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Wonderful Wazala.com – The Online Shopping Cart Software Store
With the technology of Internet spreading its wings across the globe, more and more businesses are going online. Owing to the internationalism of Internet technology and its increasing access in almost every nook and corner of the world, having and ‘online store’ seems to be the best and the most convenient option to promote your business in the virtual world.

In this regard, many of us are of the view that having an ecommerce website with a special shopping cart is a complex and highly cost-consuming process. Well, to say the truth, I was of the similar views until one day I came across wazala.com and its incredible features of building and online store with utter ease and cost-effectiveness. Wazala claims ‘we aim to be simple, easy and functional’, and if you go through their features, you will realize that having shopping cart software on your ecommerce website had never been so easy!

Wow Features of Wazala

Wonderful Wazala.com – The Online Shopping Cart Software Store

Wazala.com comes with a number of interesting and user-friendly features that makes it easy for you to sell online. Although, it will take a whole day to explain all the good things about Wazala, however, a few main points that I would like to mention are as follows:

  • Wazala.com makes ecommerce solutions personalized by providing you with your own store page at the website, for instance, yourname.wazala.com. Moreover, one of the distinguishing features of Wazala is that you can even get a custom domain name if it suits your requirement.
  • Wazala has an incredible compatibility with different online promotional platforms. Wazala’s shopping cart software can be added to any website, blog and even on your Facebook fan page. Without needed any prior know-how about wed coding, you can keep your customers engaged to online selling via the same website.
  • Mobile phones are gaining popularity among the masses like wildfire. T keep up with all mediums of technology and communication, Wazala has introduced Wazala Touch – the mobile ecommerce solution. With every account made on Wazala, the website offers a mobile optimized look and feel for your online store. Wazala’s incredible shopping cart software detects your mobile’s browser and prepares it for optimum experience based on your phone browser.
  • The elegant and minimalistic web design of Wazala speaks for the classy nature of its services. The minimal design makes it easy for every kind of user to float though a smooth navigation and find exactly what they are looking for.  Moreover its iPhone and Android compatibility makes adds to its greater usability for your customers.
  • Owing to a massive online digital market, Wazala makes it easier for you to sell your digital and shippable goods online. Other features that are associated to this main feature are; setting an expiration date, limiting the number of times buyers can download the purchased products and also ensures a successful and timely delivery of products purchased from your online store.
  • Nowadyas, Social Media is considered to be an inevitable part of business promotion and to sell online. Therefore, Wazala offers a share link to Facebook, Twitter and email options with all its products. This adds to the popularity and online presence of your ecommerce website.

Wazala Features to Look Forward to…

Although I hope that after reading the above mentioned features of Wazala.com, you will be convinced enough, however, to add to your excitement, there is another interesting feature coming soon to Wazala.com. Wazala is going to offer Social Integration and Recommendation Engine to its values customers by which Wazala helps you stay engaged in the world of social media by recommending when you should Tweet and post to Facebook your store updates.

So what are you waiting for? Wazala has so much to offer that having a shopping cart and other ecommerce solutions become a piece of cake for you and you get your hands on the most convenient and handiest way to sell online.

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