Google Analytics & Why You Probably Don’t Need the Rest

Google Analytics & Why You Probably Don’t Need the Rest
Most of the people are not really aware of the actual advantages of Google Analytics which is why the deserved credit is not given to Google analytics. Some people also think that paid analytics are far better than Google analytics which is not the case. It can perform almost all the same functions and that too for free.

I have heard a lot of designers and developers complaining about the limitations of Google analytics. Initially, developers and designers might face some issue in using it as it does not show the real data or actual outbound links. In result, people turn towards the paid analytics such as Mint and Clicky which is not a very good idea especially when you are beginner. The paid analytics can be very expensive for a beginner. People also need to see the extra features offered by Google analytics which are not being offered by other analytics such as Adwords and Adsense tracking.

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What Actually Is Google Analytics

Google Analytics & Why You Probably Don’t Need the Rest

If we have to define Google analytics in simple words for those who are not really aware of what it is, we can simple say that it is a service which helps you in analyzing the number of people who have visited your website and which pages they go to. Also, it helps you in knowing the place of the users as well due to which you can get to know the country where your website actually driver traffic from. The best thing about Google analytics is that it is free of cost and in order to make it work all you need to do is stick a piece of Javascript in your HTML code so that it loads whenever a visitor visits your website.

These are not the only advantages of Google analytics as you can do a lot with it. With the help of Google Analytics you can create specific campaigns in order to gather the data which you may not be able to get otherwise. When it comes to a website, there is a lot of stuff that the owner needs to know so that he can keep on making the required and desired changes.

Without Google Analytics you may miss out on a lot of good opportunities to optimize your website. It also suggests you whether you should or should not make certain changes in your website. Google Analytics can help you in so many ways and the best thing is that you can give a good competition to your competitors because you might have a lot of good knowledge which others may not know regarding your websites and audiences.

The Best Features of Google Analytics

Let’s take a look at a few powerful Google Analytics features.

1. Use Tracking Outbound Links

Google Analytics & Why You Probably Don’t Need the Rest

Figuring out where your audience is going after leaving your website can help you a lot in understanding the reason behind the low bounce rate. By understanding the outbound link of users, you can make some effective changes in your website which might help you in making your visitors stay.

2. It Is Important To Get The Actual And Real Statistics

Google Analytics & Why You Probably Don’t Need the Rest

The only reason why people go for paid analytics is that they think they will get more real time statistics. In a way they are right because as mentioned earlier, Google does not show real time statistics. But a few tricks can help you in getting if not real time statistics, almost close to it. Now, you should be aware of the fact that Google updates your analytics on hourly basis. To get that data, all you need to do is click on the date selector calendar in your Analytics report, and select the current date as the end date. This will show you the result almost close to the actual status.

3. Button up with Track of Social Media Buttons

Google Analytics & Why You Probably Don’t Need the Rest

We all know how popular social medium is these days and it is one of the greatest ways to bring traffic to your website. So, if you really want to increase traffic on your website, you can promote it on social networking websites. Since you can drive a large number of traffic from these websites, you need to track social media buttons so you can have an idea about the traffic coming from social mediums. Let’s suppose if you have made a page on Facebook and a user click on the button, Google analytics will track it as a page view.

4. Track the Effectivity of Link Building Campaigns

Google Analytics & Why You Probably Don’t Need the Rest

The best thing about Google Analytics is that it allows you to create a custom campaign URLs to track the effectiveness of Link building campaigns. Let us take an example of social networking websites again. Once you advertise your website on Face book page, you will understand how many traffic is being driven from those websites. By building this link, you will have good analytics of how many visitors visit your website through Facebook or twitter and how many people visit facebook or twitter by clinking on the links posted on your website.

5. Refining Data Via Custom Variables

Google Analytics & Why You Probably Don’t Need the Rest

Well, Google analytics tracks pages and you can easily guess the website by looking at the link. This is not it when it comes to Google Analytics as you can build a model of your website’s content organization scheme. This will help you in tracking much more than just pages. You can track buttons, tags, sections and other relevant things. This is very useful for e-commerce websites or websites where you have a lot of products to deal with. This can help you in identifying which product is getting most clicks.

6. Segregation of IP

Google Analytics & Why You Probably Don’t Need the Rest

Anyone who builds a new website spends a lot of time on designing, developing that website. Once the website goes live, a person instantly wants to know if he has gotten any traffic. If you see so many clicks initially, you would obviously be very happy but there is no guarantee if they are all different users. It can be from the same user, same country and the same IP address.

IP exclusion feature in Google analytics will help you in distinguishing the data which means you can get to know if it is from the same user and browser or if they are multiple users. You can also exclude a certain IP address which is confusing your results.

The Final Thoughts

Now that you have leaned about Google Analytics features, you really do not have to opt for Premium analytics as you can get everything in Google Analytics. For any website owner it is very important to analyze and learn about the statistics of website. These statistics can help a lot in making important decisions regarding the future of website. This can help you in building very powerful analytics.

You need to learn how to use Google analytics in order to be able to get the desired results. But, this system is very powerful and useful for all the website owners. The best thing is that it not only informs you about your current statistics but you can also make decisions with the help of stats in order to increase your traffic on website.


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