The Dimming Future of Print Designers, an Overview

Since the printing industry is going digital, is it okay to declare that print design industry is declining? With so many such statements circulating in the design industry, print designers are forced to think if they should start working on learning a new kind of designing altogether. In this article, we will be discussing some real facts related to print industry instead of focusing on the rumors and speculations.

This article can prove to be really beneficial for print designers who are wondering to switch their entire career. Although print designer’s work may be shifting more to web design, there will still be a demand for layouts which can be used to print booklets and catalogs Next Day. So a savvy designer will still be able to utilize many of their print design skills.

Should You Switch?

Should You Switch?

Switching a career is not at all an easy decision. If you have spent years in print designing, working on digital designing all of a sudden is going to be a little difficult for you. Honestly speaking there has been a decline in print designing because of the digital marketing swapping in. I have seen a lot of print designers slowly learning and evolving towards digital designing because this is what entire world has been talking about. In order to stay in the industry one has to evolve with the growing demands. If you are into print designing for years, you should be thankful to the industry as it must have helped you in building a very strong foundation for you as a designer.

Should You Follow The World Too?

Should You Follow The World Too?

As mentioned earlier, career switch is definitely not an easy task. If you are having difficulties in finding work then it is definitely a time to take things seriously. But before you jump to any conclusions you need to ask yourself a few questions. Reinventing yourself is a good thing but you should step forward for a career move if you think you would be able to handle the transition well. Honestly, if you have been a successful print designer, you can definitely learn digital designing as well. So, you can be a good designer anyway but should you be switching from print to digital is an important question.

Let’s get into some facts and figures now. We will be taking a look at a few surveys which will help us in deciding whether print designers should switch or they should wait.

Graphic Design USA 48th Annual Print Survey (2011)

Graphic Design USA 48th Annual Print Survey (2011)

Since print designers need to earn their living by their profession they need to really think things through. With everyone telling that its all about digital designing now, it is a common concern of every print designers that will they be able to survive with simply print designing and will giant employers approach them still? The first survey that we are going to discuss was held by Graphic Design USA 48th Annual Print Survey (2011) which tried to clear the confusion in the air. The results of this survey were pretty much unexpected. According to the survey, 93% designers claimed to have worked on print designing, in comparison to other designers. How can we forget the most important and still very useful kind of print designing? i.e. brochures and direct mail.

A Distorted Survey – is it?

The above mentioned results in the survey can be very encouraging for the print designers. However, I personally think that the result would have been a little different if the survey would have been conducted with the graphic designers. Also, if we dig a little more into the survey, a very little information regarding the survey participants were given. The number of people involved in the survey or the age group of the people was mentioned nowhere.

Another thing that should be noted down that most designers involved in the survey worked on print designing but at the same time they were working on web designing projects as well which means they have knowledge of both and are working for both industries.

United States Department of Labor

A lot of other surveys from graphic designers prove that the print designing is still a good profession and can really help in paying bills. Let us take a look at some finding of United States Department of Labor.

Realistically speaking, things are not very good in the print industry. According to some predictions the wages of print industry are considered to fall 16% and also people have claimed that hiring in print designing is no longer a happening thing and is also declining rapidly. Still if you are a good graphic designer, you will still get plenty of opportunities in print designing.

These surveys are totally based on the happenings in United States. Obviously other developed countries will have different results. Now, the question remains if print designers should evolve or not?

Yes or No?

As far as print designing is concerned, currently the situation is not that bad and there is no need to panic guys. A lot of graphic designers have reported that they are working on projects and are earning comfortable to be able to pay their bills. You should not worry about being out of work as you can still find it.

If you are a print designer, you can find hundreds of evidences around you that you are still needed. Just go out and take a look at the billboards hanging everywhere in the city. Apart from billboards there are brochures, magazines, newspapers which will always need talented graphic designers. Since this kind of advertising is not going anywhere so print designers need not to worry as they will continue to work comfortably.

However, we cannot decline the fact that digital design industry is growing rapidly. Although with wages dropping down and employment declining in the particular industry, it is natural for you not to be so hopeful for the industry.

Stand Out for the Competition

Stand Out for the Competition

If you are passionate about print designing and if you have spent years in it, you should not lose hope. You can definitely take a stand and stand out for the competition. Your passion for print designing can definitely make employers think twice whether they should or should not go for digital designing. Your years of experience in print designing will speak for itself. However, there is nothing wrong in learning a new skill so while you are so good at print designing, you should spend some time on learning new kind of designing as well.

Do a Research on Your Own

It’s never too late to learn new things. If you are insecure about your job, you should do a good research on your own. You can compare the wages and benefits of your job and digital design jobs. If you are not satisfied with the results, you should start working on learning new techniques then.


We can definitely say that print media and designing is still pretty much alive. There are a lot of designers who are earning a good amount for themselves from print designing. As far as I am concerned, I cannot imagine roads without billboards and other print media products. However, diversifying your skill set will do no harm to you. Learning and evolving with the world is always good so take such things in a positive manner. Instead of panicking, you should continue working on your projects and take out time for some new learning.

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