The Impact of White Space in Photography

The Impact of White Space in Photography
Photography is a very technical thing and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, one can surely improve his photography by leaning a few and simple things. The general perception while taking a photo is that subject should be the center of attention. While taking pictures, we all try to focus on the subject that we tend to forget the importance of the things around the subject. Some people do not like a lot of space in the pictures but if you have a love for photography, you will know it for sure that this white space can have a lot of positive effects in your picture. You’ll find many photographers who have mastered white space techniques will use them in calendar printing projects where they can feature 12 different photographs.

If you want to see the difference and impact of white space, take two pictures of the same subject but one should have white space in it. If utilized well, white space can actually give a very good impact to your picture and it can make the subject more prominent and interesting. The best thing about white space is that it brings clarity in the picture which is very important for the subject to stand out. The white space also gives the viewer’s eye a nice place to rest. Photography is all about techniques and using white space in a positive way is also a technique if handled properly. You can also add text in the empty space in order to be able to convey your message. So follow the tips mentioned below in order to bring some spice to your pictures by adding some white space.

A Balanced Shot

Balancing is a very important aspect of photography

Balancing is a very important aspect of photography. It does not matter from where you take the picture or which angle you use, you need to bring a balance in your shots and this can be done through leaving a white space. Honestly, if I take a look at any picture which is crowded, I just want to take my eyes away from it. You should give your viewers enough space to rest his eyes. Also, white space brings a balance in the composition which is very important for any shot. In order to bring harmony and balance in the shot, try to use white space in a way which separates the background from the subject and at the same time both should be prominent enough to capture the attention of the viewer.

Emphasizing the Object

Emphasizing the Object in photography

This is a very simple technique to bring attention towards the subject.  A lot of empty space will leave no option for a viewer but to view the main subject of the picture so this is an easy way to grab the attention of the viewer. A cluttered background means hundreds of distractions due to which the viewer has so many things to look at that the main subject will lose its importance. Let your viewer appreciate the beauty of your subject by helping him in focusing over a single thing and this can be done by leaving a lot of empty space around the object. Some people think that isolating the subject is not a very good idea however, this is the best way to let subject have the entire attention. The empty space can be very fascinating if used in a proper way.

Adding to the Mood

Photography is all about evoking emotions

Photography is all about evoking emotions and white spaces can help you a lot in doing this. You must have seen a lot of pictures with dark empty spaces. They are mainly used to put more emphasis on the actual subject. If you really want to create a perfect atmosphere and add mood to the picture, you should definitely add some white space in your photography. However, make sure that you do not go over the top with white space as well. It should not appear as an empty picture. Use white space in a way that the whole attention is drawn towards the main subject. White space is used to enhance the beauty of the subject. Make sure your subject does not get lost in the white space used by you.

Avoid getting a Crowded Picture

Avoid getting a Crowded Picture

As human beings, we all need some space to breathe and same goes for your subject. If you take a picture of your subject with a background which is way too crowded, your subject will not even get prominent and this is something you certainly do not want. The empty space makes the subject visually appealing and as mentioned earlier, a lot of things on a single picture will kill the beauty of the subject. While composing a picture always keep in mind that subject and space should be creating a balance. One should not overshadow the other object.

Go for Patterns and Various Shapes

Go for Patterns and Various Shapes in Photography

You can actually create different forms of shapes and patterns with the help of empty space in your shot. By doing so, you can actually make your shot look like an abstract which is an amazing thing. It is all about playing with the white space that you have around the object. Let your creativity flow and keep on experimenting with the patterns and shapes. If you love photography, you can surely come up with amazing designs for utilizing the white space. Had it not been photography, negativity will never have such positive effects. Always remember that your entire focus should not be on the subject. It should be around the surroundings as well so give equal importance to the background, subject and an empty space that you left for the subject to grab attention.

Say NO to Conflicting Subjects

Say NO to Conflicting Subjects in photography

While taking a picture, try to keep your focus on only one subject and the white space that surrounds it. If you really want to come up with an exceptionally beautiful picture, avoid too many subjects in a single picture. Only then your single object supported by the white space will be able to convey the actual emotions. You can only understand the impact of white space by using it in your favorite pictures. Personally I am a big fan of pictures with a focus on a single subject and the subject is highlighted with plain backgrounds.

Research on the White Space

newbie in the field of photography

If you are a newbie in the field of photography, you should do a good research on such pictures where white space has been used brilliantly and then you should try taking pictures on your own. Remember, you will only be able to learn if you experience things on your own. Researching on such pictures will give you a lot of inspiration on how to use white space positively. Also, internet provides a lot of material on using the empty space in pictures positively so you can lean a lot without any doubt.

Final Thoughts

There are different types of photography done for different purposes. The photography for printing like on brochures, flyers, calendars, postcards, business cards and posters etc. will be different from the photography for hoardings or electronic publication. However, always keep in mind that white space plays a very important role in photography which is exactly why you should give white space a lot of attention while taking shots. With keen observation you will be able to convey the actual emotions of the subject.  The best thing about photography is that the subject should not lose its essence and by using white space you are making your subject more prominent.


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