40 Attention Provoking Flash Facebook Pages

Flash is a vector graphic simulation mechanism which is very advanced now a days and this technology is nearly used in every kind of websites that you visit on the internet. Almost every browser equipped with the essential plug-ins to run the flash animation. Flash animation is basically a visual effect in which you are able to see different pictures, images, and Photos as well as words moving around in a given area. Macromedia introduced this awesome, stylish and eye catching software which is more advance and easily convertible according to the needs of the programmes.

As this technology is used in every website to make it beautiful and attractive to and visitor’s facebook has also flash fan pages which make magnetism to its users. Facebook is also used for advertisement purposes and thanks to Flash technology which made it easy to attract the customer from every corner of the world. Facebook played a vital role in the advancement of the businesses of those who advertise their ads on facebook pages.

Here is the detail of 40 consideration aggravating flash facebook pages in the form of creative templates that I am glad to share it in this round up. Show these outstanding templates to your professional community and friends to make them amazed.

1- Facebook Photo Montage Application Template

Facebook Photo Montage Application Template

This is a wonderful and useful template which can be used to facebook pages and this may fetch many likes to your page. Facebook users have many options in this model which include change of the theme, taking photo from webcam but in the absence of webcam default facebook image is auto loaded, can upload photo from your computer hard disk as well.

2- Facebook Fanpage Shop

Facebook Fanpage Shop

This template is created for the fan pages on facebook. Facebook Fanpage Shop can display different products as this has a powerfulcatalogue feature. In this template everything is guarded, structured and programmed through XML. This has also different customizablecharacteristics in it for the purpose of giving much option to the user.

3- Supreme Facebook Timeline Template

Supreme Facebook Timeline Template

Supreme Facebook Timeline Template is an easy& effective way to customizable and editable timeline which can effortlessly be adjusted according to the user needs. This template has some unique and interesting features including full screen options, video playback support, music player, XML driven, customizable social media buttons and background photo slideshow.

4- Timeline facebook photo portfolio fan page


This is a clean and very useful facebook fan page withYouTube, picture and photo gallery and image slider, profile picture, mp3 controller and tab image. It has many exceptional features which include customizable XML driven, 2-colours themes, amazingly 810 pixels width, PHP contact form and some social icons as well.

5- Premium Facebook Page Template Bundle

Premium Facebook Page Template Bundle

Premium facebook Page Template Bundle is apatternandanamalgamation of easily to use along with different fully changeable options having a lot ofattention grabbing features. It has the alternative of auto size of gallery images andalso has the support for video and image colonnade. You can delete and add many videos and news posts as well.

6- Casual Facebook Template

Casual Facebook Template

The remarkable template of Casual Facebook is a very simple and useful template in which XML driven AS3 flash facebook and the pages can be easily and effectivelychanged to their position through XML. You can also change your logo image and relocate it according to your choice and you mayadd unlimited images as you want.

7- Wedding Photography Facebook Template

Wedding Photography Facebook Template

Wedding Photography Facebook template has the ability tooptimized facebook and beautiful layout for every kind of images but especially for the wedding photos which can be added as the user required and this template present these photos in a very amazing artistic and delightful way that makes them unique, beautiful and eye catching.

8- CK XML Facebook Flip-Through Portfolio Template

CK XML Facebook Flip-Through Portfolio Template

This template is a complete package of galleries and stores with a large number ofcharming attractiveand elegantfactions such as zoom function which makes you capable oflooking in the desired area of the photos, pics and images up to some extent. User can easily delete and add galleries and have the facilityto change the size of the thumbnails.

9- Natural Facebook Fan Page

Natural Facebook Fan Page

The outstanding natural Facebook Fan Pagemodel already includes YouTube videos and presents slides with 13 different effects, colonnade andsocial buttons as well as different background effects. Main features of this template compriseof background music andaltered slide banner switch effect.

10- Video Facebook FanPage

Video Facebook FanPage

It is very useful, advancedand effortless composition template in which user can easily modify everything such as logos, images, text and other stuff. This template can be used for the fan pages as well as every category of business to expand. Attractive video in this template has a resolution of 520×451.

11- Facebook Integration into Flash

Facebook Integration into Flash

It is clear from the name of this template that it can integrate facebook into a beautiful flash animation. The main purpose of this template is to accumulate different data and graphics including images from facebook. This application is made with Adobe Flash CS4 and AS3 and has a wide range of documents integrated.

