Simple Tips to Draw Quality Clientele to Your Doorstep

Simple Tips to Draw Quality Clientele to Your Doorstep
If you have manages to spend some good time is designing industry, you must be aware of the fact that as designers, you have to deal with all sorts of clients. Dealing with higher quality clients is not an issue but if you have to deal with lower-quality clients, you would be torturing yourself. I might be sounding mean, but this is true. Their main focus would be paying you as less as possible and they would want you to put in double amount of effort which is unfair to you as a designer. They would want you to be quick and since they are low quality clients, you will have to create something you don’t want to and something you don’t enjoy either.  Added onto this, this would make a bad impression on your portfolio and you would not want that at any cost.

Truth remains, that all the beginners have to suffer this low quality client phase. You may have to rely on designing and printing flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters etc (sometimes even booklets, rack cards and calendars too) initially. However, even if you are starting off, you should look for projects that are offering quality creativity. Do not settle for any less and this is exactly why you need to learn to attract higher quality clients and that too from the beginning. Be creative with marketing efforts. Clever campaigns have used sticker printing and postcard mailings to bring in new clients.

Attracting higher-quality clients does not include any sort of mind games. All you need to do is change your attitude and approach and you are good to go. First of all, you need to understand your own worth and only then people will be able to pay you for true creativity. Let us take a look at a few simple tips to attract quality clientele to your doorstep:

Do Not Show Them You Are In Need

Simple Tips to Draw Quality Clientele to Your Doorstep

You will attract lower quality clients if you would appear desperate for work. If they get to know you are in need, they will offer you a very low quality based project and since you will be a beginner, you would accept it anyways because you want to get started. These clients will offer you a price that is not a very deserving one. Also, if you let them know you want work, you will come across as a weaker person and then they can be very dominating and demanding. Always keep in mind that no matter how badly you are in need of a project, your client should not know that you are out of work. Sounding desperate would be the last thing you would want to do.

You need to be selective even if you have fewer projects at hand.  Being choosy will help you in getting higher quality clients and such clients can actually give a boost to your career.  They will see your worth and will pay you accordingly unlike lower quality clients. Also, they would understand that in order to deliver quality work, you will have to take your time hence; they won’t push you for deadlines. They will also give you a free hand to be as creative as you can and come up with something exceptionally well.

You need to show clients that they are in need and not you and if they won’t hire you, it’s their loss not yours. You do not have to come across as someone rude or arrogant. There are polite ways to let clients know that you are willing to let go the projects if your terms are not agreed to. Honestly, nothing impresses a client more than this if he sees a designer willing to leave the project and does not care about money.  Believing in yourself is the most important thing and do not let yourself think that you won’t be getting any projects if you do not accept the one from lower quality clients. You will have to grab chances and not just sit and wait.

Stand Your Ground When It Comes To Rates

Simple Tips to Draw Quality Clientele to Your Doorstep

This is somewhat similar to the first advice. You should not be too desperate to get the project that you end up cutting the costs way too much. You need to make your client realize that whatever your demands are money wise, they are worth the work you are going to do for them.  The best you should do is informing the clients about your packages and inform that you are not open to bargaining when it comes to rates. Leave the decision to clients if they want to opt for your offered prices or not. You will hear a lot of clients complaining about your price rates, but do not let it grow on you. Your prices are worth your work so make sure you do not settle for lesser amounts.

If you cannot change the rates you have offered, you still should not sound rude in front of the clients. If they think you are expensive, you can politely tell them to find a designer with cheap rates who would be willing to compromise on the quality as well. This is a great way of making them understand that they should go for a better designer like you without sounding rude to them too.

If you are a beginner, chances are that clients will not be willing to pay you a high price because they have not seen your work yet. In such cases, you can offer them a low rate trial for their product. If they like your work, they can then pay you as per your demands. This is the best way to impress the client with your initial work and make them willingly pay to you for your creativity.  You need to stand firm on your ground when it comes to pricing otherwise clients will start taking you for granted.

Make Your Message Clear and Understandable

Simple Tips to Draw Quality Clientele to Your Doorstep

Every client only wants to hear what you can do for them and what benefits you can offer. You need to be very clear about your message so that they can understand the ways through which you would be helpful. If you really want to attract serious and quality clients, you need to come across as a serious person too. Do not simply mention that you are a designer. You need to mention the area of your expertise. You need to focus on their problems first and then design your message accordingly. No one is interested in reading a long list of your qualities. They are more interested in knowing how you can help them find a solution to their problem with the help of these qualities.

If you are very clear in conveying the services you are going to offer, you will attract quality clients who will appreciate your work and will pay you accordingly.

Final Thoughts

When you start a design business, having clients is the foremost thing, however, as soon as your business enters the maturity stage, your priority changes from ‘any client’ to ‘quality client’. Mentioned above are some of the best ways to attract quality clientele to your business because in today’s world, your power lies in being strong about your grounds. Don’t give in too quickly and easily in front of your clients. If you do not sound desperate, do not change your rates and deliver your message clearly, you will be getting rid of low quality clients and only serious clients will approach you.


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