Amazing Business Cards Design: New And Revolutionary Designs

Business cards are not given much importance unfortunately. One can boast up the business and popularity through unique designs of business cards. There have been many business cards created uniquely which will catch attention of many people and clients.

A business card shouldn’t be dull or boring. You can make a decent plain business card through a unique different idea of creating it. Like you can create 3d business cards or some art work on it. Be creative and make an attractive business card.

1. 3D Business Card Designs

This is a great way of showing your work in a picture. This way the client would know about your master piece. 3D business card is a decent and non-dramatic way of giving information about business. Remember that, people will always get attracted to the way of you presentation and giving your address and contact information in a 3D design will definitely increase your clients.

3D business card designs

2. Wires and Energy related Business Cards

Speaking of presentation, why not get creative and make a business card showing your work. If you are a writer, it could be in the form of a book or book cover. If you are a chef, it could be in the form of fruit or vegetable or even a dessert with your information engraved on it. This is the thing about businesses people will fascinate more if they see something different and unique.

Wires and energy related business cards

3. Transparent Business Card

Transparent business card is kind of a cute creation. They are neat clean and show clarity. Your customers or clients would be enticed by this cuteness. Whatever business or a job you have, you should always do something different and always think outside the box to expand your business.

Transparent business card

4. Play Cards

This is a perfect design for those who love poker. Almost everyone likes to play poker or if not, they would still love the idea of a business card in this form. This way of presentation would also show your interests other than your business. If you don’t like poker then it could also be in the form of chess board design. Again the same thing, ‘always think out of the box and beyond the imagination of others’.

Play cards

5. Blooming Plant

This kind of business cards will always bring a smile on your face. Plants and flowers are always a source of happiness and peace. Instead of the green plants, there could also be a flower. This type of business card is best for those who are in flower shop or plant nursery business. This will appeal many people to always come back to you. Remember that, people come to those who have creative ideas. Your way of marketing or public relating will always show that how hard you work and how much creative your mind is.

Blooming plant

6. Pop-up Business Cards

This is really a different and unique idea. You cannot deny this. This idea is best for those in arts and fashion industry. As this idea is really fascinating and beautiful, so you can make it more creative and attractive by making more changing such as changing its color or instead of pop-up a cartoon or animation you can also use flower designs for that.

Pop-up business cards

7. Multi task Strongly Built Business Card

Unique isn’t it? You clients will definitely enjoy and appreciate something which would help them in trouble. Multi task business card shown in the picture is made of strong steel metal. It will help fix your things. See how different and creative is this idea? Each idea is different from another and very useful as well.

Multi task strongly built business card

8. Edible Business Cards

Feeling hungry? Have a business card. What idea would be more tempting then this one? This idea could be for a bakery but think about other food businesses. Like chocolates? If you have a chocolate shop you could engrave the information on chocolate. Customers will come again and again when they know there will be a treat for them.

Edible business cards

9. Candy Business Card design

You have come to a right place if you are craving for sweets. Yes this is what your clients will think. Businesses are all about increasing the number of your clients. Isn’t it the sweetest idea to charm and amuse your customer? This is one of the best presentations of business cards.

Candy business card design

10. Sugar Pillow Business Card

Fill your business card with sugar. Your client wants to drink tea or coffee? Here comes the sugar. Fill the sugar in your business cards to sweeten your business and to amuse your client. This will leave a very sweet impression on your client.

Sugar pillow business card

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