Guerrilla Marketing in the Jungle of Competitors

We all know that world economy is facing a slump for past few years. Although, the situation has gotten better however, the time of trouble is not over yet. Now, when companies cannot afford to spend millions on marketing and branding of their products, they are turning towards Guerrilla Marketing. This is a special kind of marketing technique which is getting popular day-by-day. If you are still not aware of what Guerrilla Marketing is, this article will try to explain it to you. To be precise and to sound less complicated, Guerrilla Marketing is basically an advertising tactic which provides you with marketing plans on low-cost and helps you in getting maximum results.  This may include all BTL (Below The Line) advertising activities as well as branding with marketing collateral like brochures, flyers and stickers etc.

Gone are the days when you had to spend a fortune in order to get your brand noticed to consumers. Guerrilla can be considered an unconventional marketing technique which will help your product in getting noticed. This kind of marketing is best if you want to surprise your target audience and make an unforgettable impression on them. Also, guerrilla marketing is now considered to be a better form of marketing in comparison to the forms previously being used. If you have a small business, guerrilla marketing is probably the best form of marketing for you. You will be reaching out to large number of your target audience with the help of guerrilla marketing without having to spend too much of amount.

Difference between Guerrilla Marketing and Traditional Marketing:

Difference between Guerrilla Marketing and Traditional Marketing:

Difference between Guerrilla Marketing and Traditional Marketing:

The techniques used in Guerrilla Marketing are a lot of different from the techniques used in traditional marketing. Let’s see the main factors that differentiate both kinds of marketing:

  1. Traditional advertising costs you a fortune whereas, guerrilla marketing uses the tricks which costs less and is more effective. Sometimes the tricks and techniques are not only inexpensive, they are free as well.
  2. Traditional marketing is usually predictable and sometimes boring because the tricks used are somehow already known. Tricks and techniques used in guerrilla marketing are shocking obviously in good ways. They can attract attention instantly.
  3. Guerrilla marketing focuses more on local consumer and it helps in building brand loyalty.

What Makes Guerrilla Marketing Most Sought-after Technique?

1. Reach out to the Local Audience

Reaching out to global audience is never easy and it takes a lot of your time and money. Considering the downfall economy is going through, any business should focus more on keeping its local audience intact. If you have a small business, you should focus more on attracting your local target audience and guerrilla marketing helps you in achieving it. Guerrilla Marketing is considered to be the best marketing technique in order to reach out to local people. Geo-targeting and localization of publicity can be achieved via guerrilla marketing. We see banners, video projections and street teams every now and then in our localities. This is what guerrilla marketing is all about.

2. Guerrilla Marketing and Social Media

With economy going down, people have started to look for alternatives for cheap marketing. Usage of social media is one of these alternatives for cheap and useful marketing. Social networks have become a part of our daily lives and almost every person is using Facebook, Twitter and other social network websites to stay connected. Social mediums are a great way to advertise and market your product. Guerrilla marketing deals with both online and offline marketing. In fact the offline teams work closely with online teams. Close coordination makes online marketing support offline marketing and vice versa. The posters, brochures can be distributed containing information about getting details information via online. This brings online and offline marketing close as well.

3. Return on Investment

In comparison to traditional ways of marketing, Guerrilla marketing has always delivered at lower price point. If you go digital with guerrilla marketing, it will help you in measuring ROI in a far better way. Once you start adapting guerrilla marketing techniques for advertising your product, you will definitely see the positives of this kind of marketing. Not only it saves you from spending a fortune, this kind of marketing is more creative and is said to last longer in the mind of its audience.

4. Getting Popular with Agencies

Since the guerrilla marketing is growing and becoming popular with the passage of time, it is being used more by advertising agencies. Most agencies are now adapting guerrilla marketing approach to generate ideas to market products. Even big companies are now focusing more on guerrilla marketing as they consider it an effective way to reach out to target audience and added on to all this; guerrilla marketing is cost effective as well.

5. Guerrilla Tactics

Guerrilla tactics are meant to attract instant attention which is why they are considered to punch through the surrounding noises and be very disruptive. The reason why this is a positive thing is that most of the noises we hear in out surrounding are bad news and who wants to hear it? Guerrilla marketing actually forces people to stop doing whatever they are up to and look at the posters, projections around.

Size of Your Business Doesn’t Matter in Guerrilla Marketing

Size of Your Business Doesn’t Matter in Guerrilla Marketing

Size of Your Business Doesn’t Matter in Guerrilla Marketing

The guerrilla marketing ideology was for basically small businesses who cannot afford to spend hundreds and millions over marketing. However, since the strategies were good enough, big business are using the same ideology now to promote their brands.

Earlier, big companies were only using traditional methods of marketing because they thought they were the best. But guerrilla marketing can be risky for big companies if not handled well.

Usage of Guerrilla Marketing to Build Your Own Sales

Usage of Guerrilla Marketing to Build Your Own Sales

Usage of Guerrilla Marketing to Build Your Own Sales

Guerrilla Marketing has a lot of plus point and among all these one is that it can also be used to develop one’s business. Guerrilla Marketing can be used to build your own sales and once you get into it, you will realize that doing it wasn’t that difficult after all.

What are Your Competitors Up to?

Always keep an eye on what your competitors are up to. If they are doing one thing, you should try and do the opposite. For instance, if they are calling prospective clients with the letter A, you can start from the last letter i.e., Z.

Promote Yourself Locally

Road signs, brochures and billboards are a great way to promote your business locally. With the help of guerrilla marketing, you can design really innovative billboards about your business. Such advertising tactics will get small businesses noticed in no time.


Before you indulge yourself into guerrilla marketing and its techniques, make sure you know if it is the right thing for you or not. The kind of success guerrilla marketing has gained in past few years; the future for this kind of marketing seems bright. People are now focusing more on innovative ideas and that is what guerrilla marketing is all about. Obviously, some people are not very happy about the guerrilla marketing as they think it spreads negativity because some concepts include personal attacks as well however; most of the people think that it is indeed an interesting kind of marketing. Now, big business and small business are adapting guerrilla marketing techniques. In fact these techniques can not only help you in business but also in real life. The strategies might be risky but at the end, they are worth it.

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