Master the Art of Sticker Printing, Tips and Suggestions

Being practical is very important in today’s world especially when economically things are going rough. In small things like designing sticker and getting them printed, people want to spend less and still benefit from it to the maximum level. As a businessman you should be sensible enough to design impactful business tickers and that too with spending less money. A businessman should always keep in mind that spending a fortune does not mean that you will get the best thing. Sometimes, you can get a great product with spending less and that is exactly what practical business means. In this article we will be discussing some practical sticker printing and designing tips which will help you in getting beautifully designed stickers while staying in the practical path. Before that, let us learn why these stickers are important for your business.

Reason for Having a Business Sticker

Reason for Having a Business Sticker

It is a great way to get exposure and people will learn about your services and your products. Business sticker printing has gained a lot of popularity in the corporate world in past few years. All big businessmen are getting their business sticker printed and they all believe in advantages of sticker printing.

Content for Business Stickers

Content for Business Stickers

Before you start on with designing your business stickers, you need to draw an outline or a layout to make sure everything important is included. Following are a few essential components for business stickers:

  • Attention grabbing theme is a must. You must be sure of what you really want in your business sticker and design a theme accordingly.
  • Stay precise and specific while designing customized business stickers
  • An eye pleasing logo and attention grabbing tag line is a must.
  • Usage of four color scheme can bring a life into your business sticker
  • Attractive and interesting graphical images should be used.
  • Stay simple, creative and versatile.

Sticker Printing Tips and Suggestions

Sticker Printing Tips and Suggestions

Following are a few tips to help you with practical sticker printing:

1. Usage of Free Software

Why spend so much money when hundreds of software’s are available online and offline for such purposes. If you are just starting off a business, buying professional applications such as adobe can be really expensive. So, if you want to design business stickers, buying softwares is not a practical thing to do. You should do a good research and look for some software’s available online or offline which are free yet effective. There are various online printing companies’ available offering free tools to help visitors in designing their stickers without much hassle. In fact, these sites also offer free templates along with entire printing procedure. So you can simply select a template, customize it according to your own preference and get it printed without spending a huge amount. So, for an effortless yet effective designing and printing solutions, all you need to do is find a good online printing company.

If the website does not allow or offer you easy customization of templates, you can get source applications such as GIMP for that too. Such applications or softwares are very practical for new businessmen. The results are almost same of paid softwares so this is a far convenient and practical approach for designing and printing business stickers.

2. Usage of Free Online Images and Graphics

Internet can be considered one of the best things for such purposes. We all know that almost everything can be found on internet for free. All we need to do is some good research. In order to design your business stickers, you can get plenty of images and graphics online and that too for free. You can even find websites that offer free images for even printing on stickers and there are no legal complications attached to it. When you can have everything for free on internet with a little bit of effort, why spend so much money on professional designers and expensive printing companies?

3. Free Fonts

As mentioned earlier, everything on internet is available and it can be free as well with a little bit of research and effort. If you can find images on the internet, you can simply find free fonts as well. While you are designing a sticker, you will obviously need creative fonts and the practical way of doing it is to find free fonts online and use them. Once you have found your desired text, all you need to do is download it and you are all set to use it. Just make sure that you select a font that is creative yet readable. Some fonts look good in computer but when printed, they are not easily readable so proper selection of font is also important. You will have hundreds of free fonts available online to select from so make a wise selection.

4. Free Templates

If you want to make things further easier for you, you can look for free templates available online. These templates can also be customized so that you can make changes in your business sticker. This, too, would require you to conduct a research on internet and it can be assured that you will definitely find something creative and that too for free.

5. Modification Process

When you are done with designing, you need to give attention to the size of the sticker. Along with this, shape and color of your business sticker is also very important. Always remember that these are your business stickers and you can design them in any way you want to. Just make sure that they are pleasing to the eye. The size and shapes totally depends on the usage of your business stickers. If you are planning to attach them on your mails, make sure they are small in size so that they can fit into envelopes. In case you are designing and printing them to promote your business, they should be bigger than the standard size.

6. Printing Material

Print materials must have a long lasting life so you should be very careful while selecting the printing material. As online printing companies were mentioned earlier, there another advantage is that they offer flexography printing which is long lasting than other printing materials and is also easily readable. Such decisions should be made carefully so that once your business sticker is printed, it has a long life.


A few wise decisions can help you in achieving your desired business sticker. However, do not compromise on quality and whatever you design, even if it for free, it should stand out and grab attention of its viewers in order to serve the purpose. Apart from unique designs, your unique logo and tagline can seriously do wonders for you. Staying practical is not only for designing or printing your business cards, it should be applicable for everything.

When you can find everything online and that too for free, why spend money? However, as mentioned earlier, even if you are getting things for free, make sure you select quality things. A little bit of research and effort can help you in designing a perfect business sticker for you and you will be proud of the fact that you got it for spending almost no money at all.

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