Talent or Chemistry – What Should be The Criterion of Choosing an Employee

Talent or Chemistry – What Should be the Criterion of Choosing an Employee
Running a huge organization is not everyone’s cup of tea. The owner of the organization has to take a lot of risks and make difficult decisions. Finding perfect employees for the company is one of the difficult tasks that owner of the company has to perform. Now, when it comes to hiring, every employer has his own way of judging and hiring the perfect employee. It is indeed a very tough job. Apart from the fact that person should be skilled enough to fill in the position; a lot of other things need consideration. For instance, talent and personality would be an important factor in hiring. A person should be talented and he should be humble enough to get along well with other employees. Some candidates may have more experience with layouts for postcard printing while others excel at logos. Look for a candidate to best meet your needs across the board.

An employee’s personality is like a business card that can have an effect on entire team so hiring must be done really carefully. Let us take a look at a few important points that an employer should keep in mind while hiring. Following points will also help you as an employer if you should go for talent or personality:

Things to Decide Before Start Hiring

Talent or Chemistry – What Should be the Criterion of Choosing an Employee

As an employer, you have to be really clear about what you want. If you are confused of your own requirements, you would never be able to hire a perfect employee for your team. So you need to be sure if you are looking for a reliable person who can stay with your company for a long time. Also, the requirements of an employee would depend a lot on the type of team you would be hiring him for. If you are hiring someone for a few months i.e., on project based job, you don’t have to focus a lot on his personality as skills would be good enough. But for long term employment, you will have to have constant interaction with that employee so you need to make sure that his personality is capable of handling difficult situations and different sort of people.

For long term, you can either go for some who is a talented person because obviously he would be able work in a lot better way or you can go for someone who is a people’s person because getting along well with team and welcoming everyone’s opinion would be a very important factor.
Let us find out if you as an employer should go for talent or people’s personality.

Hiring for Talent Pool

Talent or Chemistry – What Should be the Criterion of Choosing an Employee

Obviously, a person with talent can prove to be really beneficial for the company. He would be quick and good at learning and a person with talent is more likely to take care of things on his own and handle them well. Earlier, people used to go for people with talent because training them would require less effort and more work could be done. Even today, a few employers want to avoid the training part which is why they prefer hiring someone with talent who can join and take over the department without taking time to grasp things in organization.

The Advantages

  • Independence

The best thing about hiring talented human resource is that he would be an independent person and would require minimum supervision. You would not have to guide him on every step and especially during critical and difficult projects, he would be able to make decisions and handle project in his own way and that too independently. Having an employee who requires minimum supervision is like a dream come true to any employer.

  • Confidence

These people are more confident about the decisions they make. Also, they have good knowledge about the surroundings so such people can take better decisions when it comes to business.

  • Less Confused

People who are independent and confident are less confused, obviously. They are strong headed and therefore, will stand to their decisions. Plus, they will take decisions quick which is a great thing during stressful situations.

The Disadvantages

  • Loner

Such people do not like interference. They would prefer working alone and would forget taking opinions of their team as well which can have a negative effect on their team.

  • Overshadow Other Employees

Because such people are way too confident and opinionated, they tend to overshadow other people. In such cases, other employees would lose their confidence and at times, they won’t even share their ideas which would not be a good thing for the entire team.

Hiring a People’s Person

Talent or Chemistry – What Should be the Criterion of Choosing an Employee

I personally think that employers should prefer people’s person when it comes to hiring. The reason is that a person spends more than half of his day in office so the environment should be comfortable for everyone to breathe. Team work is very important and a people’s person will bring the entire team together and will make collective efforts for the betterment of the company. He won’t want to make it a one man’s show. If no one cares about what other members of team are thinking, they won’t be able to perform a good job.

The Advantages

  • Team Effort

He would always give preference to building a team and would appreciate team efforts. Keeping your team members happy and satisfied is one of the best ways to get good work out of them.

  • Healthy Working Environment

A person who can have a good personality with everyone is office will maintain a good healthy environment at workplace which will really bring out the best in his team members.

The Disadvantages

  • Dependent

Such people are not very good with taking decisions. They start relying on team members a lot and in the end taking decisions get difficult for them.

  • Taken for granted

Such people are not taken seriously and can easily be taken for granted. At times, other team members won’t take them seriously which can lead to more of a casual environment and the work can get affected. Also, such people would always need help of their team members and they cannot actually guide them to do things.

Can an employer find someone with both qualities?

Talent or Chemistry – What Should be the Criterion of Choosing an Employee

Finding someone with both qualities is a hard task but not something impossible. An employer will have to work really hard in order to find a person with a perfect mix. Finding someone with a nice blend of both qualities would be difficult so as an employer you will have to decide your preference. I personally think employers should give more importance to people who can work with an entire team. A department cannot be managed by a single person. Anyone who wants to be one man’s show is not a great idea.

Final Thoughts

Hiring and managing employees is a difficult task. You should hire someone who meets your requirements. However, hiring someone who tends to work alone is not a great idea. Find someone who is intelligent enough to work with people around him and can lead a team nicely. Gone are the days when employers used to find people with talent only. At that time it was all about work but now a healthy environment is also very important and it can be achieved through someone who is good with people and is also good at work.

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