Web Designing Tips for i Gadgets

Web Designing Tips for i Gadgets
Technology is exploring its horizons like anything and it has something new to offer every new day. When it comes to phones, we now have androids, blackberry, Nokia, Samsung and what not. Each and every company is coming up with a new and excellent mobile device but we cannot forget to mention Apple devices. You must have heard the new tagline of iPhone i.e., if you do not have an iPhone, you do not have an iPhone and after using it I completely understand that if you do not have an iPhone, you would be lacking a lot of things.

Be it hardware of software functionalities, iPhone has got the best of both worlds. After using Apple devices, I must say that they are designed after keeping in mind the actual needs of the users which is why they are very easy to user with a very comfortable user interface. Let us take a look what sort of web designing should we be doing for i Gadgets. Once you master your iGadget design skills you may need to look for a business card printing shop to promote your new services.

Compatibility Is the Most Important Thing

Web Designing Tips for i Gadgets

These days’ people want to stay connected to their friends and family via internet and the phone devices are a great way to do so. You need to provide users with compatible browsers that they can easily use. Some devices do not run flash sites which is not a healthy thing. People would like to use their phones just like they use their desktop. You have to provide all sorts of options to users because it is very obvious that you will be getting different kind of users. Apart from iPhone, I personally think that no other device is good enough to provide users with a browsing just like desktop.

Also resolving issues is a very important thing and all the manufacturers should be focusing on that. They must constantly keep a check on issues occurring and upgrade their websites to get the issues resolved. Now, since we are talking about iPhone, I would like to mention that it provides usage of CSS3 which helps user is easy browsing and great compatibility.

Sometimes Old Should Be Considered Gold

Web Designing Tips for i Gadgets

There are certain ways to which users have become used to. Honestly, sometimes people should just go for conventions because they work in any case. Most of the times when a visitor visits a new website, he tries to find the tabs and menu options at the same places where he has been seeing them since ages. Now, in devices, you need to keep things simple too and iDevices is doing exactly the same. Instead of using Apple icons, they are using simple names and navigations to avoid any sort of mysteries for a user.

Apart from navigation, the structure and functionality is also very important. IDevices have made an effort to adopt standardizes options instead of going for something really fancy in settings or menus because users can relate to those standardized options. There is no point in making your users go in circles.

Matching Up With Your Previous Standards

Web Designing Tips for i Gadgets

Raising standards and maintaining standards can be considered two different things. Maintaining a standard means you would be maintaining your quality which is very important to maintain your previous clientele. As a web designer you must have set some standards for yourself and there will be certain things that would be restricted from your site. The reason I would be giving an apple example again is that they have certain restrictions to maintain their standards which is exactly why it regulates its own application store.

If you really want to see yourself doing some quality work, you will have to impose some standards on yourself and you will either maintain them or raise them.

Quality of the Product

Web Designing Tips for i Gadgets

In any case you should not be sacrificing or compromising on the quality of your product. iPhone provides you with the best quality in handsets and whenever you hold an iPhone you can easily understand what makes iPhone so special and unique from other users. As a web designer, these are the things that you will have to keep in mind while designing a website that the quality should speak for itself.

Before launching any product Apple makes sure that it goes through a series of quality and security check so that users do not have to face any problems. Same goes for creating websites. They quality of the product is important so make sure you double check your website and remove all the bugs.

Evolving and Improving

Web Designing Tips for i Gadgets

These devices help us see the importance of constantly evolving and improving the website according to the growing needs. The best thing about iPhone or Apple devices is the originality in them. When a designer creates a website he might copy other designs and once created might not even work on improving the website with the passage of time. Improving and making changes in your website with he passage of time is very important. We see iPhone 3g and then came the iPhone 4 with a lot of new things and improvements to offer to its customers. Your website should be doing the same.

If there are issues in your website, get them resolved instead of ignoring them. Even iPhone4 had issues but they acknowledged them and get them resolved. Same goes for your website. As an owner you should acknowledge any flaws in your website and get them removed. Just to get the issues resolved or to give something new to your users, you can give your website a new look i.e., redesigning the interface.

Come up with Innovations

Web Designing Tips for i Gadgets

We are blessed with a surrounding which is full of inspirational ideas. These inspirations can give you hundreds of new ideas for your website. You can totally come up with innovations keeping in mind the inspirations. If you get stuck at some point, you need to think out of the box to get the issue resolved. At the end of the day it is all about keeping your users satisfied and Apple surely knows how to do it. They are constantly coming up with something new and innovative and that keeps the iPhone users excited and interested in the device. Web designers should always follow this if they want to see their existing clients happy and want to make new ones.

Final Thoughts

If a web designer analyzes the way i Gadgets or Apple devices work, he can surely learn a lot of web design lessons from them. iPhone is all about making a user happy and they are constantly coming up with new devices and models. People like conventional things but they can always be presented in a new style.

Web designers have a lot to learn from i Gadgets if they simply take a look how important their users are to them. This does not mean that iPhone or other iDevices are perfect in every way but they are constantly making an effort to improve. All you need to follow from iPhone is to come up with something so unique yet so nice that everyone can relate to it and use it without complications. We designers can definitely learn a lot from Apple if they want to and they will see a lot of positive changes in their websites.

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