SohoOS – A Free Business Platform to Expand your Business

SohoOS - A Free Business Platform to Expand your Business
Today’s world has much more transnational companies than ever before and the number is keep fluctuating due to global up and downturn. These gigantic organizations usually keep their strong hold over majority of the market leaving minimum options for start up or medium size companies to gain strength. World have witnessed Google, Microsoft, Intel etc buying newbie IT companies with innovative technologies. Despite such conditions, small and medium companies exist and earn their due market share with dedication and hard work.

These medium level companies often face challenges that should be met in appropriate fashion. The aspiration of growing big these small and medium business companies always find a way out to face the growth related challenges and today these companies have more unique and innovative platform called SohoOS, simple, safe and free business tool.

SohoOS’s Offerings:

SohoOS - A Free Business Platform to Expand your Business

SohoOS aims to support a new global micro-economic system with the help of small and medium enterprises. It can be done by strengthening the small and medium enterprises by giving them free business platform. SohoOS enables you to take care of your day to day business affairs without opting for multiple resources. SohoOS caters almost all your business needs while aligning your daily task in a proper manageable fashion. Followings are some of SohoS’s main offerings:

  1. Contact Management
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Invoicing
  4. Freelance Arena
  5. Project Management

All the above options are interesting and easily accessible by simply creating a free account on SohoOS. Following is the brief overview of exciting things that SohoOS is offering.

Contact Management:

No one can image running a business without socializing and marketing it. The communication has always been an integral part of effective business growth. SohoOS understands this and thus provides you simplest and fastest solutions of managing all important contacts whom with you like to have frequent communication. SohoOS’s contact management tool allows to have local and international calls at very reasonable charges along with fax capabilities, SMS (to both single and multi destinations), email campaigns, as well as video and audio conference calls. Furthermore, SohoOS gives an option to send out bulk SMS which can be an optimum marketing strategy for small and medium companies.

Inventory Management:

Managing inventory is an integral part of business in almost all kind of businesses. It does not matter that your company is big or small, start up or experienced, one thing is sure that you need to manage your inventories. SohoOS understood it while developing their tool that is why it now empowers you to manage your business inventory in a hassle-free manner. The good thing is that this awesome feature can easily be availed by a simple free sign up.

Invoicing and Billing

I think there is no need to highlight the importance of invoicing. However, it is something that can reap you the fruit of your hard work. In order to have the maximum benefits I recommend you to use SohoOS because it enables you to create, manage and keep a track of your invoices. Moreover, it allows you to send direct payment requests without having a merchant account. So, no more late payments!

Freelance Arena

Freelance arena is new but very useful feature to find jobs for your small business. SohoOS freelance arena actually is a job bank that provides you freelancers which can help you in your business. Small businesses don’t really have the spine to afford full time employees at very early stage and for them freelance arena should be worth using. The interesting thing about freelance arena is that it works for jobseeker as well as business owner because it connects both parties in very accessible manner. Global reach of freelance arena certainly gives you an edge in locating affordable freelancers for your business.

Project Management

The time has long gone when few people were aware of technical business jargon like project management. Today, it is hard to survive without properly managing a project. Therefore, SohoOS comes with a unique feature of project management with which you can create, manage and monitor your business projects.


All the above mentioned features are indeed the business necessities and key to perform better in this competitive business world. SohoOS is not just providing you with all these free business tools but it is also evolving according to latest technological developments. Recently, I came across with SohoOS mobile application which is quite useful and unique in a way because it allows you to perform mobile business management. The iPhone SohoOS application allows you to do all the important tasks that you normally do with your laptop and that is great. So, in a nutshell I think SohoOS is something that you should have if you intend to have a sustainable and prosperous business.

Start manage your business for free with SohoOS

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