How to Impress your Client? A way to better Online Business

It has been seen that there are few clients who give large pay to those who work as low quality workers. Most of the times, it depends on designers that how are they working and what is their speed of work. Quality of work isn’t the only matter at all times. Here are a few tips through which you can impress the client to get more pay:

1. Charge according to the value

Charge according to the value

Always charge the client according to the value of work. The client never cares about how many pages are of the website or what the design of the website is. The basic thing that attracts the client is how many traffic will be on the website, how many users will be there? How can he attract more and more visitors? What kind of stuff should be there in the website?

So don’t care about the pages and stuff. Make you trust stronger and clearer to him. Tell him that you can fulfill all his demands and you can bring more people to the site. Now charge according to your services. More hard work you do more you should charge.

2. Few important questions

Few important questions

There are a few questions that you should keep in your mind before dealing with the client.
How will the site or the work help you generate the business?
How are you going to know if the website will be a success?
What will be the revenue?
Ask these questions to yourself and then proceed further.

3. Make price bundles

Make price bundles

Make price packages and bundles. You would know the standard of the client. If you think that client possess a high standard and he will be of great benefit. Let’s suppose he wants you to create a website which will earn a high profit, then go for a higher price bundle. If the client is not sure about his site, then you should keep in mind that he is also a human being so don’t be hard on him.

4. Give options

Give options

By giving options you can increase the chance of getting approved and getting the profit. When you give them options, it leaves a good impression on them. This is a very good technique. Ask the client what he wants? What option will be suitable for him? When the client feels that you are concerned about him, he automatically derives towards you and trusts you. This is very important point to keep in mind.

5. Say no to fee reduction

If you think that your productive level is low or at any point you feel like you are not satisfying the client, then you should never even think of asking him to reduce your pay. This will leave bad impressions. Clients are always looking to deduct the fee charges so don’t give them a chance. If you give him a chance to do so, then he will do it always. So never give him a chance at first place.

6. Discounts


Offering a discount is a very good thing to put up a good impression. Clients like if you offer a discount. At first charge a fee higher than your normal fee and then if he doesn’t agree then offer a discount. This will help you increase you efficiency. This is how you built in the trust between you and your client.

7. Presentation


Presentation really matters in online businesses. If your presentation is good and effective then you can get the project. The project should be in a sophisticated dominating way. Presentation should cover all the fee information, your work strategies, your time and work limits and your productivity level. Presentation is actually considered a basis for getting a project.

8. Never lie

Never lie

Never lie about your work. If you cannot do a task properly and you know it, then simply tell him that you cannot. It is better instead of doing it wrong and ruining it. This will not only ruin your previously made impression but also destroy your relationship with you client. So this relation is also sensitive.


Online businesses and project handling is not an easy task. You have to make your own rules which are convenient for all kinds of client. Also, stick to the rules and be determined and complete the given assignment on time. This will lead to a great success.


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