Intelligent, Fast & Social, the Dolphin Community Software

Intelligent, Fast & Social, the Dolphin Community Software

The importance of online community networking is not secret to web surfers. Human needs of interacting and widening its social interaction horizon has led mankind to advent the wonderful world of online community networking. Especially when it comes to finding a partner or a soul mate, then dating sites are the all time favorite of web users. The unprecedented success of numerous dating websites has brought community software, particularly the dating software in limelight.

Today, web developers from all over the world intend to launch dating sites with incredibly numerous features. But why is it so important to opt for dating software? The answer does not involve rocket science, however; it translates a simple wish of a webmaster to get his hands on such social networking templates that are fully customized with your brand and under your full control. Having ideal community software is not a dream anymore, because BoonEx has introduced Dolphin, technologically advanced, comprehensive and  free dating software.

Dolphin allows you to create your own unique social networking, professional networking, media sharing and dating website right away, even if you lack the technical knowledge, huge sums of money and tiring experience of community websites industry.

Dolphin, an Interesting Animal A Comprehensive Software

Intelligent, Fast & Social, the Dolphin Community Software

In case you are wondering over the name Dolphin and its relationship with the software, you should have a look at given features that would reveal the rationale behind Dolphin the powerful dating software.


Like actual Dolphin, Dolphin’s dating software offer a range of intelligent dating script  and the ease of use that comes with the package. Dolphin’s dating software has inherited the flawlessness from its creator, BoonEx that can also perform analytically with great ability to solve the problems related to development of a community website. Following aspects reveal more about Dolphin software’s utter intelligence:

Quality Customization
The wish for having own brand requires abundant opportunities of quality customization which means the freedom to add and remove desired features in your community website. The technical gurus of BoonEx have already considered it and offered ample number of Dolphin’s customizable features. Once your dating website starts gaining momentum, these features will allow you to alter it accordingly to keep the upward growth trend. BoonEx has also made it possible to cater your need to incorporate latest applications or new technologies in your dating website at the time of requirement.

Full of Features
Dolphin is a surprising mammal with a lot of admiring aspects. Similarly, Dolphin’s dating software has a number of free and incredible features including dating templates and dating script . It comes with numerous modules and interesting applications including video chat, video messenger, players, iPhone App, Android App, Adobe AIR desktop app, groups, events, blogs, files, media sharing, and online store are few of them.

Mobile Compatibility
BoonEx is aware that in order to conquer the market one should not avoid the vast mobile applications user market. So, to make Dolphin more accessible and frequently used, BoonEx has made it compatible with mobiles. Dolphin is equipped with innovative and advanced mobile features which include mobile community apps, social sharing, status updates, AJAX, Facebook Connect, tagging, page builders and geo-location features etc.


Intelligent, Fast & Social, the Dolphin Community Software

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to survive with sluggish technology, especially when are talking about a social networking or dating website, speed and efficiency cannot be compromised. It is particularly a case, that when you offer free dating software, people expect it to be slow and inefficient. Dolphin does not want to compromise on the software’s speed that is why every version update goes through a vigorous 3rd-party security audit. The constant optimization of Dolphin community script code, database structure and recommended server setup ensures fast loading speed and great performance at high loads.


Intelligent, Fast & Social, the Dolphin Community Software

Don’t be surprised when you read that Dolphins are the most socially active animals. Likewise, Dolphin’s dating website software has also been equipped with ample social networking resources. Dolphin also enables you to include the social networking scripts of almost all the major social networking websites available today to your dating or matchmaking website, making Dolphin a highly optimum, comprehensive and socially active package of software.

Final Words

Be assured that no other dating software has so many modules and apps for the webmasters out there. It is available only with Dolphin because it offers a complete pack of features and latest technology to the web developers. Being the creator of your product, it is up to you to decide which dating software is going to be best for you and your website.

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