The 5 Don’ts of Business Promotion through Social Media

The 5 Don’ts of Business Promotion through Social Media
Social media is indeed a powerful thing these days. Social media has a lot to offer to its audience however, everything has a baggage of good and bad things. Same goes for social media because if there is a lot good it can do, there can be a lot of bad effects as well. Nothing is perfect and there is a margin of mistakes in every field. Same is the case for social media and these mistakes can prove to be really harmful for the program itself. If you are into social media, you need to make sure that you are very careful about every decision you take and you do not commit any sort of mistakes which can really harm your reputation of efforts that you have made to be a part of social media. Social media is strategic. If you are promoting any business, from offering printing services to dentistry, here are some things to avoid.

We will be discussing about a few common mistakes made by people in social media and they can prove to be really disastrous. The main purpose of this article is to make you aware of mistakes that should be avoided. Not only small companies, but bug companies have been making mistakes in the past and are still continuing to do so. By the time they realize it, it is too late. So, keep on reading the article if you want to avoid these mistakes:

Don’t Be Ignorant towards Your Wants

The 5 Don’ts of Business Promotion through Social Media

The biggest mistake that most companies made is that they are not sure of what they want. They are just hitting the arrow in the air and in return they hope that it hits their target. The strange part is that these huge companies end up ignoring the most important and basic points of social media presence. We can discuss a very obvious example here that these big companies know that social presence is important hence they make Facebook fan pages.

But once there are hundreds of likes and fans due to the brand name, you will see that most of the fans end up complaining about the fact that there are updates on the brand and all the questions asked on the FB page remains unanswered. This way you are getting all the negative feedback and the main purpose of your social media presence is lost.

Practically speaking, any place with a huge number of people cannot work without any management. If you really want your social media presence to work for you in a positive way, you need to be sure of what your actual purpose is behind your social media presence.  If you know the exact reason and purpose behind your social media presence, managing things should not be difficult for you. But being present in social media just for the sake of it is definitely a big mistake made by social companies. If you are present in front of audience and you are not addressing them, you are not going to get any appreciation.

Don’t Assume

not maintaining social media presence

When it comes to having social media presence, most companies think that the most important thing is to have a presence, not maintaining it. Also, there is no need to make any efforts to ‘promote’ the presence of your company on social media. I wonder why they expect that people will get to know about their presence completely on their own. For instance, if you have a printing company which is popular offline then you might not need too much of publicity and marketing for your strong social media presence. However, if you are into online printing and a newbie, you should not assume that if you build it, users will come to know about it.

Do not just create a page on Facebook or twitter simple because everyone else is doing it. Even if you do, make sure you promote your page so that people get to know about your presence. You can find plenty of websites where you can promote your social media presence without having to spend too much of amount. If you want a strong media presence, make sure you promote your online presence online and offline.

Don’t Depending Completely on the Agencies

The 5 Don’ts of Business Promotion through Social Media

Yet another social media mistake happens when you are dependent on the social media promotional agencies. I have seen companies hiring an agency and then forgetting about how important social media presence is. They expect agency to handle everything. Yes, they do help but the help is for starting off. Agencies won’t be taking care of your social media presence in the long term unless you have planned to pay the agency forever.  If yes, well and good but if you cannot afford to hire an agency for life, you need to be a part of launching plans and you should have a vision of how things will work for your social media presence in future.

As an internet user, I can say this for a lot of people that trusting the content online is not an easy task and people look for authentic information. People will always look for the most reliable source and that can only be someone who is associated with the company. So, instead of leaving everything to agency, make sure that your page is handled by the people of your own customer service. People would love to hear answers to their questions from authentic sources. Strong social media presence requires strong relationship with your customers and that can only be done with good customer support.

Since agencies are not actually related to your product, they can promote it initially but they will never have the tendency to connect with the audience. Always remember that social media presence is only effective if you are able to connect with the audience.

Don’t Give All Importance to Social Media

The 5 Don’ts of Business Promotion through Social Media

If you think that only social media presence can give you fan following, you are wrong. Another mistake made by companies is that they have started ignoring traditional media like flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, booklets, rack cards and calendars etc. One platform can be used to promote another platform so even if you are active on social media; do not ignore the traditional media like newspapers. You obviously have a strategy to promote your product and without any doubt online social media is very strong but do not ignore other mediums and they are equally important these days.

Don’t Handle Things on Your Own

The 5 Don’ts of Business Promotion through Social Media

Are you planning to take care of online social media presence yourself? I don’t think it is a good idea at all. You need to understand that it is not going to be an easy thing. You need to take it seriously and if you think anyone can handle it, you are definitely wrong. Nowadays, everyone think they can handle social media and since there is no specific qualifications, deciding who can handle this is also hard. If someone claims to be a Guru or an expert, the best thing you can do is not to believe him. Be very careful about who you choose because a wrong selection can actually destroy your social media presence.

Final Thoughts

Basically you need to understand very small things and you can actually avoid these mistakes. Make sure you have a target audience and you know what you want. All you need is a proper strategy and you are good to go.


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