One Page Website – Does It Really Fulfill the Need?

One Page Website – Does It Really Fulfill the Need?
Website is the new and most common mean of advertising and business promotion. There was a time when businesses used to rely on brochures, flyers, post cards and posters etc. With Internet technology growing day by day, websites are becoming the most efficient and reliable source of business promotion. However, in this article we will particularly discuss one page websites, their usability and advantages in detail. If you’ve ever signed up for flyer printing to advertise your business, one page websites work in the same manner. You can put enough information there to grab interest.

Single page websites have become immensely popular in recent times. Such websites are a great example modern web and advancement in technology. Single page websites are all about explaining things precisely. However, designing single page websites cannot be an easy task as one has to convey a lot but in little space. If you are a good designer, you will not let your visitor suffer by creating a large document which requires scrolling down again and again. You can use CSS3 and Ajax because these are the best ways to create a single page website. Flashy websites are also considered to be single page websites but going for flashy websites is not a great idea. You should opt for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Best for Portfolio Websites

One Page Website – Does It Really Fulfill the Need?

You obviously cannot have a single page website if it contains a lot of material. For instance, if you have e-commerce website, you cannot showcase all of your products in a single page website. The single page websites are best for portfolio websites as graphic designers can show their creativity in a single page and inform their clients about skills.

Initially, this idea sounded very bizarre as compiling everything on a single page sounded very difficult. But with the passage of time people started to adopt this idea and also liked it because these days it is better to keep things simple and easy. A lot of templates have been designed for single page websites and for designers it has become a great option to showcase their portfolio.

Things to Keep In Mind before Going for a One Page Website

One Page Website – Does It Really Fulfill the Need?

Sites with multiple pages will always their place in the web world as the concept of single page website cannot be applied on everything. However, as said earlier, this is one of the best things for personal projects and portfolios. Creating a website for yourself is not an easy thing as you have to mention your own positive and negative aspects on it. So it would require a lot more planning and brainstorming than you would require for a client’s project of multiple pages. You will have to keep the following things in mind before you opt for one Page Portfolios:


  1. Would you be able to convey the entire information through one page?
  2. If yes, would it be easy to or organize the content in a proper way so that it is easily understandable.
  3. Since sites easy navigation is very important, you need to ask yourself if you would be able to provide easy navigation to your visitors on a single website. This means less scrolling.
  4. You will have to prioritize things so that you can add important points and leave not so important points.

Advantages of Having a One Page Website

One Page Website – Does It Really Fulfill the Need?

If we have to compare single page and multiple page websites, both will have their good and bad points. However, single page websites would have a few advantages over multi page websites. Following are a few advantages of having a single page website:

1. No Use of F5

You will not have to use f5 at all. The best thing about single page websites is that you do not have to refresh the page again and again. So, navigating a website without having to refresh is a great thing.

2. Improved User Experience

Instead of having to visit multiple pages to visit, you will have only one page to visit which means you will be able to go through the content in an easier and quicker way. With so many pages, at times it can get hard to even find the relevant material.

3. Easy To Maintain

Websites with so many pages are hard to handle and maintain. If you will have a website of one page, making changes and maintaining it would be really easy.

4. Quality vs. Quantity

Having a single page website gives you an option to focus on quality instead of focusing on quantity. When you have so many pages to design, you might not give every page that special attention it would require. When you will have to design a single page, you can actually make a quality page. Working in quantity can have a lot of distractions hence not bringing the required result.

5. Ranking on Google

The benefit of having only one page website is that the ranking of the Google will be applied to the entire website and not just a single page which is a great thing to improve the rankings of your website on search engines.

6. A Unique New Idea

Since one page websites are not really common, the first impression of website is really good on visitors. This is why mostly designers prefer to make their portfolios on one page websites to give a good first impression.

Disadvantages of Having a Single Page Website

One Page Website – Does It Really Fulfill the Need?

As mentioned earlier, everything has its pros and cons and same goes for single page websites. We have discussed advantages of single page websites and now we will take a look at disadvantages:

  • The size of the paper would be quite large in comparison to other websites.
  • It would require a lot of scripting or CSS3 support in order for you to stand out.
  • The page can look a little congested because of too many tabs of information on the same page.
  • Loading would require a lot of time as the page would be heavy.

You Cannot Please Everyone

While designing a single page website, always keep in mind that you cannot please everyone.  Some people won’t appreciate your design and some won’t approve your idea. Also, such websites are never good for e-commerce websites because they can appear to be very congested and less informative. So, you need to think things through before opting for single page websites as they can look very good only if they are used correctly.

Tricks and Techniques

In order to create any website you need to follow a few tricks and techniques in order to get things done. Let us take a look at the few techniques:

1. Easy to Scroll

If you are creating single page websites, you are not supposed to have long scrolling bars. SO, keep it simple and all the content on the same lever composed and organized. Implementing this method is not at all hard so you will find it easy to do.

2. Usage of CSS3 and JavaScript

With the help of CSS3 you can always highlight the most important sections of the website by giving a different background or a different color. With the help of this you can have a light box which can show the important content of your website. Last but not the least; JavaScript is one of the best tools available. JavaScript can do wonders for your single page website so make sure you use it correctly.

Final Thoughts

Multi page websites will never go out of fashion as they are a necessity of a lot of people. However, for personal usage or for personal marketing, it is indeed a great option for designers who want to show their skills and promote themselves in an easy way.


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