10 Flash Assistant Tools you Need to Know


As a flash designer, the most important achievement is to develop a success flash; a success flash not only requires excellent inspiration, but also the powerful design tools. They help you to turn the inspiration into reality.

So what assistant tools do we have for flash design? Are they functional? In order to answer the questions, today, we list 10 practical flash assistant tools which are really helpful to your flash design. They cover the range from text to music, from 3D effect to flash to HTML5 conversion and etc.

1. Flash 2X Flash Player 3.0.2

It is a really good helper in managing and using flash movies. It is capable of flash movie files playing, both in .swf file and .flv file.

Flash playing is just part of the story; as a flash designer, you may have collected many attractive flashes, some of them are so great that you want to turn them into screen saver. With the help of this tool, you are able to fulfill your will. It takes screenshots, manage flash files and integrating other Flash2X products to build flash screensavers, flash wallpapers and flash exe files.

Besides, it can display the detail information of flash, save flash from web and download Youtube videos.

2. FlaX

FlaX is a tool to make flash text effect. It can be used to make special effects for text such as lyrics and captions. There are great amount of effects built in this software. Those effects are virtually difficult to create by hand in flash; therefore, it only takes a few minutes to get the effect with the help of this tool, which is really effective for your work.

Besides, it will export your effect in Flash format, so you can import it into Flash for inclusion in your other work, or you can use the effect straight on your web site.

3. Sothink SWF Decompiler

It is a really helpful and functional tool for your flash design. It decompiles SWF to FLA and FLEX, which enables you to extract resources like image, video, sound, shape and etc for other use; also, you are able to edit the decompiled file by change the materials.

The most attractive function is that it converts flash to HTML5! As HTML5 is getting more popular, the demand for flash to HTML5 conversion become urgent; after more than 10 years development, SWF Decompiler has become the leading tool for conversion. The output HTML file is supported by most of the browsers such as IE9, Firefox 4+, Chrome 11+ and Safari.

The new version of 6.4 is just published, it support converting SWF to HTML5; and upgrade Sothink Flash Downloader for Firefox to version 1.7, which supports Firefox 6.0.

4. Flash EFF Free 2.0

FlashEff is a convenient flash component and interactive tool that enables high quality transition effects in Adobe Flash. It’s virtually a library of image and text effects that can be used and customized to create professional Flash animations.

A large amount of effects are included in the version 2.0 for different applications such as text, show/hide, symbol, pattern and etc. The rich effects are available to achieve desired animation effects.

5. Away 3D (Flash 10) 3.6

Away 3D was developed by Alexander Zadorozhny and Rob Bateman in 2007. It is a realtime 3D engine for flash in ActionScript 3.0. Due to the engine is open source under the Apache 2.0 license, so it is a free tool.

It imports/exports popular formats, including animated meshes; and more than 25 useful primitives and a solid selection of material types are included. So you are able to create amazing games, websites and applications.

6. Flash MP3 Player 1.0

Music is the soul of web; an excellent web cannot leave with music. However, we always encounter with the problem of how to import the music into web. Ordinarily, we need to import music to flash, and then insert the .swf file to the web. It is quite complicated, but now, Flash MP3 Player allows you to play music on website easy and fast. You don’t need any programming skills, just embed it into your website and player will automatically scan a specified folder and form a playlist.

The tool is easy to install. It has a standard play control, and saves playing position when you move from page to page.

7. CamStudio 2.0

CamStudio 2.0 is a free flash recorder which enables you to record all the screen activity from your Windows Desktop into AVI or SWF. You can apply those movie files in software demonstrations and active presentations.

The output is high-qualified and anti aliasing video, which can be applied to tutorial, demonstration making. It supports the function of text adding, complicate action catching and mouse auto tracking.

In spite of the video, it also catches voices from mic and speaker simultaneously, so it is a great helper both in video and voice.

8. FlashCam

FlashCam is a flash image catching tool. It can make perfect SWF teaching movie; and connect each catching frame to a consistent SWF file. In addition, it provides the strong editing function of article text inserting, narrator recording and HTML+SWF file making.

9. SWF>>AVI Convertor 1.0

You are able to guess the function about this tool by its name. It is a free tool that focused on the conversion from .swf file to .avi file. You can either convert in individual or in batch; and manage custom conversion profiles and set output frame rate.

The limitations are interactive animations may not properly converted; and currently, the sound cannot be converted.

10. Alternativa3D 7

Alternativa3D is a 3D engine that allows developers to work with 3D graphics and physics in Adobe Flash. It creates 3D-scene in flash: objects, mechanisms, buildings visualization; imports geometry from 3D-formats; and uploads textures. It is a good helper for creating multiplayer browser games, virtual worlds, demos and promotional projects.

Now, the version 8 is coming. It supports Adobe Flash Players 3D API Molehill, which is the codename for a new set of low-level, GPU-accelerated 3D APIs that will provide the necessary power to deliver advanced 3D experiences across screens using Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR.

The main features are high performance, lighting system, advanced materials, 3D sprites, and optimized textures for the GPU.

With all these powerful flash assistant tools, you are able to create any flash you want!

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