WPFacePages, Incredible WordPress Plugin for Awesome Facebook Pages

WPFacePages, Incredible WordPress Plugin for Awesome Facebook Pages
Facebook is one of the most popular social medium these days used by millions of people in every corner of the world for social interaction, connecting with friends and family, professional networking and most of all, business promotion. Moreover, famous search engines like Google and Bing have also added an element of Social Search to their services which makes it more important to have Facebook Fan Pages. In order to facilitate Facebook integration to a blog or website, I have discovered a comprehensive WordPress Plugin i.e. WPFacePages, an incredible WordPress Plugin for creating unlimited and absolutely awesome Facebook pages.

About WPFacePages

As mentioned above, WPFacePages is a wonderful WordPress Facebook Plugin which works in two-prong way (Multisite Network installs) that enables you allows you to integrate any WordPress blog into Facebook and simultaneously, it integrates Facebook into your WordPress blog as well. The most distinguishing feature of WPFacePages is the automatic integration of Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags into your WordPress headers enabling your blog to be completely recognized as an actual Facebook entity. Another great feature about WPFacePages plugin is that it enables you to fully integrate the use of Google Maps and Google +1 Button into any of your blogs or Facebook content.

The “Like” Factor

WPFacePages, Incredible WordPress Plugin for Awesome Facebook Pages

The “Like” factor is another truly incredible feature of WPFacePages. It works in a way that whichever post of your WordPress blog is “Liked” by a user, the post automatically becomes a Facebook Fan Page itself. With this incredible Auto Post Blog content feature, you can take your blog to soaring new heights and will enable the users to incorporate Like Buttons, Facebook comments, send buttons, Facebook widgets, and even images from your Facebook photo albums into your blog and make it more intelligent!

Create Infinite Fan Pages

Innovation has no limits and so does WPFacePages Create Facebook Fan Pages feature with unlimited number of Facebook pages for your blog. With WordPress Multisite setup feature at hand, your blog (or network of blogs) will have an unlimited number of pages.

WPFacePages integrates into Facebook by allowing you to create ultra customized Facebook Fan Pages right from inside WordPress without any special or technical skills required. Simply create a Facebook APP using our detailed Video instructions and integration is complete. This allows you to create “Like” Reveal Tabs which make any visitors to your Facebook Fan Page have to click on the “Like” button to see your Page’s content.

Website within Facebook

WPFacePages is such a marvelous plugin that enables you to develop a comprehensive website within Your Facebook fan page. This website will be incorporated with a good number of Custom Navigation and Custom Menus built right with WordPress. With this feature, our Facebook fan page can be made to look like your business or corporate website or a Sale page (with minor limitations of not being able to upload larger pictures and videos), all of which is integrated in your WordPress in the form of a plugin.

Unlimited Customization Option

Facebook fan pages keep developing with increasing number of users and members. WPFacePages Plugin understands the concept and therefore enables the user to customize the fan pages according to their requirement and growing fan base, with unlimited ease! There are hundreds of highly aesthetic and user-centric templates available with WPFacePages which is just a click away.

Other Awesome Features

Although there are a number of other great benefits of WPFacePages Plugin too like active Facbook SEO win famous search engines like Google and Bing, Open Graph integration that enables you to add in your Facebook Edgerank massively by using your videos, pictures, and links when auto posting to Facebook and most of all the upcoming feature of Complete Twitter Integration with Auto Posting, Content Locking through “Like” buttons features etc.

Make our online social life easier and more prominent with WPFacePages Plugin, which understands all your needs about a Facebook fan pages and fulfills them at its best!

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