Ingimage: Millions of Quality Images, All for Free!

Whenever you are looking for images for your designs, what are the most important things you look for?

  • One-stop Shop for all your image and graphic requirements
  • A wide variety of images
  • Best images in terms of quality and aesthetics
  • Cost –effective approach

Well, the people who are reading this article can consider themselves as one of the few lucky persons who will get to know about a magnificent image resource that encompasses all the above requirements of a creative designer without pushing you to empty your pockets. Yes, I am talking about Ingimage, the ultimate resource for quality images, vectors and fonts, all for free!

About Ingimage is the European based image subscription service provided by Ingram Publishing. Ingimage provides hundreds of thousands of carefully edited professional royalty free photographs and vector graphics. Furthermore, the provenance of their content is guaranteed, with images fully model released where necessary. Which means that unlike micro-sites containing millions of non-validated images, you are secure in the knowledge that you can use these images in your projects.

Ingimage covers everything from traditional business and lifestyle content to material highlighting growing trends in our environment and the way we live now.  At Ingimage, the image download limit is probably the industry’s highest. Moreover every subscriber gets access to all our images including the largest file sizes up to 55MB.

Clear and Simple Subscription Options

The first thing to mention here is their Free Trial option which means that you don’t have to invest in trying out the site, and unlike others trials you will get completely free reign over their collection. Apart from that, Ingimage offers four time-based subscriptions i.e. 1, 3, 6 and 12 months, the best deal being the 12 month subscription at around $0.06 per image.

Free Trial Subscription Option

Free Trial Subscription is the most amazing feature of Ingimage. This option gives each new member the opportunity to download 35 royalty free images. You get the full choice of the 1 million images, and can keep using them for as long as you like after the trial.

There’s no commitment required whatsoever and you get access to the largest file sizes! It is a great incentive program to attract new members and is sure to grow their reputation very quickly.

Salient Features of Ingimage

There are a number of worth-mentioning features that make Ingimage a best choice for all types of creative designers. All subscribers will get the following offers:

  • Access to the highest resolution files available, up to 55MB
  • 250 image downloads per week (1000 per calendar month)
  • Easy to use search tool is simultaneously available in six languages:
  • English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and French
  • Multi-seat licensing is available for just one, manageable fee
  • Thousands of fresh, new images added every month
  • Unique Zoom-in feature for previewing images
  • Thousands of versatile EPS files and fonts

Image Searching Tools

Ingimage’s easy to use search function is available in six European languages. Ingimage search tools are simple, accurate and easy to use. The splendid search features include:

  • One-click downloads straight from search
  • Up to 200 results per page
  • Change size of thumbnails
  • Exclude keywords
  • Search by file type
  • Orientation
  • Colour / B&W

Affiliate Program

Ingimage Affiliate Program

Similar to their pricing plans this is very simple – as an Ingimage affiliate you earn 20% on all referred sales. This means if you’ve got a website or blog with a reasonable amount of traffic you can probably cover the cost of your subscription within a few months. They also have a nicely designed selection of banners that won’t look tacky on your website.

To be honest I’ve not seen an affiliate program more generous than this. I reckon their free trial will undoubtedly prove to be popular, so you could do worse than to spend 10 minutes sending out a cheeky recommendation to your email lists!

Ingimage: Millions of Quality Images, All for Free!

Ingimage: Millions of Quality Images, All for Free!

Ingimage: Millions of Quality Images, All for Free!

Ingimage: Millions of Quality Images, All for Free!

To Wrap It Up…

As a creative designer you might well ask if Ingimage’s collection of 1 million images is really enough to satisfy all your needs? Well, the gauntlets been thrown down, so get your free trial subscription, and if you’re not convinced after 7 days you’ve lost nothing apart from around 150MB of hard disk space to store your 35 premium images!

Ingimage start downloading

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