Why CSS is Used with Every Language

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is basically a tool for web designers, which help them in working over the aspects of the visual information of any site. It helps the sites to become efficient and effective. It is considered as an important and universal language for designers and developers. Though CSS is often used for website design projects using languages like XHTML or HTML to define and refine its structure, however, its uses are now seen with all the other languages used for creating a number of websites and web applications. There are many reasons why CSS is being used with different languages by web designers and developers. Let’s check the reasons why CSS has emerged out as a powerful tool for every in the following paragraphs:

Quicker page loading

The benefit of converting any table based layout to some CSS based layout is that it helps in storing your content and images with the HTML (or any other language) file along with storing the visual data like color, style and layout with the CSS file. But when you use table in your design layout the more amount of HTML coding is required along with different markup tags like font face, td width, td align and bgcolor. However, in all the CSS based design layouts, the markup tags are simply replaced with div along with combining the code details for margin, width, height, padding and visuals with it. There are total 170 lines of codes required for any CSS based design layout as compared to the normal table based layouts carrying 245 code lines. Hence the CSS based designs ly allows in decreasing the number of codes required in a web page that expedites in loading the page much faster consume less time duration for loading the page. Hence it is a wise deal to go with the CSS since it employs small markup that help the sites to load things fast that helps in getting good number of traffic towards your website.

Effective visual consistency all across the site

By using CSS, it is very easy to maintain better visual consistency all across your site. Instead of editing the codes in each and every page, adjusting column heights, widths and spacer gifs along with other ugliness found in the table based layouts; the designers get better control over their designing task with CSS for different pages. The table based design layouts incorporate all the visual content and data across the same web page interlinked together. However, the CSS based layouts simply keep both the elements apart from each other. This simply makes the tweaking visual data simple but at the same time alters the appearance of body texts and divs, headers along with the other elements. In short, using CSS in any language can help you in making the design simple, fast and consistent.

Better efficiency

The redesigning of any site employing tables is much slower than carrying out the redesigning work by employing CSS. Since you could see the designs which are table based that simply mixes the content with data, however, this is not the case with CSS based designs, it separates these two things apart. The separation of content and visual data helps the web designer a lot in making a number of changes with the appearance of different pages in your website by editing using the external CSS style sheet. This is among the most vital benefits of employing CSS style sheets. Also, redesigning your site using CSS based designs could be carried out with less amount of money. Hence if you come across any bug in your designs, which gives you no option but to redesign your site, using the CSS in any language could help you in getting things done in less amount of money.

Works better with complex layouts and designs

Using the CSS based design layouts gives any web designer good amount of liberty in their designing efforts, which is not possible without CSS. The web designers usually employ CSS based designs since these are considered as more expandable, fluid and flexible in nature. However, with other options including the table based designs, the designers face issues like inflexibility and rigidity. However, the CSS gives the designers a good amount of elements positioning that are usually paired with the Z index attribute. Also, it helps the designers to position different elements over the top of others thus helping the designers to get things like unique, complex and stunning design layouts without much hassle. Lastly, using the CSS layers, you enjoy a number of creative styling features, which is simply not possible at any table based design layouts.

Increased amount of usability

A competent website will always have the feature of good usability and without having this element; your site could fail in its purpose. Usability is all about simplicity, which help the visitors to navigate your site without much hassle along with making the interaction and browsing of your site smooth. Hence, you have several reasons to have this element in your website design, which could be carried out the best using CSS instead of trying other option. Using CSS with any language simply enhances the usability factor in any website design. Having this element will help the site accessibility, instant website updations, performance and structured markup better than other options. Further, it also helps you in creating a new site along with designing of an existing website.

SEO friendly designs

Another benefit of using CSS in your website design layout is that it helps in creating SEO friendly designs for your sites. If you have a website, you would always want people to visit it, which is only possible with good SEO friendly websites. For effective search engine optimization, your design layout should be friendly, which is possible using the CSS rather than the other options. CSS helps in creating designs which are easy for the search engine spiders to crawl inside the site. This is because the CSS file is very small and never deters the spiders in the crawling process. Also, the codes used in CSS are small, which helps the spiders to crawl easily. The use of h1, h2 and h3 header tags in the CSS design layouts help the search engine spiders to extract the required information from your site without any hassle.

Final word

Whether you are a professional web designer with big profile or a simple one, using CSS can benefit you a lot while working with different languages. These above are simply few of the important reasons, why using CSS in all the languages for various web design projects is a wise deal.

About The Author: Alyssa is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes in Luis Montalvan.

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