How to Become a Perfect Coder on your own?

In this world and with the new era there are a lot of developers creating fantastic codes and there are several public codes sources on many websites. On the other hand, the other people are fulfilled with only by reducing and paste the codes of others. Majorly it has been seen that real coding is now a long lost thing. Now people don’t see front end coding originally which were from scratch.

This article will explain about few very important and practical tips for better coding. These tricks will help you become better at this job. So apply these when you are practicing. It is preferred if you not use these methods in paid projects where you have less time and money to consume. Or else if you become very good at it that you can tackle it smartly, and then go for it.

Writing the framework:

Writing the framework:

As mentioned in the article that there are no more codes created from scratch. Now, every project will start from some sort of code base etc. now-a-days, industry leaders and engineers also open the JavaScript source framework for their projects then why not you should also write your very own framework.

May be you will use something like word press or CMS. At the end you would prefer to include your favorite JavaScript web developing framework or library. Now, you must write code of your own and adjust with them according to what you need and what not you need. This thin could take months as well. You will find yourself ending up with scraps of the whole thing and would not like to use it on a real project. But you have to learn how to manage it so don’t give up too soon.

May be it is not a bad idea to keep a project like this. You can keep on revising it, improving it and get better at it. After all practice makes a man perfect.

Say no to developer tools:

Say no to developer tools

If by any chance you run into a script problem or selecting certain issue on css, the very 1st thing you should do is to consult some development related tool. It is important to remember that tools which are most likely firebug etc and very modern. The creators of the 90s and the millennium didn’t utilize these kind of tools.

Moreover, the basic development tips might be referred as slow by today’s standard. The creators or developers that are using such methods got the idea of crafting also.

Say no to browsers:

If you want to develop CSS framework and some JavaScript, it is common and fair to stay back and forth between editing and browsing position. This will work as you check your staff working. Instead of this try some other exercises. Code the whole web framework and don’t check it in the browser until or unless you are sure that you have done the work. This maintains your focus all the time on the project. This will help you visualize the codes you created.

Using code generator:

This trick is the most important. It is preferred that avoid the code generators. There are many CSS generators, button creators, and many more tools which will help you write down the CSS quickly. Those are helpful in case of deadlines.  So, avoid the usage of generators. Try to be on your own. Generators will take a lot time while if you work on your own, then you can get there even faster.

Writing by hand:

Typing on the computer is necessary obviously and very good practice indeed. So, that is important if you write the codes by your own hand. This helps enhancing your ability to write and remember. The true learning of your will be from writing not by copy passé options.

Using the vanilla text editor:

Use the vanillas text editor that has no helper or auto complete feature. Otherwise, you would just switch off any auto completion mode and pretending like you have been using something related to the windows notepad.


At the end you have to keep in mind one thing that is mentioned above as well that it is better not to use these kinds of tricks and tips on a professional level. Because on a professional level you have to be very careful and you cannot take risks by practicing something that you have never done and do not know about. So avoid this.

But these tips will help you increase your own coding skills which would definitely help you in your professional line as well. So don’t get disappointed this is for your own good.

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