12- Omnia XML Driven Flash Gallery for Facebook

Omnia XML Driven Flash Gallery for Facebook

Omnia XML flash gallery is asubmission with a stylish and eye catching look which exhibits user’s images, videos and text.This template also makes a remarkable image in visitor’s mind and makes your page outstanding and prominent in the crowed. Some exceptional characteristicsincludeflexible settings, auto play mode along withFLV and MP4 videos.

13- Music and Sound – Facebook Template

13- Music and Sound - Facebook Template

Music and sound template gives anextraordinaryopticaleffect to fan page and can be used for easy and effectivebusiness presentation of personal collection. This allows you immediateamendmentsand supports indefinitenumber of pages.It is a very useful application for musicians who like to show their talent on facebook.

14- Valencia Facebook template

Valencia Facebook template

This template is exceptionally valuable because it has very ease if anyone wants to change it according to his requirements. It is very flexible application as it can be easily altered through XML editor and well recognized AS3 code having You Tube video module.

15- The Flash Tab Facebook Template

The Flash Tab Facebook Template

The Flash Tab Facebook is an exceptional template with different types that are very inimitable including banner and text page, an editorial page, HTML based page, video page, changeable SWF page and a media gallery page.Its visualization effect appeals the users as these effects are matchless.

16- elitezy – Premium Facebook Template

elitezy - Premium Facebook Template

The template of elitezy is a premium template which is fullyfunctionalsoftwarefor travel agencies, photographers, musicians, art lovers and for all those who require portfolios.It is a totallycustomizabletemplate through XML which helps to modifyfont sizes, text, colours and images.

17- Traveler+ Premium Facebook Template

Traveler+ Premium Facebook Template

Traveler+ template has a very straightforward structure based on PHP and XML and it is very easy to change the contents of the template accordingtothe requirements of the users. This Template is one of its kindsbecause its certification can be done in TXT file.

18- Note Book Facebook Fan Page Template

Note Book Facebook Fan Page Template

This is a note book style fan page template which is editable in XML and has many distinctivefeatures in it.Note Book Facebook Fan Page Template can be used unaided with the site scaffold. You can add a social account, add different menu through XML, supports music along with movie clips as well.

19- Idea Facebook Fan Page Template

Idea Facebook Fan Page Template

The creative template of Idea Facebook Fan Page has many layouts and XML driven with black & white style. This allows you to place logos and account image. Its main characteristics include music player with restoration/resize and full screen option. You can also add header and footer in it.

20- Facebook Creative XML Portfolio 520px

Facebook Creative XML Portfolio 520px

This is an inspired template with much flexibility which is very helpful to many professionals including photographers, painters, peripatetic agencies and musicians. It also supports a huge resolution of 520 pixels to 810 pixels width. You can also get fonts, XML files and PSD files with this template.

21- Shoutcast Radio Fan Page

Shoutcast Radio Fan Page

Shoutcast Radio Fan Page is anextraordinaryintend, fully efficientand energetic template which gives you different details about the tracks and the artist of the song.The player supplies itself with XML file and snatchesthe present song narration from radio server via PHP draft and also supports MPEG stream format.

22- Dark Facebook Theme template

Dark Facebook Theme template

Dark theme template has unique features that makethe fan page stylish and eye catching. You can easily and effectively prefer logo spot and relocate it to another place. It also allows you to customize menus and their links and flexibility to add unlimited snaps.

23- Utopia Facebook Fanpage Template

Utopia Facebook Fanpage Template

Utopia template attaches your imaginative business technique to fan page. This is an improved graphicsand colours template having YouTube video player for gallery and additional sub menus. Flexible design and easily changeable items is the main feature of this template.

24- Lite Facebook Fan Page Video Player

Lite Facebook Fan Page Video Player

If you have a media related fan page then this template is the best solution for you page which is easy to group and organize with XML playlist. It has the option for unlimited videos and custom text descriptions.Lite Facebook Fan Page Video Player also includes banner rotator option that can be changed as well.

25- Nightstar Premium Facebook Fanpage Template

Nightstar Premium Facebook Fanpage Template

This is a XML based template which can be editable with a text editor like notepad. You can adjust all colours, themes, text, images and anything you want. If you have this template you don’t need of technical knowledge of flash.

