Speeding Up the Websites Using WordPress Plugins

Those who are users of word press for publish purposes and who want to speed up the websites; they can use caching for the purpose. Users will be impressed if the speed of your web page is good. So, speed is an important matter. You have to work on it.

Caching works by generating copies of your web page and thus storing in the servers in the form of a statistical file. Moreover, when a user visits the page, the servers will provide them with cached pages instead of tracking the database and then generating. This system speeds up the responsiveness of your web page.

Word press plugins are the best way to speed up the website if you are word press user. There are many wordpress plugins that you can use for this purpose. If you would like to check out more plugins not listed in this post, check out the premium selection available at WPMUDEV.

1. Caching through db reloaded fix

Caching through db reloaded fix

This is the modification of the version of dB cache for 3.1 version of word press. This plugin helps in caching the MySQL queried actions on the database to cut down the site’s speed. It is newly introduced plugin. It has proved to be very good for speeding up the website.

2. Hyper cache extended

Hyper cache extended

It is the extended version of hyper cache. It has a lot of features which are really useful. It included 404 error page caches. It is good for supporting mobile devices and compressing as well.

3. Quick cache

Quick cache

Quick cache is a very useful plugin which is created by primo themes. It has light weight and very easy to use. In the fine details, the admin interference is automatically outlined in order to guide you through every option. It has a good impression of useful lists having many options. It includes the capability to dismiss caching for signed in users or those users who had posted new comment so that they are able to view the latest comments. This will make your site very active

4. W3 total cache

W3 total cache

This is very famous cache for wordiness users. It has been used by many current and previous word press users. It has a great utility. It helps speed up your site quickly in no time. It has claimed that this plugin can load several times quickly once you install the plugin. W3 cache has offered a pile of options which gives you the optimization of other websites.

5. WP cache

It is the very first word press cache plugin. It was made in 2007. Thus, it is proved to be very useful. It has a good repetition that is why it is in use until now. It has an ability to guide you about the pages which you don’t want or which do not need to be cached.

6. Wp file cache

Wp file cache

It is a little different from other plugins. It is different because it caches the site in parts instead of doing it as a whole. Doing it in parts makes it easy and consumes lesser time. Sometimes it doesn’t improve the activity and performance of the loading but it does all the work quickly and easily.

7. Wp simple cache

Wp simple cache

This plugin site creates statistical html files for a word press site and its content. One can easily point out the timeout setting for the pages undergoing caching. It also helps in auto cloning of cache files. As the name describes it is simple cache thus, it doesn’t have many other options for caching.

8. Wp super cache

Wp super cache

This plugin shows the statistical html page to mostly users of the site. It claims that if there is heavy traffic on the website, then it will work even more perfectly. It can also create some other plugins for the website which helps in improvement of the traffic and its management and also speeds up the process.

Thus, it is important to have knowledge regarding speeding tools of a word press website. It is important in order to get good results from the websites.

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