Shopify, All-round Solution for Launching e-Commerce Business

E-commerce is not a new word in today’s world. You can see millions of online stores or product selling websites all over the Internet. Some major store chains and businesses are running on the core concept of either a mix of offline and online store, or merely an online store. However, to start a business online and then running it smoothly involves a number of steps and elements. You need a designer to design your website, a developer to do the web framework, money-management software for all the financial handling and payments, several ecommerce plugins and certainly support and maintenance department to keep the things in a good flow. Imagine, if you get all these things, and even more solutions, through a single source without having to pay a lot? Well, with Shopify this is not a fragment of imagination anymore.

Shopify is an ‘all under one roof’ solution for the ones who want to launch an online store or an e-commerce website. From web design, to financial handling and content management, you have the control over everything. It doesn’t matter that you want to sell your products (merchandise, goods etc), services (duct cleaning, tutoring, counseling etc) or digital/ downloadable media (like e-books and music etc) through your online store; all you need to do is to take a quick look at the fantastic features of Shopify and get your free trial to start your experience with e-commerce.

Shopify owes its sky-touching success to the success of its valued customers, so giving quality is the only choice for Shopify administration. This unique e-commerce solution website is backed by industry’s most experienced and well-versed professionals from all the related fields. Moreover, during the course of developing and running your e-commerce website, if you come across an issue that hinders your progress, you can always contact the efficient support staff of Shopify and your query will be entertained well.

Talking about Shopify would go wasted if one does not discuss the mouth-watering features that Shopify provides to all its customers. These features cover all the aspects of e-commerce for your website and keep your business running and thriving all the time. Some of these features include:

Shopify Theme Store – this is a wonderful feature by Shopify that enables you to select a theme for your e-commerce website from an array of attractive theme designs. You can also customize your theme by changing colors, fonts, logo and other outlook features.

Store Administration – enables you to add new inventory, organize your products into collections, create blog posts, and manage content pages and much more.

Payment Gateways – Shopify offers you to provide your customers with several payments options including PayPal.

Shopify Guru – all customers of Shopify get a Shopify Guru which is an on-boarding coach that help you as you set up your e-commerce website, provide advice on selling products and much more.

CMS – Shopify has a special built-in CMS feature that enables you to create and manage webpages, blog about products and other types of content.

Analytis – Shopify knows that it’s important for you to learn about your daily stats, so it provides analytics that tell you about the aptitude of your business customers.

Mobile Commerce – nowadays when everything is going mobile, Shopify enables you to turn your online store into a mobile version so that your customers can access it on the go.

Free Trial – Shopify gives you a 30 day free trial to experience its features and services in person

Apart from these features, there are hundreds of reasons why you should opt for Shopify to get your business online and running, because Shopify is your all-round solution for effective e-commerce.

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