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The initial purpose of the Internet was to make exchange of information easier, nowadays it remain the same but some of us seems to forgot  or just ignore it. We all appreciate the imagination of web designers who design awesome headers, stunning logos and creative backgrounds but, in most cases we land on a page because we need a piece of information. No matter how impressive is the design, still the written text is offering the greatest part of information from a website. A wise saying from web design world is perfectly reflecting the situation: the design attracts people, but the written content maintains them.

The usual clients aren’t paying enough attention to it and focus all their resources to design and the smartest ones hire a SEO specialist, anyway, rarely is taken into account the services of a content writer which is obvious, a great mistake. A clean design, eye-catching, maybe perfect, can’t have success if the content is poor, full of grammar mistakes and offer irrelevant information.

Therefore, how is perceived the content by specialists? Is it respected or is still neglected? The main problem of the content writers is that they don’t create so much buzz around them as the designers or SEO professionals do and this branch seems to lay hands on them. I am a content writer, but I should recognize that the matter of content could be, superficially thinking, as part of design or marketing. The correct mentality is to consider the content as a stand apart entity but interconnected with other parts. In order to see more clearly the connections with other domains I will show here the relationships between content, SEO, design and marketing. I can’t say that I will highlight everything, so I really appreciate any personal contribution from readers.

1. Content vs. design

1. Content vs. design

Text occupies a good part from the total area of a layout, hence it’s impossible to create a good design ignoring the content. A quality realization should have all the aspects covered, including the small elements. The way of representing letters, the arrangements of the paragraphs, is related to typography that of course, contributes to a better design. A really professional web designer is very careful to all these, in fact a lot of time is wasted in selecting the best font (maybe in web design less, but in other fields of design this is capital).

On the other hand, there is a special intercourse between design and content. A formal layout, i.e. mostly common to financial institution, should contain a written content using a formal approach, the combination of the formal design and informal tone or vice-versa is a sign of amateurism, more unappreciated by clients. I hope you get the point: a sober design needs a formal written approach and a friendly website should have an informal style of content.

2. Marketing vs. Content

2. Marketing vs. Content

We like it or not, everything is money-related, i.e., the existence of many blogs is strictly dependent on the monetization of it. The most online presences are created to bring profit, and hence the content should play a role in the complex equation of gaining some money. Yes, it is vital! Any visitor can’t be faster and easier convinced about something than by words. A wise content writer is able to create such a work that may influence the reader, similar to an invisible call-to-action button. The marketing perspective shouldn’t put into the shadow the informative role of it, an aggressive text, created only to promote something isn’t a solution.

The best choice is a balanced mixture of presentation and marketing, everything must appear very natural and the readers are smart enough to detect which text is only to advertise and which is really quality. Unfortunately, nowadays the role of marketing is somehow overestimated and, in addition to the patience of the business owners, which is in-existent are created almost “spam websites”.

Disclaimer: I don’t say that marketing isn’t important, but the content should be created to inform the visitors and not manipulate them to buy something.

3. Content vs. SEO

SEO Vs Quality Content

There is nobody in the online industry more powerful and important than the search engines. Having a search engine friendly website is a difficult task but it is the guarantor that you may be profitable, if the crawlers of these aren’t satisfied with your online presence, you are dead. There are words in vain to mention how important search engines are, the most useful is how to make the websites being liked by them.

A very important player in this stringent issue is, as you guessed, the content. The algorithm of hierarchizing website is secret and very complicated (some specialists stated that it took into account almost 200 factors) but is worldwide accepted that the content is vital. The specialists established that the written words, the repetition of some of them are vitals in this classification, hence a wise content writer should handle all these aspects.

In the end, it will be a great satisfaction for me to know that the readers of this post started to take into account the idea and the potential of content, the future will prove that I am right. Image this, at the beginning, there were few websites and it was unnecessary a search engine. Nowadays is needed a complex algorithm to classify the multitude of websites but how will look the Internet in the future? Will abandon the primary design, to deliver information…I don’t think so…What do you think?
Author Bio: Daniel Pintilie works for increase conversion rate optimization Company Invesp and enjoys writing on landing pages and affiliate marketing.

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