Give Your Joomla Website the Web Forms it Deserves: 123ContactForm

Are you having a hard time finding a proper online form builder for Joomla? It’s no surprise, since many of the apps available are way too difficult to handle and at the same time too simplistic in terms of form design and behavior. To ease the research for you, today we’ll feature an excellent Joomla form builder packed with amazing features and integrations – 123ContactForm.

You may have heard of 123ContactForm before, as it’s one of the most popular online form builders out there. The quality of this service is proved by the large number of websites that are using it since their release: over 200,000.

The 123ContactFormextension for Joomla makes it easy to publish slick contact forms, order forms with payment processing, surveys and any other web form you need on your Joomla page. This extension fits Joomla 1.5 Native and Joomla 2.5, and it works equally great for beginners as well as for advanced Joomla users. The extension can be downloaded from the Joomla Extensions Directory  or directly from 123ContactForm.

With 123ContactForm’s fully customizable Joomla extension, you can design forms according to your choice: customize layouts, color scheme, change fonts, logo and even use your own CSS. The extension sends emails for notification upon submission and saves your form data as a private account repository where you can export it to CSV or save as a custom report and chart, even you have WebHooks feature that allows you to post the form input on the front page.

The form building experience starts with a real time drag & drop form editor where you create the layout of your form and assemble the fields you want to include. The editor offers custom field validation – for example, you can adapt your Phone field to take the specific number format you need, from wherever across the world. You won’t have to worry about language barriers, since you can translate your form in as many as 52 different languages that 123ContactForm supports. The form editor offersa palette of options for comprehensive information.For example you can receive file uploads on your forms, add images or videos (inside HTML blocks), and use sharing buttons for social networks. Multiple email recipients can be set for submissions, and you may also create custom “thank you” pages on your form.

Your form can be integrated with online payment services such as PayPal, Google Checkout, and Authorize.Net. All transfers are safeas 123ContactForm includes SSL data encryption along with a lot of anti-spam options such as CAPTCHA, smart CAPTCHA and password protection for your web security. To make the most out of your form submissions, you can link 123ContactForm with various third party apps such as SalesForce, MailChimp, AWeber, ConstantContact, WebHooks and more.

123ContactForm is freemium, with a generous set of features on the free plan. To create your free Joomla form, all you need to do is to create an account on the main 123ContactForm website.Once registered, you’ll be able to make new contact forms, order forms with payment integration, forms for booking, donation forms, surveys and more – and, of course, take them on your Joomla website. You basically use the colorful main dashboard of 123ContactForm to create your beautiful forms, then shift to Joomla and publish forms on your website in minutes. As I said above, 123ContactForm allows you to create all type of forms – evenmobile optimized forms.Your site visitors will have a smooth user experience, and you will save time and money that otherwise would be spent on coding and tweaking forms manually.

It’s really easy to build a form for Joomla using 123ContactForm. For a guide on installing the extension, just take a glimpse at 123ContactForm Help and Documentation.

Creating a new contact form for Joomla

1. Login/signup to

2. In your Dashboard, go to Create New Form and select the Contact Form predefined template.

3. Choose the fields you want for your form (you can always use the preexistent ones) and edit them to set validation rules, label text and positioning etc.

Give Your Joomla Website the Web Forms it Deserves: 123ContactForm

4. Go to the next step – Form Settings. Here, you can customize the “thank you” page that shows up after submission, choose the email address to receive notifications and set security options for your form (anti-spam features include smart CAPTCHA, password protection, country filter). This is also the step where you can customize the form theme or even the CSS code to style the form in any way you wish to.

5. The final step – Publish Form. To post the form on Joomla, edit the article where you want it to appear and click the icon Insert Form that appears in your menu. (You have to be logged in your 123ContactForm account.) Select the name of the form you want to embed from the dropdown list and click Embed.

Give Your Joomla Website the Web Forms it Deserves: 123ContactForm

That’s it! Your contact form is now up and running. You can edit the form at any time, to keep up with the updates in your page design – the changes will reflect automatically on the published form.

To sum things up, 123ContactForm extension for Joomla is a user-friendly and professional way to create all types of web forms. You should definitely try it out!

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