Exquisite Paper Art: Breath Taking Paper Art Models

World is full of creative people and creative ideas. There are some ideas which can be made from very minor things such as recycled paper art. This could be recycled paper or non-recycled as well. Paper art work is a very unique art. It might seem easy to twist and roll and give shapes to paper. Also, it is easy to make a plane or a boat out of a paper but this art isn’t that easy. It is different but a little difficult. Like other arts it might also take training, experience and a lot hard work. For those who are quick learners and pick the idea fast, could do it soon and very well.

You must admit after seeing the following pictures of exquisite paper art, that there are many talented people all round the world.

The pieces made out of paper are mostly hard to believe. It is an exquisite and extra ordinary form of art. You would be impressed after sighting this beauty. Some of you won’t be able to tell whether its paper or something real.

1. Paper tree supporting the white

It seems easy but this piece of art isn’t just the twisting and turning of paper. It will take a lot hard work. Paper gets easily scrambled and coarse. So, it will be a trick to make such delegate pieces but still not ruining the paper.

Paper tree supporting the white

2. Unbelievably stunning

For this kind of art you will need a hard paper or a paper of a sketch book. As it has standing bodies, so it will also require something like plaster of Paris or hardening glue to harden the paper sculpture.

Unbelievably stunning

3. Color the world with the paper

Now this is something really beautiful and out class. This piece of art is made up of already colored papers. There are paper cutters of different shapes available in the market to cut the paper in a desired shape. Place every paper on the other and also keep some distance through a paper stick to create this exquisite model of paper art.

Color the world with the paper

4. Paper technology

This will take a lot of concentration, time and hard work. You will have to place the model you are copying from in front of you. You can always use markers, crayons, oil paints, etc. to give your design a more classy and epic look.

Paper technology

5. Deadly paper octopus

This model will also need something to harden it like glue or plaster. If you want the sculpture to be thick, then you should always use the hard paper first and then apply coats of glue or plaster of Paris. Do not apply a lot. Apply just a little amount because otherwise, it will destroy the paper and ruin your work.

Deadly paper octopus

6. Hungry for some apples?

This is a tempting piece of art. As described above, you can always get papers cutters from the market which are available in all the shapes. Add some creativity by adding colors as well.

Hungry for some apples?

7. Swan in the dark shadows

This is a deep poetic design. It will need soft and the hard paper and also some glue to stick the body parts together so they will not detach. This is really a decent and elegant model. It will remind you of the movie BLACK SWAN. Swans are beautiful and you can create this beauty just with a piece of paper.

Swan in the dark shadows

8. Incredible

This kind of model looks like as If it is completely made up of German glue or plaster of Paris but it is really paper work, usually paper mesh. This technique will help create deep designs. You can also color the design to give it different texture. Be creative. Never copy the exact design, always add your ideas to the design.


9. Believe it or not!

When you first see it you will say that it is unbelievable and impossible. You will think of this model as real shoes but they are not. This is actually shoes made up of paper and then colored them. This will obviously take more practice and training. It is a model worth trying and practicing for.

Believe it or not!

10. Paper volcano / crown

This looks like a graphic art work but this is paper art. Really colorful volcanic paper art work. This design will take people’s breath away. But again it will take a lot of practice and experience. If you try it again and again you will be perfectionist in this field.

Paper volcano / crown

11. Stunning work

This is a mosque paper art work. You can use battery built in small bulbs to lighten up the mosque. This is very modern form of paper work. You shouldn’t give up the chance to try this technique. It will be worth it.

Stunning work

12. Paper castle

A small white paper castle will always attract kids. It is also difficult to make but to stiff it and make it stand just put a slight coating of glue. Be careful in drawing this delegate design. And of course you can always color it or make other variations.

Paper castle

13. Amazing and eye catching

This is the one of best pieces I have ever seen. This will attract many art lovers. It will take a lot concentration. This has to be done under complete instructions. This will also take practice but with the passage of time you will get perfect and can make a model just like that. You will also need knives and thin paper cutters to carve the design.

Amazing and eye catching

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