Now it’s Pretty Easy to Designing for Windows Phone 7 and Metro

All and sundry knows that Androidis a well-known operating system which is running first-class in lots of smartphones, devices and tablets. There is also a great snmartphone and that is Windows Phone 7 it’s a great smartphone if we look towards the features of this phone but here I’d like to say that Windows Phone has had a uneven start Launched in 2010, the mobile-phone software has so far to make any kind of impression in the leads held by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. In the research times, market research firm Gartner found that of the 100 million smartphones sold wide-reaching in the first quarter, only 1.6 million of them ran Windows Phone 7. Android, which had just 9.6 percent of the market a year former, soared to 36 percent of the market, at the same time as Apple held a 16.8 percent share. Such as a graphic designer make his place by his own struggle in the field of printing, flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, booklets, rack cards, calendars same like that this smartphone WP7 also make its own worth. Much like you thought poster printing was a challenge early on in your career, designing for Windows 7 won’t seem so tough after you get more familiar with it.

So, the present consignments of Windows Phone 7 devices propose smooth looks and smooth software. But mobile-phone buyers haven’t found them to be enough better than rivals to switch in big numbers. On the other hand Microsoft’s new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 (WP7), brings in a fresh loom to content organization and a different UX, based on the Metro design language and principles that will be incorporated keen on Windows 8. It furthermore targets a different market than its predecessor: instead of being designed for the most part intended for business and technology workers, WP7 is targeted at active people with a busy life, both offline and online, and who make use of social networks each day, what on earth their background.

According to Wikipedia about Metro:

“Metro is an internal code name for a typography-based design language created by Microsoft, originally for use in Windows Phone 7. Early uses of the Metro principles, such as the typography, began as early as Microsoft Encarta 95, and later evolved into products such as Windows Media Center and Zune. Later the principles of Metro were included in Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone, the Xbox 360 dashboard update, and Windows 8.  A specially-made version of Microsoft’s Segoe font family, Segoe WP, is used as the main font family for all typographical elements. It was confirmed by Microsoft at Computex that Windows 8, the successor to Windows 7, takes inspiration from Metro. Microsoft also plans to add the Metro design principles to other products and services, like the Xbox 360 and Windows Live, in order to create a unified and distinctive look across its consumer products and services”

So, The Metro Design Principles are the main pillars that direct the creation of experiences for Windows Phone. And the Metro Design Language is a set of concrete user interaction, visual design, motion and application flow elements and rules.

Why WP7 for Designing

Why WP7 for Designing

There are lots of smartphones in the world then why this phone is selected for this purpose? It’s a good question that must be in the minds of so many people it’s just because the Windows Phone team was inspired by the typography in way finding design. As a result of clearing the interface of all needless elements and using the content as the design core, the team has been capable to make a distinction this OS from more traditional UIs: the interface disappears, as well as the content itself turns out to be the interface. The interface gives you an idea about the actual content and is not just the means to get to the content. Dropping the visuals on the phone promotes straight interaction by the content.

Guidelines for Designing With WP7

Guidelines for Designing With WP7

Designing in WP7 is pretty easy job so, the fresh interface, with no the customary icons, means that users interrelate in a different way by the content. When building a WP7 application, you will also have to think differently about how they use standard UI elements. The initial variation in the interactive model is that text is a lively part in WP7, meaning that it is tappable. This alters the idea of the tap-safe area for buttons and other elements: here it applies to text too. The margin space obtains a new role, then, at the same time as does the text extent.

On the other hand Animation is one of the most significant features of WP7 on the other hand  Animation and transitions are primary elements that are intensely rooted in the original UI notion. You be able to use them not just to present feedback on what is going on (as with a “toast” notification), but to keep the user’s thought on what is happening and to obtain ready them for a different experience.

If we talk about the icons WP7 has very exact strategy about icons, and I suggest reading them carefully before designing an application. The only place to set icons is in the application bar, which hosts the icons in favor of all of the main actions for interacting by the content. Another difference from the usual way of designing is how header text wraps. In WP7, headers wider than the screen don’t wrap on the next line other than instead are clipped on the right border. This certainly doesn’t apply to main content (such as the body of an email), other than if the text is not of vital importance after that this text clipping is ordinary.

Main Tools for Designing

If we talk about the tools for designing the main point which I’d like to say that  to design a WP7 application, you be able to use your customary tools, such as Balsamiq, Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks, and Photoshop and so on. Remember that the application requirements to be developed using Expression Blend. It’s also Depending on the project’s arrangement and the designer’s position on the team; you should know how Expression Blend works so as to design effectual interaction models. The superior you understand the application, the additional nuanced your designs will be. Clearly, understanding Expression Blend will also put in value to your work and create it easier to converse with developers.

Final Thoughts

So, in the end we can say that Microsoft’s products are pretty useful in the many parts of our daily routine life we can get as many advantages out of these devices. Especially WP 7 (windows phone 7) is pretty useful for the designing. So, be a creative designer using this device.

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