26- Sensation V.2 – Facebook Fan Page Template

Sensation V.2 - Facebook Fan Page Template

Sensation V.2 is totally compatible with facebook having new proportions of 810×800 pixels timeline.It also has CSS and HTML configured text content. Every special support for fonts already included in this template and all media files can be place at one consign.

27- Exposé Facebook Fanpage Template

Exposé Facebook Fanpage Template

It is suitable for almost every kind of business as it has a flexible changeable XML driven file which is easy to alter according to the needs of the users.You can modernize your content through XML including texts, logos, images, FLV files, You Tube videos etc.

28- Sublime – XML Facebook Fan Page Template

Sublime - XML Facebook Fan Page Template

Sublime – XML Facebook Fan Page Templatehas superlativeelucidations which containpresentation modules and slideshow with description text. It supports a variety of video formats like MP4, FLV, F4V, M4V and MOV and you are able to change player skin by transforming the library chattels as well.

29- Facebook mp3 player with XML generator

Facebook mp3 player with XML generator

This is anexclusive MP3 player template with 520×650 dimensions and having an amazing XML generator. Text size can be adjusted with a slider, add unlimited songs, change colours, fonts and everything which you require.

30- Lite Facebook Fan Page YouTube Video Player

Lite Facebook Fan Page YouTube Video Player

Lite Facebook Fan Page YouTube Video Player is the beast and leading video player template that has a lot of different functions in it like you can link banner with internal videos or to peripheral pages, you may also immobilize the controls and formulate them auto hide. This template has the alternative of banner rotator with internal as well as external links.

31- City – FaceBook Fan Page XML Driven

City – FaceBook Fan Page XML Driven

This creative template amazingly supports 3D animation and has a lot of other elements which are very beneficial for the users to advertise their business. City – Facebook Fan Page XML Driven template has many different buttons for the volume control, music on and off, also includes complete pack of XML examples.

32- Icon Facebook Fanpage Template

Icon Facebook Fanpage Template

Icon fan page template is a very great pattern for the objective of business advertisement and imaginativeexperts.You can easily update all of your required data which can be a combination of text files, images, logos, mp3 music, You Tube videos and FLV files etc.

33- Crystal Facebook Fan Page Template

Crystal Facebook Fan Page Template

Crystal facebook fan page template is fully functional and easy to customize tool which has many options through which you can edit different styles; you may add different social accounts, add or change profile avatar, add menus and some buttons for various purposes as well.

34- Facebook Flash Shop

Facebook Flash Shop

This template is very essential element for success in advertisement as it gives you a large number of features such as flexible options, detachfoundation for timeline version, in shopping cart it has unlimited shipping module that makesthis shop is compatible with XML with PHP &PayPal mail order.

35- Verve – Facebook Fan Page Template

Verve - Facebook Fan Page Template

In this template there are many managementcomponents having slideshows and information with text descriptions. There are many modules includetext module among and exclusive of images. This template has custom background, contact details and messaging area.

36- Ambi – Elegant Facebook Fan Page Template

Ambi - Elegant Facebook Fan Page Template

Itis an outstanding, elegant and pleasanttemplate based on interesting features having preview page with slideshows. This template also has elasticity of adding unlimited buttons, texts, logos, images and videos.

37- Grid Gallery for Facebook Fan Page or WordPress

Grid Gallery for Facebook Fan Page or WordPress

This is a flash template which can be embedded into the fan page or wordpress. You can add your products to the grid which can build a very strong impact to the visitor. It also has the ability to supports different image sizes including portrait and landscape.

38- Flash Stack Template for Facebook Fan Page

Flash Stack Template for Facebook Fan Page

The pattern of iFrame is used to make a fan page tab which is implementing inthis template. Source package of this template includes step by step tutorials which are very helpful to the user. Unlimited videos and images can be added as well.

39- Leucade Xml Facebook Guestbook Template

Leucade Xml Facebook Guestbook Template

Leucade XML Facebook Guest book template is an astonishingly and simple model to be used and has a lot of alternative things to make this template according to the requirements of the users which makes it complete & comprehensive.

40- Carbon – Facebook template / Fan page

Carbon - Facebook template / Fan page

Carbon – Facebook template / Fan Page is a very elastic and has substitute options to provide different supports for You Tube, images, display avatars and an effortlessly changeable website segments order just by altering XML order.

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