Zurker, World’s First Member-owned Social Networking Website

Social networking websites are the most popular means of connecting and socializing online. Internet users all over the world loved the concept of social networking so much that the contemporary social media websites saw tremendous growth in users within the past few years. The concept is so widespread that if you find someone without a regular social media presence, you consider him/ her as backward and stupid. However, at this point, one must think that if there are so many social networking websites these days and if such a large number of people have accepted and adopted this concept, then why is there a need to introduce another social networking website?

To answer this, I would like to introduce you to Zurker, a wonderful and unique concept of social networking websites that stands out from all other contemporary social networking websites for its feature of being world’s first member-owned social networking website.

The Zurker Concept

Zurker is an upcoming social networking website that not only enables you to connect with millions of people but also gives you the right to manage and own your data and content. Unlike all other existing social media websites where you keep on expanding your network and don’t get anything out of it, Zurker empowers its members to become its owners. You don’t need any assets or investment to have Zurker’s ownership. Rather spend some time in expanding your network, and as more and more people use Zurker and the project grows, your stake in Zurker becomes more valuable.

Another best thing about Zurker is that when it is said that the members ‘own’ this social networking website, it is actually meant like that. It means that Zurker not only allows you to be a part of it financially, it is also user-driven in terms of decision making. Zurker does not take any decision on its own, but involves its members through votes to take part in it. Therefore, by upholding a genuine democratic approach Zurker serves its members as its owners.

What is Zurking and why is it So Much Fun!

Zurking is a special term used at Zurker which means that you expand the Zurker network by inviting people to it. Zurking is an awesome concept as hundreds of people have grasped it and are applying it daily. As soon as Zurker was launched, Zurking became the most happening thing, expanding Zurker into a huge social network of interesting individuals. The fun part about Zurking is that the more people you invite (or the more Zurking you do) the more solid your ownership in Zurker becomes.

What is Zurking and why is it So Much Fun!

VShare, what’s in it for me?

Zurker is an amazing social networking website that has a number of unique and beneficial features in it. One of its best features is vShare. Before you think what good is vShare is for you, let me give you all the details about it. vShare works in a way that once you have signed up at Zurker, you can earn two vShares per each signup for the next 24 hours. After that it is one vShare per referral leading to lesser vShares, you will, however, see the notes in your account about that. The other way is that you can also buy vShares at the rate of $1 per vShare anytime. Once the figure reaches to 10K members of Zurker, the vShare price goes up, causing an increase in its value, and once all 1 million vShares are allocated, a corporation will be formed and transform your vShares into real shares and you start getting revenue percentage from Zurker’s income as Zurker itself will do.

If you are thinking that that’s it about Zurker, then you are terribly mistaken. Zurker has hundreds of wonders waiting to be explored; however, in this initial beta stage you can only join Zurker through invitation. So why don’t you become of the very first to experience Zurker by clicking on this link and become a part of something so special. After all, Zurker is world’s first member-owned social networking website.

Happy Zurking!

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