Ace Your Website and Server Monitoring with Monitor Scout

The computer network is very much similar to a human body. Like in a human body, the heart plays the role of being the most vital organ and is the source of power and energy throughout the body, a server in a computer network plays the same role i.e. the power house. For computers, it’s all about data and data management. Therefore the importance of servers has reached its peak. Millions of websites and web based applications depend on their server; however, if this server goes down due to any issue, the entire network gets affected in a minute, resultantly affecting millions of web users.

Keeping in view the domino effect of server downtime, a Sweden –based global website and server monitoring service has been introduced by the name of Monitor Scout that ensures the reduction in your downtime 24 hours and 7 days a week. Monitor Scout’s monitoring service ranges from website monitoring, server monitoring and network monitoring to application monitoring with a complete reliability for its users.

Monitor Scout has a very efficient method of keeping its users informed about any issue that rises in the server and causes its downtime. As soon as there is an issue of downtime in our server, Monitor Scout informs you aptly via Email or SMS service. This way it saves you from the embarrassment of your users knowing about the downtime.

Moreover, Monitor Scout wants everyone to enjoy and experience its wonderful web and server monitoring service. Therefore, they have decided to offer a coupon code (eiFu1Mah) that gives the customer 6 month for free once we go out of Beta stage.  However, the 6 months free website & server monitoring offer is for the user who hold the premium package (largest/best package).

Monitor Scout comes with a number of awesome features

Monitor Scout comes with a number of awesome features that include:

  1. Efficient monitoring of websites, servers and applications
  2. Get going within minutes without software installations
  3. Instant alerts via SMS and/or E-Mail sent to the user
  4. A wide network of more than 20 monitoring locations all across the globe
  5. Providing uptime reports
  6. Providing latency reports
  7. Support for both Windows and Linux

Support for a number of famous protocols and applications

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL

Monitoring of server health

  • Processes and applications
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • HDD’s
  • NIC’s


Like the heart in a body, the success of your online presence often highly depends upon the performance of your server, as it is the sole platform that keeps and runs your data. Therefore, it is very crucial to keep it healthy and keep it going 24/7. And this is where Monitor Scout comes in, a splendid website and server monitoring service that keeps your server healthy and keeps your informed about it and ensures that your give the best performance to your users without worrying about the server issues.

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