Project Management Made Simple with TeamworkPM

Project Management Made Simple with TeamworkPM
Nowadays Internet has facilitated different processes of business through several useful software and applications. The different software act as catalysts and add to the efficiency of different business processes by saving significant time money and resources. There are invoicing management software and file sharing software etc. However, when we are talking about a perfect Project Management software application, I would recommend you TeamworkPM, the simplest and most helpful project management software online.

TeamworkPM is incredible online project management software that adds efficiency and better productivity to your tasks when different business teams are working together online. The basic objective of the software is to manage the different tasks of your business projects on daily basis with the help of Simple project Management. TeamworkPM makes sure that your projects and their associated tasks are properly dealt with and being online helps in keeping users focused and there are no communication gaps that lead to effective projects.

Ease of Use

Project Management Made Simple with TeamworkPM

TeamworkPM comes with incredible ease of use for its users. The software application has been designed in such a way that it makes project management simpler. There are several tools and features  of TeamworkPM that add ease to different steps of your project resultantly helping you save your precious time and resources.

Fantastic Features and Benefits

Project Management Made Simple with TeamworkPM

Project Management
The most prominent feature of TeamworkPM is the Project Management feature. Project Management helps you stay connected with our projects from wherever you want. It gives you complete control on tasks like quick over-view of recent activities, easy and instant access to all of your projects and smart informative tabs etc.

Task Management
Task Management feature of Teamwork PM enables you to assign different tasks to your staff, outsources resource, co-workers, vendors and contractors in a spur of moment. The process of adding and assigning tasks is streamlined by Teamwork PM’s Task Management feature and you also have the liberty to assign tasks to as many people as you want in one go.

Milestone Tracking
Milestones are integral in projects. TeamworkPM’s Milestone Tracking feature displays a quick calendar view showing all the upcoming milestones in your continued project. Milestone Tracking features also helps you keep a record of late milestones, upcoming milestones and completed milestones.

Seamless communication is vital for your project’s success. TeamworkPM’s Messages feature allows you to add messages, replies and attach files so that there are no hindrances in communication throughout the project.

File Management
Project Management is all about keeping your stuff organized. Therefore, Teamwork PM comes with File Management feature that keeps all project related files in one easy to locate position for all project members, so that no body misses out any single thing about the project.

On-time Delivery
TeamworkPM has a special On-time Delivery benefit that makes sure the project is completed and delivered in time. You can assign a due date to each task or can be linked to a milestone so that nobody misses out on the delivery time.

Time Tracking
Keep the track of your project time with Time Tracking feature of TeamworkPM with which you can track the time you and your employees or co-workers spend on each project.

Recurring Tasks
Recurring Tasks is the new, innovative and the most sought-after feature by TeamworkPM with which you can repeat your tasks of project management. Recurring Tasks feature from TeamworkPM enables you to arrange daily, weekly, monthly or annual backups so that none of your invoices are missed, TeamworkPM will now keep you on-track. We feel that almost every business can benefit from this feature.

Customer Support

Project Management Made Simple with TeamworkPM

TeamowrkPM takes special care of its customers, during and after the completion of the project. Although TeamworkPM has a comprehensive FAQ  page, however if you still have a query all you have to do is to fill up the support form and send it, and your query will be answered within 24 hours.

Press Page

TeamworkPM has developed a special Press Page (or Press Kit) that contains all the information and facts about this Project Management software. The Press Page also contains quick links to some of the important pages on the website so that navigation becomes easier for the user.

There is a lot more to say about TeamworkPM which you can check on twitter, or just visit the website and see for yourself!

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