PicYou, Your Ultimate Source of Photo Styling and Sharing

PicYou, Your Ultimate Source of Photo Styling and Sharing
Photo sharing is an important aspect of having an active social life. It is a mean of sharing the memorable moments of your life with our friends and family using different social mediums. Considering the importance of photo sharing in today’s world, smart phones these days have been equipped with photo sharing software application, among which Instagram application by Apple is the most worth- mentioning. Instagram works in a way that you can take a photo style it by using different available filters and then share it on your favorite social media website. However, Instagram is only an iPhone application and its usage is limited to iPhone owners only.

PicYou, the ‘Instagram of the web’

PicYou, Your Ultimate Source of Photo Styling and Sharing

Taking the idea of Instagram further, some brilliant web developers worked on the concept of Instagram for web and came up with PicYou, the unique and interesting web service of photo styling and sharing to social media websites online. The point of difference between Instagram and PicYou is that unlike Instagram, PicYou can be accessed from any gadget with simple Internet application. No matter it’s your home computer, workplace system or any web based device; you can access PicYou and enjoy its wonders.

How PicYou Works

PicYou works in a very simple manner and requires you to have a Facebook and Twitter account. All you have to do is to upload or drag and drop a photo from your computer or a URL, customize and enhance it into the style of your choice by using any of the multiple photo styling filters and once the photo is ready, share it on Facebook and/ or Twitter with in no time! This way PicYou allows you to enjoy three special feature i.e. photo uploading, online photo effects and photo sharing on famous social media websites.

PicYou Features

PicYou, Your Ultimate Source of Photo Styling and Sharing

PicYou is an incredible web service for instantly sharing your photos, pictorial memories and daily life with friends, family and the world with the help of Facebook and Twitter sharing. Apart from its basic wonderful features, PicYou has several interesting features associated to its web service:

  • Apart from uploading from our computer or a URL, you can drag and drop your photos in the interface
  • Multiple custom photo styling and enhancing filters available for any web enabled device
  • Prominent social networking buttons
  • Easy and simple user interface with active navigation
  • Efficient social media connectivity for instant photo sharing
  • Special custom branded filters sponsored by custom SLR have been made available for the users as a new marketing initiative in order to spread brand awareness
  • iPhone application of PicYou is about to be released in a few months so that the iPhone users may also enjoy the wonders of this web service

So neither waste your precious time in sharing dull photos through lazy means nor wait to have and iPhone to style and share your photos on social media. Try PicYou, the Instagram for web and your ultimate source of photo styling and sharing!

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