width and height functions which is perfect for any type of project whether it is based on HTML or flash. You will get some additional features along with the common functions available in the market such as easy utilization whether you know the flash or not through main XML file, auto hide controller function, optional auto play, full description of video that can be on or off, navigation and searching for playlist and a help file that will assist you to set your player according to your demands and desires of your valuable users in addition.

22 – YouTube/Video Sliding Hotspot Mapper AS3 OOP

YouTube/Video Sliding Hotspot Mapper AS3 OOP

This player is the best choice available for you to totally give a new and wonderful look to your precious website with the capability to support both the YouTube and local videos. It will accomplish all the demands of the up-to-date trends of the web designing through its outstanding abilities of customization. It will make you an authorizing and commanding leader by giving you seamless integration with all your present and existing design which will become a cool addition to the visual interface of your valuable website in an amazing manner. Hotspot manager provides all the necessary things regardless of your large or small images, your space limits for the display of pics and more just as easy utilization and inserted into the HTML page, your do not need to acquire the prior knowledge of flash, supportive to social media, customization of video size and full screen option, setting the path of XML through Flashovers, up to 14 settings for each and every hotspot, provide the countless hotspots according to your desire with easy placement via locator application.

23 – Universal Media Player

Universal Media Player

Universal media Player is a remarkable player for playing both the videos of YouTube and the video of your choice in a seamless mode with the streaming which is based on RTMP as well as most frequently used audio formats. You can get the video info and whole playlists because it gives fully supports to YouTube API batch processing perfectly. Universal Media Player is furnished with the estimation of bandwidth in real time function in conjunction with enhanced, optimized and improved buffering with smooth and plane playback for the users of unstable and slow connection. Stylish and colorful spectrum analyzer is available along with beat detector and 2 real time visual components for your audio files. Configuration for live preview is given to facilitate any supportive media without a glitch. You will acquire tremendous features in this flash player and some of them are 2 stylish skins, cover pics, full screen playing option, separate video IDs in conjunction with XML, video discripti0ons, cover image and thumbnail, supportive to the playlists of YouTube, enabling mouse wheal for seeking and controlling volumes, preview of live Media, cover above than 250 networks and more.

24 – YouTube/FLV – Video Player with Bottom Playlist

YouTube/FLV - Video Player with Bottom Playlist

One of the top qualities of this unbelievable video player is that it is able to play any video that any other flash player can play including YouTube together with RTMP and live RTMP streaming. Video Player with Bottom Playlist is also able to play audio files faultlessly and supportive to Google Analytics as well. This fantastic video player is available to play videos in multiple sizes that can be configured from XML file in conjunction with changeable width and height of the video player along with the width of the playlist which make it perfect for any type of HTML and flash project remarkably.

The other features that this useful player consist of perfectly driven from XML that make you able to utilize the player perfectly without the knowledge of flash, video streaming is furnished with buffering, full screen option with all the needed controllers, optional images of preview, on and off function of description of videos, navigation of the videos and searching the playlist choice, subtitle is available with your authorization, fully supportive to HTML and CSS Formatted Text, customization of playlists and more including a file for your assistance.



AS3 XML YOUTUBE VIDEO PLAYER is a great video player which is fully customizable as well as a remarkable gallery playlist. You are able to apply different skins on the whole interface with the assistance of XML. The videos can be set any all the possible sizes along with customizable width and height and perfectly supportive to high definition videos. Infinite numbers of thumbnails are accessible to scroll playlist which enhances the performance and greatly increase the appearance of the video player nicely.

Useful options for the authorization of changing the colors of fonts and playing video dimensions as well as the command on adding url links and adding distinct characters in display. Your valuable users are able to play videos in full screen. The skins are available in black & white colors mainly bur you have the facility to change the colors according to the requirement of your project in addition.

26 – Easy Player

Easy Player

The utilization and professional usage of Easy Player is really easy and simple which will make you able to complete your project in an easy but comprehensive approach. The video contents that the Easy Player can operate include FLV and H.264 format with a streaming based on RTMP. You can give your users a wonderful opportunity to play small size videos along with the videos of YouTube nicely. You are authorized to configure and organize all the things which are the demands of your task with the assistance of an external XML file. Flashovers are also available to you to choose the desired path to formation file.

This charming video player is capable of playing commercial and advertising videos before the main video. You have a button for the prime objective of redirecting to the URL of commercial. The additional choices that you will get from this marvelous player include settings for the volume of the video that is available to your precious visitors by default, the facility to add image or pic overlay, on or off video auto start function and amazing changeable colors of the player just right to your demands.

27 – Video Player 4: Playlist Social-Share Analytics

Video Player 4: Playlist Social-Share Analytics

Video Player 4: Playlist Social-Share Analytics is a video player that is fully customizable but even though it is simple and easy to be used in any kind of assignment perfectly just likes a dream. You have the facility to make playlists with fully management choice for the delivery of your videos in conjunction with the options provide to your users by giving them permission to sharing these videos with their friends and love ones  together with bookmark them socially. You are able to integrate any video with the help of JavaScript into your user experience in conjunction with tackling through Google Analytics on the video activities.

All the functionalities can be controllable such as the customization of each and every color. The videos and images can be added externally with ease. The other characteristics include email facility to share the favorite video with the friends, supportive nearly all image types, capable to load any dimension video, customizable size and width of the player along with video, full screen options, changeable color settings, auto load and auto play choices, on and off the controller choices, keyboard controllable facility and much more.

28 – Customizable Lite Video Player

Customizable Lite Video Player

If you are looking to get a player which is small in size but provides you all the useful and customizable options that can be demanded in any type of project as well as capable to decorate your web site in a charming manner with the help of XML file then you should take a look into the Customizable Lite Video Player. The player can be resized just as you like and able to play videos in full screen mode. You will be glad to know that it is capable of playing almost all type of videos format which are currently used include the videos of YouTube with RTMP video streaming. The configurable settings are driven with XML that make it simple to change anything together with the support of Flashvars.

More features are provided such as selection for subtitle which is optional and you may turn it on or off any time, resizable facility just right to the feasible aspect ratio, optional auto play, controllers may be auto hide if you require, the colors of the elements related to the graphics can be configured in conjunction with the option of changing the color of each and every text, settings for subtitle that is available to your users by default and so on.

29 – AS3 XML Creative Video YouTube Player Flashvars

AS3 XML Creative Video YouTube Player Flashvars

This player is very useful as it is supportive to play each and every flash videos formats as well as YouTube files in all the available resolutions together with all the various aspect ratios with the instructions giving from the XML file or Flashvars. You can enter a preview image which can insert customary or taken from the source of YouTube. The basic and optional features are also includes such as function of auto play, together with looping, startup volume that is predefined along with the option of alteration of widespread design composed of changeable colors, corners in rounded shape, numerous fonts and opacities, user interface is highly customizable, area of the video can be moved up and down, provide you an opportunity to make infinite number of designs and skins, supportive to high definition videos, contain preset taking from preview and total 46 option including help file that will fulfill all your requirements in a wonderful manner.

30 – Video Player 3.0

Video Player 3.0

Video Player 3.0 is very useful but a simple video player that make you able to fit in the video into the experience of your user with the help of JavaScript integration facility. You will get all the function of Google Analytics which includes tracking on the video interaction in very simple approach. You can control all the functions, layout and give various eye catching colors to the player according to your desire.

The marvelous functions of this video player contains embedded script generator, supportive to all the well-known formats, facility to add images and videos from external ways, can support commonly used image formats, resizable videos, full screen option, fully supportive to logo, small sized vector shaped graphics, play control in beautiful animated style, replay facility after the completion of any video, video title along with video info can be shown, auto hide controls and much more.

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